Between You and Me

Dry my eyes and walk away,

there's nothing left for me to say.

I watch the leaves blow past your grave.

All these scars I have today,

I know they're not meant to stay.

I'll journey home, I'll be okay.

I think of you and try to breathe,

am I what you want me to be?

Can't help but wonder what you see.

Pictures of you make me smile,

they bring me peace for a while.

You'll live through my memories.

All the time I had with you,

maybe you had fun too.

I wonder why you left so soon.

These answers I may not find,

and these questions I'll leave behind.

The sun will not cease to shine.

Now I bet you're on your way,

yeah I wish you could have stayed,

but I'll catch up one day.

Dry my eyes and walk back home,

maybe I won't be alone,

don't you cry I'll be okay.

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