The king of broken hearts doesn't ask much from his friends

And he has quite a few of them

They know he will understand

That's just the way it goes

Since the first grade Shane Madden has always been a bit on the popular side. Even though he had just finished his senior year of high school he was still fairly popular. He had plenty of friends that he could hang out with, put he only had a few that he could actually go to and talk to about personal issues. However; Shane had gotten his heart broken so many times he normally didn't talk to anyone about his problems except for his mother.

Shane never really asked too much of his friends, simply because he didn't feel comfortable. It was the way he was, and his friends understood that. Shane was the type of person that could get through things on his own. He was like his own therapist.

The king of broken hearts doesn't know he's a king

He's trying to forget other things

Like some old ship at sea

He's walking through life alone

His ex-girlfriend had broken up with him only two weeks ago. He had other girlfriends before, but his breakup with Janie Lindsey had left a gap in his heart. He was left heartbroken, and didn't understand what he could do to make his life better. No one understood the pain that Shane was going through, which meant that no one could help him. By now he was an expert at going through life alone, and that's what he always planned on doing.

He talks to angels and the starts start to spin

He thinks of troubles that he's gotten in

He recalls how his heart got broken

And how it's still that way

The king of broken hearts is so sad and wise

He can smile while he's cryin' inside

We know he'll be brave tonight

'Cause he's the king of broken hearts

Shane had wondered how life had got so out of control for him. He had a happy childhood, but things were just not the same anymore. His heart was in pain. Shane had never experienced anything like this before, and he had hoped he never would. As Shane sat on his bed he recalled the day that Janie had left him.

"Shane I hate to tell you this, but I think we should just stay friends. At the beginning our relationship was great, but now it's just not great." Janie had told him. Shane could feel his heart breaking at that exact moment. For the past 4 years he had put everything he had into their relationship. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Janie you can't do this. I'm in love with you." "Shane be realistic. People like us don't last. We're two totally different people, and although it was great it has to end now. I can't take this anymore. I'm sorry. We can try and be friends but please don't make this harder than it has to be.

Shane shook the memory away as he felt a tear stream down his face. Shane was a tough guy, but he was emotional when he was alone. He had emotion, and he had a heart. Just because he use to be the captain of the football team in high school didn't change that. He could have any woman that he wanted to, but he was stuck on Janie. He wanted Janie, but she no longer wanted him.

The king of broken hearts thinks that he's no fool

He's a little like me and you

So what's a king like that supposed to do

With all that blue time

We know he'll be brave tonight

Cause he's the king of broken hearts

He's the king of broken hearts.

Shane knows that everyone is the same, and that every experiences broken hearts, but he knows he's the king of broken hearts. There is no doubt in his mind that he is the king of broken hearts. However; a smile brightens his face because even though Janie left him, she left Shane with their 1 year old daughter. Shane may had been young when he became a father, but Janie agreed that Shane was a better guardian than she was. Since Janie agreed to this, Shane got full custody of their daughter Sara. Sara is the reason that Shane is able to smile. Sara is the reason that he is brave. If he wasn't the king of broken hearts than he wouldn't have Sara, and Sara is his princess. In his opinion there was no life for him if Sara wasn't in it.