You sink so deep that you wonder whether it is possible to get out.

You don't want to do this alone.

Now make a pact.

Count to three, and we sink together.

Sinking by live-love-smile

From this moment on, I want you to imagine.

Imagine you're drowning.

The moment your mouth opens, your lungs feels like its on fire. Whenever you tried to scream for help, you got held back and you found yourself sinking deeper. At that moment when you feel like your life flashes right before your eyes. Your emotion were a mix of fear, anger and hope.

You fear that you will lose yourself entirely at that moment. You were angry that you could not prevent this from happening. You hope that someone would notice and help you out. Out from the world you're sinking in.

You're drowning. You're screaming for help.

No one can hear you. No one understand why you can't get out of the water. They will never understand the depth of the water.

Have you imagine enough?

The water represents your problem. The depth of the water represents your scars.

This is sinking.

But we're not sinking under water, we're sinking under our problem.

17 April 2013