I am a loser.

but it is ok

no one is nice to me

but it's the price I pay

Sometimes I fall

But we all know who did it

He's net to that wall

The one who's having a laughing fit

I am only a girl

A simple twelve year old

not the kind that twirl

not the one to be bold

I sit by a tree

with a pen in my hand

my mind is singing

like marching band

as I said before

It's the price I pay

for whatever I did

to the bully that day

I was pushed to the ground

I started to scream

Then came my hero


he was no zero

To you, It may seem

He looked in my eyes

for a second of course

he was wearing a tie

with a picture of a horse

enough of that

now back to me

not mentioning my cat

as you can see

I am now mad

I cannot stay on topic

It's making me sad

now I can't stop it

This was to prove

that people can't see

no matter what I do

It's hard to be me.