The Superheores

Elvis Star's Last Concert

By Pokemiah

Elvis Star is a tall, skinny man who always black threads and shades. He used to be a famous rock star. His interest in music started when kids in his class started making references to his name compared to the king of rock-and-roll himself, Elvis Presley. For his 10th birthday, he got an electric guitar and played it all day and night. His music career officially started for him when he was 16 after a talent scout heard him and his band practicing in Elvis's garage. He set them up with their first gig and they were a smash hit. This is the story of Elvis Star's last concert before he left the band. Of course, nobody really knows the truth about what happened to him until now.

"Okay. Is everybody ready?" asked Elvis Star.
"Ready," said Charles, the drummer of the band.

Charles is always dressed for success but he gained a bit of weight ever since he joined the band.

"I'm ready and raring to go," said Angelia, the bass guitarist.

Angelia is a blond woman with rebel styled clothing.

"Then, let's get it on," said Elvis as the band started playing.

Meanwhile in the city,

There is a high-speed chase going on in the skies. Some flying muscular man (No, it's not Superman) was chasing some guy with tornadoes for limbs. The tornado guy was wearing some shades with a grin on his face telling you that everything is going to plan.

"Well, Fly Guy, what are you going to do now? The Battle of the Bands is only three days away and soon my plans will be perfectly clear. There is no way you can win," said the tornado guy.

"So, you're a music lover, eh? Well, maybe you should listen for what we got for you," said Fly Guy as the tornado guy heard some disco music turned up at max volume.

However, this was no ordinary music. The frequency was so high that it would give you a splitting headache upon hearing it thus stopping you in your tracks. The tornado guy looked in the direction the music was coming from and saw some guy dressed in 80s disco clothes next to a stereo.

"Sorry I'm late. But, I had to crank up the tunes to make sure that they were working properly," said the weird disco person.

"That's alright. Glad you could make it, Disco," said Fly Guy.

On the opposite rooftop, there was some guy who looked like a pirate with a cannon aimed at the tornado guy. He fired the cannon and a cannonball hit the tornado guy on the back. The impact disrupted the flow of energy it takes to generate the tornadoes and they dissipated. He started falling out of the sky. Right when he was in front of a window of the 25th floor of a skyscraper, some guy dressed like a secret agent jumped out of the window and grabbed the tornado guy. He got out a grappling hook and it latched onto a window causing them to land safely.

He activated his watch and reported, "Villain #45600 AKA Shadenado has been apprehended. I shall report back up to the roof with him at hand."

"You seriously need to learn how to loosen up Stealthy. This ain't some British agency. Oh well. Just bring him over here before he escapes," stated Fly Guy.

"Roger. And I told you to call me by my code name Double OO," said Double OO.

At some faraway building, some guy is meditating at the roof of the skyscraper. He opened his eyes. Back at Double OO's location, a sudden wind gust hit him causing him to topple over. Shadenado started generating his tornadoes. He blew Double OO away causing him to crash into a building. He fell down unconscious.

"See you later, alligator. I wish I could stay but I got a concert to go to," said Shadenado.

He flew away. Double OO's watch's communications activated with Fly Guy's voice booming, "Stealthy, come in. Report. Stealthy? What's going on there, Stealthy? Answer me!"

Back at Elvis Star's rehearsal,

"No, that won't do. We just can't get the hang of this new song," complained Elvis.

"Well, what did you expect? We can't just learn a new song out of the blue," stated Angelia.

"Angelia, please. Don't criticize him. He's under enough stress already," said Charles.

"It's alright, Charles. I'm fine. I just need a break," said Elvis.

Suddenly, their manager came in.

"Hello, everyone. How is my favorite band doing?" asked the manager.

"Oh, just great. We're having loads of fun," said Elvis sarcastically.

"Watch that attitude, boy. One more remark like that and I'll send you off to the dumps. Anyway, down to business. I did some research on the competition. Apparently, the other bands entered in this are some pretty tough competition. Luckily for you, I have a sure-fire way to win the whole shi-bang," said the manager.

"And that would be?" inquired Elvis.

"I have written a song for the band that I want you three to play," answered their manager as he handed them some sheet music.

They looked at it and couldn't believe their eyes.

"I have never seen a piece of work like this before," said Charles.

"All right. You caught our eye. We'll play it but we need some time to practice it before we play it in the concert," said Elvis.

"Fair enough. That's what I figure. You just get ready to play by Friday and you'll be good to go. Well, see you," said the manager as he walked out of the room.

When he left, he made a phone call.

"Hello? Whirlwind?" asked the manager.

"What is it?" asked Whirlwind on the other line.

"Good news. Everything is going to plan. Elvis's Stars are going to play the song as you instructed," said the manager.

