You want me to change, oh fine I will change. I will bottle up every emotion and every tear you made slide down my face. I will live in your mind in infamy when I

am done with you and don't you ever think you didn't deserve it. I will hate you if it takes every fiber of my being. I will become what you want and when you are

happiest I am gonna rip your heart out. You only date abnormal? You only wanted me because I am different and you don't want all this emotion? Sounds to me

like you want a sex toy without a brain. Well, no way in hell will I ever want anything to do with you you slime ball masochist can't do a damn thing right because

you are to busy seeing the world through your own eyes. I will get myself back and when I do I promise it won't be pretty. It will burn and scrape at your sanity

like your stupid idiotic selfish pig headed state of just plain wasting space scrapes at mine. I hate your voice and your attitude and the stupid way you flip your

stupid hair and your clothes the way you walk funny, talk like an absolute imbecile and finally the way you are white but god if I could tell the way you act like you

can wrap and don't wear your clothes right. I hate the way you eat and every single other thing that makes you who you are. It's like driving a nail straight

through my temple and wanting it not to hurt when I yank it out just to drive it again. I hate the way I talk to you and that you don't see that hatred is leaking

out of every pore in my body. The worst part is, this is the very worst part, if you ever read this and knew it was me, I would tell you I didn't mean it you idiot.