I don't know what to say, honestly.

"Just keep your chin up, and smile at wit's end."

That's what my mother would always say to me when I was younger. She had recited it like an anthem every night before bed. It was sort of a tradition before my parents…died. It's the only thing I remember from them, they went when I was nine.

I don't know how they died, nobody tells me. I'm now staying with my Uncle Nick in France. Lyon, to be specific.

Nick is alright. He's about 5"9'. He has short and stout brown hair, and he always seems to be wearing a full suit. The color of it depending on what mood he's in. He walks with a cane, although he's only thirty-five. I don't know what's up with it, he said it was some accident back when he was a kid. He's the only family I have left, and really, the only friend I have left.

I'd always been...different.

My parents had known why, yet they never bothered to share the secret. It wasn't until I turned thirteen, was I told what I really was.

I'm a fey, or in laymens terms, a faery. It's also in my name, too.

Allison Fey.

It's almost like a sick joke.

The day I turned thirteen was the day I got my wings, what a surprise that came out to be, although apparently, they're just my 'child wings'. I don't get my adult set until I'm eighteen, figures.

They sort of get in the way of my hair, it's about shoulder length, and the dark tones contrast with the bright white of the wings.

It's sort of awkward, and why I keep my wings hidden from view.

I'm sixteen now, and I attend the Collège Fénelon, which is just the local high school around here.

Nick pulled some strings to get me into all honors classes, which is more burden than honor if you ask me. He says it's to get me in the right crowd of friends, yet it just makes me more of an outcast than I already was.

I'm the only girl who, at least to my knowledge, is half magical creature.

And now I'm the new girl who is too smart for her own good, or whatever the rest of the students are saying.

I spend the rest of my days learning under Nick's tutelage. Although he is not magical himself, he is still a fey in name. My father was a fey, and taught all he knew to Nick. He's trying to help me make sense of my powers and heritage.

My story begins here, at another one of Nick's lessons. Something about keeping cool around guys or something, I'm not really paying attention. I'm too busy trying to catch up on sleep from a long day of school.

I sit alone, I work alone, I am alone.

My dreams are my only solace. My vision of the real world fades, and all goes blank.