"Good. Nothing will happen while they practice it because conditions aren't right, yet. But, during the Battle of the Bands, they will be. In the meantime, lay low and keep an eye on them. After all, we don't want them changing their minds on us," said Whirlwind.

"Agreed," said the manager as he hung up.

The next day at Superhero HQ 5,

Sector 5 AKA the greatly mismatched people who were chasing Shadenado were discussing matters.

"So, he got away, huh?" questioned the boss.

"That is correct, sir," answered Fly Guy.

"I see. This is troublesome indeed. You got any idea of where Shadenado could be?" inquired the boss.

"He mentioned something about the Battle of the Bands coming up two days from now," replied Fly Guy.

"A Battle of the Bands? He must mean the one in Las Vegas on Friday. If that's so, something big is going to happen. Question is, what? Sector 5, I want you four to enter the Battle of the Bands and find out what Shadenado is up to," said the boss.

"Got it, Boss. But there is one small problem," mentioned Fly Guy.

"And what would that be?" questioned the boss with a menacing look on his face.

"Umm…you see…Only Disco has any knowledge of music in our sector and, no offense to you Disco, but disco is out of style," explained Fly Guy.

"Non taken," said Disco.

"Well now, that is a problem. Tell you what. Go over to the lab and see if they can fix you up with something. I bet you that they can at least get you past auditions," said the boss.

"Alright, then. We'll do that. See you later," said Fly Guy.

"Wait, one more thing," halted the boss.

"And what would that be?" asked Fly Guy.

"You're going to need a manager. Luckily for you, I'll volunteer to be your manager," said the boss.

"And what do you know about managing a band?" questioned Fly Guy.

"Not a thing. But how hard can it be," answered the boss modestly.

Fly Guy thought, "Yep. We're doomed."

They left the room and went over to the lab.

Meanwhile at some random restaurant in Las Vegas,

Elvis Star and his band are eating lunch while talking about the upcoming Battle of the Bands.

"So you two, wouldn't you say that the song our manager suggested is coming along great?" inquired Elvis.

"Yeah. It's even better than we thought," said Charles.

"The lyrics are quite questionable, however," said Angelia.

"I know, right? I wonder why our manager decided to write them in Latin," questioned Charles.

"Don't know, don't care. As long as we become famous off of it and our career takes off, we'll be just fine," said Elvis.

"Yeah, that's right. After all this is over, we'll be rolling in dough," added Charles.

"Is that all you guys care about? The fame and fortune?" questioned Angelia.

"Yes," answered both of them simultaneously.

"I don't know what to do with you two?" complained Angelia.

"I know what you should do," said Elvis.

Meanwhile at Superhero HQ 5,

"Here you go. These should get past the auditions," said the scientists as they gave Sector 5 some weird looking instruments.

"You're supposed to be helping us. But instead you just give us musical instruments that we have no idea how to play," complained Fly Guy.

"Arrgh. He's right," said the guy who looks like a pirate.

"These aren't ordinary instruments. They're special auto-playing instruments that should get you through the auditions," replied the scientist.

"Isn't using auto-playing instruments cheating?" questioned Fly Guy.

The scientist made a hand gesture and said, "Cheating? You're not trying to win. You're just trying to sneak backstage. So, it's not cheating."

"I don't think this is groovy," implied Disco.

"Enough!" said the boss as he walked in, "You are going to use the auto-playing instruments whether you like it or not. And your band name is Sector 5-1."

"Why Sector 5-1?" questioned Fly Guy.

"Because you're Sector 5 but you got only four members," explained the boss.

"This is definitely going too far," thought Fly Guy.

The next day at Las Vegas,

Elvis Star and the rest of the band were practicing when their manager came in.

"Guys and Angelia, I got bad news," said their manager.

"It can't possibly be that bad," said Elvis.

"Oh, but it is. You see, a new band just entered the competition and they played the best music I ever heard and completely aced their audition. You three are going to need some real talent to beat them," replied their manager.

"And what is their band name?" inquired Charles.

"The worst band name ever, Sector 5-1," answered their manager.

"Well, don't worry. With that new song you wrote, we'll completely dominate the competition," assured Elvis.

"Well, that's a relief. Remember, you don't have to win. You just have to try your best," encouraged their manager.

"Oh, don't worry. We'll win," said Elvis.

"Okay. Just checking," said their manager as he left.

He got out his cell phone and dialed up a phone number. On the other side of the line, Whirlwind answered it.

"Hello?" answered Whirlwind.

"Whirlwind, I got bad news," said the manager of Elvis's Stars.

"What is it?" inquired Whirlwind.

"Those heroes who were chasing me the other day just entered the competition. This could provide some complications," explained the manager.

