"My...My inheritance?" I ask, turning my head to one side as if I were an owl.

Nick turns towards me and smiles, as if he's been waiting for this moment for quite some time.

...Maybe he has.

"I haven't spoken about it with you...because I wasn't sure myself when it was going to happen, if it was at all, " He says, looking downward.

"Why is that?"

"He comes over towards me and places a hand on my shoulder.

"I was told...that if you had turned eighteen and not yet gotten your inheritance, you wouldn't get it at all."

The leftover rain from his soggy hair drips down onto my skin, and shamelessly falls to the ground.

"So...what? I'm like...immune to getting wet now?" I ask in confusion.

"Hydrophobic, is what it's called." He says, perking up.

A grin forms on my face, and I can't hold in the laughter.

"So, water is afraid of me?"

Nick lets a grin escape, but then he returns to his solemn, sombre self.

"So, this is my inheritance. Does that mean I just get whatever powers or whatever my parents had?"

I hop up on one of the giant food crates behind me and dangle my legs off of the side, in anticipation for the answer, what other secret potential lies in wait. It is sort of making me giddy.


Nick then simply grabs his cane, and hobbles off to the back of the warehouse. I follow him, desperate for answers.

"Hey, I'm not finished with the questions yet, mister." I chide.

He looks at me, visibly annoyed, and sighs.

"Well...I guess I do owe you an explanation about the Yōsei, now don't I?"

I listen intently, as he tells me of the ancient fights between the Yōsei and the Fey, their constant struggle for dominance in the Ethereal World. That is the combined human and mythical being's world. Normal humans don't have The Essence within them, so they can't see us as we are.

The Essence was created long ago, by the ancient Faery leaders back when fairy tales were history, and it was used to shroud the Ethereal World, so humans would not destroy us, and almost vice versa.

I say almost.

One faction of the Faery clan was horribly opposed to letting the humans stay, they had preferred a world where Faery kind ruled dominant, and this had caused a lot of internal conflict within the clan. This led to the creation of the Fey and Yōsei Clans. The Fey led by our Matriarch, Ami, and the Yosei led by their General, Darke.

Ami and Darke had been husband and wife, but their struggle over the fate of the humans had caused their permanent separation. Throughout the years, Darke had sent for the murder of human and fey alike.

This leads to today, where I had been found by one of Darke's sentries. Darke had vowed the death of all human and traitorous fey, and plans on seeing it through.

"And that is why we had to get out of there as fast as possible," Nick kept on explaining.

Honestly, my head sort of hurt from all of it, so I decide to distract myself.

"So, Nick, what's the nearby school like?"

He looks over at me, and notices I want to change the subject.

"Ah, yes, yes...I believe that's enough grim tidings for now. You'll be starting in the morning, Let me get started on the paperwork right now." He says, then begins to hobble off. He stops midway, and turns to me.

"So, I take it...No AP Classes?" And slighty winks.

I take a quick breath and nod my head.

"Well then, you better head off to bed, wouldn't want to be late for your first day." He then hobbles off to a desk that is off in the corner.

I look around, and find my suitcase on the crate behind me, and grab it.

"Shit, what the hell am I going to sleep on in this dank warehouse?" I whisper, quietly.

I shrug, and I get out my blanket from my suitcase and curl up beside a crate, and let the drowsiness take me away.