One Tale, Three Stories

By Kazemizu7


Within Centre country lies the college town known as State College. I lively, oasis in the middle of no where. Many consider state college a safe haven and not many leave after arriving. They all fear the forest, for within the forest lives the Forest King. The Forest King lives deep within the forest, but occasionally comes to the out skirts where humanity has begun to clear away trees. He managed to scare them away for now, but in the clearing, only pastures of grass remain. To prevent the pasture from growing, the Forest King occasionally returns and devours any fools who dare get too close as two bikers once did. They had a pleasant experience. Even while seeing the Forest King, or while being devoured, they laughed, for that is his gift. A bringer of joy.


The forests of Centre County are a lush, tranquil society. Each day, the residents live in harmony under the Forest King's protection. Wise is he of the forest, bring joy to all. Even dwellers of State College seek refuge within the forest. Yet not all humans are peaceful. Driven by greed, some humans take down the forest for profit. As all proper rulers do, the Forest King defends his empire. Woe is the Forest King, for outsiders look same to him. To defend his home, even the innocent are taken as guilty. Seeking only the joy he brings, the two bikers found peace.


She leads him on her basket-ed bike. Close behind, he joyfully laughs in the air. Riding along the forest, just being near the forest makes anyone joyful. Everyone knows, hence once a week they take their bikes and ride. Today they pass threw a meadow, in grass standing tall enough to kiss their hands. The closer they reach, the happier they become. A movement there, a figure here, laughs all the way. Head first goes my fiancée. Here he is, feasting upon my stomach. Truly this is bliss, blessed am I to ha-

A/N: My english teacher had us look at a picture and then write a three versions of a story using different writing techniques earlier today. The picture showed a man and woman happily riding their bikes threw a meadow. In the back ground was a forest. This is what I came up with. Tell me what you think in your reviews. :D