Why me? Why is it anything I try to plan end up going horribly wrong? Why do people lead me into their minds and hearts just to strangle and cut me so deeply

that I feel like I can never climb out again. I hate them, I hate them all. What if I become them? What if one day they pull me in so deep that a rotten piece of

them comes out and destroys the only sane part left. I lied when I said I ever like her. I did it to help her feelings, because in truth I can't even stand the sight of

that girl. Anyone who can completely loose everything to a boy, and completely abandon who they are is not worth a single second of my time. Nor an ounce of

what little patience I have remaining from the games I have already played. I'm so sick of everything expected of me and what I thought I wanted. I am sick of

the people I have surrounded myself with and I don't even wanna see their stupid faces right now. But when they want something I know, I just know I will be

the one they want to lean on and manipulate. That they will come crawling to me and say about how we are friends and they love me and how we can have fun.

But it's fine, step on me, break me some more, it's not like I'm human or anything. It's not like every single time you stab my back it goes deeper and deeper until

one day it will sever my spine and finally I'll get some piece of mind because I'll be away from the likes of you. I want to get away so bad from the next time you

come knocking. So please, I'M BEGGING, leave me alone, because at least for a little while, I truly hate you.