A/n: Chapter 1 redone. Hopefully I caught the rest of the mistakes, let me know if anymore are found!

"No stop it." My voice cuts through the night, calling after the person in front of me. No matter how much I scream, my voice doesn't seem to reach him. "Zane don't go!"

A boy with jet black straight hair, covering parts of his blue eyes and face, gives a reassuring smile. "I'll be back before diner. See you soon kiddo."

"No Zane! Stop, it's a trap!" I try to call out. Zane just gives a small salute, a gesture he's known for doing, and turns away. I run after him, but no matter how hard I try to move, it seems that no distance gained. It actually feels like the distance between us is becoming greater.

He can't go, I try to call out again. "Zane! Please don't leave me. If you go, you'll die."

He was a hero. Like the ones you find in comic books. Thousands saved by him, and even though I wasn't there, I can picture it happening before me. The blood, the heat of the flames, the smell of the oil. Everything is so clear. I want to help but I can't. No matter what I do my body refuses to obey me. I don't want to lose him again. I can't bear it, even if it's not real.

Now, a tall blonde man approaches Zane. His face covered in blood and dirt. In his right hand is a dagger. The man grabs Zane by the hair and pulls his head back. Placing the dagger to his throat. I hear him laugh. I call out again, but I have no voice, and my body won't move. My adrenaline levels rise as I watch the man's arm move slightly. Then times seems to freeze. I hold my breath, as panic fills me. Without warning his arms swings to the right. The blade soaked in blood. My worst fears realized. My older brother dying. I can't help but scream, "Zane!"

I shoot up in bed. My body covered in a cold sweat. I guess I was screaming in my sleep again since Luke, and Danny are both in my room trying to calm me down. The blonde asks, "You alright?" I just nod to him and rub my face with my hands.

"Why don't you two leave." A redheaded older woman walk in with a glass of warm milk. The two boys do as instructed and leave us be.

She hands me the glass and sits on the bed, next to me. "I had that dream again." I say.

8 years earlier.

"Target acquired." A girl says through my through her mic, her voice static in my ear. "Clear for the shot."

"If you're clear, take it." Says the older blonde man standing next to me as I kneel, with my elbows resting on the waist-high wall. I look at the target through a pair of binoculars. Turning from the old man sitting in his lazy chair, drinking what looks like red wine, I look for anything out of the ordinary.

"Clear on our side." I say.

"I'm taking the shot." She says. I can hear her release the safety and cock her rifle. I put the binoculars in the pockets of my black cargo pants.

"You might wanna move to a better point." The blonde says. "I'll stay out here and clean. If anything is noticed inside, do the same. Grab the papers and get out."

I nod stepping to the edge and off the ledge of the three-story building, free-falling, letting the air rush against me. Before I reach the second floor, I grab the top ledge of an open window. One left open by one of our guys disguised as staff. Swinging in with legs first, and landing silently, crouching, I scan the hall for any potential trouble. Empty, other than the expensive furniture and ridiculous amounts of lights all turned on. This place looks like a Roman Candle. Our guy's keeping everyone he can off this floor.

But this is no time for thinking. Shaking all thought from my mind, and focusing on the job ahead, I hurry to the other side of the rather large hall. I pull out my trusty pistol from its holster on my belt. Checking the magazine, I replace the seven missing bullets I neglected after the last mission. Strange, I thought I counted six shots last time. I shake my head, now's not the time to figure out my missing bullet problem.

Continuing down the hall, memorizing every inch of my path, for a quick escape, I sneak further into the mansion. Carefully listening to everything around me, waiting for something to happen. I check my watch, fifteen seconds to go. After the fifteen seconds are up I can hear glass shatter in a nearby room, our redheaded sniper.

Almost on cue, there's instant panic. Some girl lets out a blood curdling scream. I'm gonna guess she's one of the many maids that work here. Fast and heavy foot steps go towards the sound of the shriek. I decide which way they're going and slip to the other wall of the side hall I'm hiding in. They shouldn't notice me as they go by. Two men pass me, not seeming to notice me.

"This way!" I can hear someone else yell as they come running down the hall. He turns down my hallway, ending up facing me. "What are you doing here?" He asks. "This area is off-limits." He just had to see me, truly unfortunate. I you could have gone past like the others, this wouldn't have to happen. I lift my gun and aim, wanting to make sure it's a clean kill, and fire at the man's head. I shoot, he falls. Nothing personal, just doing a job.

"What happened?" Yells another running over to the body that lays in both hall ways. I move in as fast as lightning. Before he can see me too, I punch him hard in the side of the head. Just like I was hoping he would, he passes out. I continue down the hall, silent. A bullet whizzes past me and hits one of the porcelain vases on a nearby stand. I fire back, hitting my target. Again, I move towards my target swift and unseen, turning the corner, sharp.

I can see the large double doors that act as a barrier to the target's room. The door's still half-open. Without hardly slowing, I turn sideways and slip through, not once losing my balance. The end of my coat hits the back of my calf. I've given myself about thirty seconds to brace the door. I find a table, turn it over and brace the door. My build isn't the biggest but I can lift a table with no problem.

My head suddenly feels like it's being stabbed, and my knees almost give out. Damn it's happening again. Every now and then this happens after a mission. I have to brace myself against the door with my back, and place my hand on my forehead. My vision goes a bit fuzzy. I stumble to the desk as best as I can, rummaging through the drawers, my hands becoming less and less responsive. The words on the paper blur together, my eyes making it so I can't read anything.

"Why aren't you out yet?" A mans voice barks through my headset. The words wont form for me to speak back. "Hey answer! Damn it. Is it your head again?"

"Yeah," I mutter, as fists bang on the door. Over the pounding I can hear sirens in the back ground. The police are on the way.

"Damn it." I can hear him mutter under his breath. "Get out of there, I'll try to grab the papers."

I wait a moment for my head to clear just a bit. It does to the point where I can at least walk a somewhat straight line. The giant glass window's already shattered that should be a good enough way out. I reach inside my coat and grab a thick metal rectangle. I throw it out the window a second before I follow. It unfolds itself to reveal what looks like a skate-board without wheels. I jump out of the 3rd story window, bringing my legs to my body to clear the sill. As I extend my feet, I push the button on my right wrist. The hover board activates and places itself under my feet. I kick the back pedal with my heel and lurch forward away from the crime scene.