What is lost, What is gained?

By: S.A.S.E

Nothing lost, nothing gained

In this state we shall remain.

Nothing to win,

Nothing to lose,

Yet in this game we shall remain.

The players play this eternal game,

Nothing won,

Nothing lost,

But we play and play on.

For what purpose?

What is our achievement if we were to win?

What is our fate if we were to lose?

Perhaps it's just for the sake of victory.

Maybe we feel that we might as well.

The players are interchanging so it's hard to say.

Back and forth, Forth and back,

They change, repeat and leave.

Leave, change, repeat.

I can't remember all of them.

Some are just simply gone.

Most I never even knew.

And now I never will.

This is a cruel and dangerous game we play.

And for reasons unknown,

We keep playing.

For what though?

Nothing is lost.

Nothing is gained.

Everyday I watch as new players enter.

Young innocent and not ready to play such a game,

Only for ones once like them to leave dirty, filthy, evil.

Nothing lost and nothing gained.

Yet in this game I remain.

But now I'm ready to leave this game,

And I realize,

I have lost.

I have gained.

Something lost and something gained.

And now,

In a new game I shall remain.


Done on September 29, 2012.