On the wind was lonely thunder

Of aging, distant trains arriving

At their berths at Orca Depot

Near where mine was soon departing.

She I first glimpsed across the tracks,

Patient for her tardy evening train,

When the South Wind, Notus, sighed, and

Brought to her the augured autumn rain.

Deep yearning called upon my heart,

"Join her in the storm—the overcast—

Beneath the tree with bending boughs

Of orange leaves, hied and blowing fast."

That longing pain within my chest

Discovered such heat and violence

As the evening railcar's sudden

Coming punished me for hesitance.

Behind that train and fresh veil of

Steam, she disappeared; I could not see!

And from my platform, desperate

Screams would ne'er return her to me.

Screeching whistles cleared a path, and

Where when that evening train had gone,

I steeled myself for sadness—and

Found that it had taken her along.