"I see your point. I want you to deal with the situation immediately," ordered Whirlwind.

"Roger. Over and out," said the manager as he hung up.

Meanwhile in Sector 5-1's hotel room,

"Coolsville. They weren't kidding when they said these instruments would get us past auditions," commented Fly Guy.

"I agree. However, I wish they would have chose better music," commented Disco.

"Arrgh, ye mateys. It doesn't matter what kind of music we played. As long as we got backstage," said the pirate.

"You're right, Blackbeard. Let's just get this over with. Luckily, we're last. So, Shadenado's plan should reveal itself before we have to perform," said Fly Guy.

Suddenly, they heard a big bang. They looked towards their door and see that it along with the surrounding wall was knocked down. In its place was Shadenado.

"Long time no see, mismatches," greeted Shadenado.

"Shadenado!" said Fly Guy.

"That's right. And this time, you're going down," said Shadenado.

"Stealthy, if you please," hinted Fly Guy.

"Double OO!" exclaimed Stealthy as he threw down a smoke bomb, which filled up the whole room with smoke.

"What the heck?" exclaimed Shadenado as he felt the ground shaking.

Suddenly, the floor started cracking right below his feet and he fell down it. He quickly generated his tornadoes. He flew up straight up when a pirate sword came flying at him. He quickly dodged it. The sword pinned itself to the wall. Suddenly, Double OO kicked him. He fell back a bit. He sent a tornado straight at Double OO. However, he missed completely. Chunks of the wall hit Shadenado. He lost his concentration for a minute and the tornadoes dissipated. He started falling. The entire hotel could hear the commotion. Everyone including Elvis Star and the band came out of their rooms.

"This is Double OO. We need to put our uniforms on and fast. The entire hotel is hearing this," reported Stealthy.

"Got it, Stealthy. We'll initiate Superhero mode straight away," replied Fly Guy.

"Double OO!" yelled Stealthy at his watch.

They quickly engaged Superhero mode on their watches before anyone noticed. Luckily, Shadenado was smart and got into his own costume before he attacked. Fly Guy flew right in front of Shadenado and punched him in the chest. He fell back a bit but quickly recuperated. He spun his hand tornadoes quickly thus enlarging them. Fly Guy dodged it and quickly circled around Shadenado. Shadenado tried to quickly send his hand tornadoes around him but utterly failed because he was too slow due to the tornado's size. Blackbeard jumped down one of the holes Shadenado made and landed on his head. "Oh man, that hurts!" screamed Shadenado in pain. The hotel people just got to that floor. They looked up and saw the fight going on between Sector 5 and Shadenado. Shadenado couldn't get a grip on the fight because his powers are based more around speed than close-ranged combat. Parts of the floor flew up and hit Shadenado where his legs should be.

"I can't believe my eyes. Super-powered maniacs? I thought those were only in the comic books Charles reads," said Elvis.
"The technical name is either superheroes or supervillians. And personally, so did I," corrected Charles as Double OO planted a bomb on Shadenado.

He blew sky-high. He cursed, "You haven't seen the last of me. I will return. This I swear," said Shadenado as he made his escape.

Right before he escaped, Stealthy planted a tracking device on him.

"Drat, he escaped, again," complained Fly Guy.

"That's what you think," said Stealthy as he jumped on level ground, "I planted a tracking device on him so he can't escape."

"Excellent work, Stealth…I mean Double OO. With this knowledge we can finally capture Shadenado and make him spill the beans. We must hurry, however. Because we only got until tomorrow to figure out his diabolical plan," said Fly Guy.

Everyone nodded. They headed out to chase Shadenado.

"Hey, think if we follow them, we can find out a thing or two about what's going on here?" inquired Elvis Star.

"It's a possibility," answered Charles.

"I say we do it," encouraged Angelia.

"All right, then. It's settled. Let's go," said Elvis as he ran out the door.

"Yeah," said the other band members simultaneously.

They ran out of the door, too. Unfortunately, Sector 5 was too fast and they lost them.

"Man, they're fast. No way we can keep up with them," said an exhausted Elvis.

Shadenado arrived at Whirlwind's headquarters.

"I'm sorry, master. I failed you," said Shadenado.

"You failed me more than you know. (He took the tracking device off of Shadenado's back.) FOOL! They've been tracking you. You just led them right to me," scolded Whirlwind.

Sector 5 is almost at Shadenado's coordinates.

"He's dead ahead. No way he can escape now," said Fly Guy.

Right when they got there, a huge updraft came out of nowhere knocking Fly Guy away from the building. The wind started spiraling around the building at high speeds. When enough centripetal force was acquired, it expanded as suddenly as it came hitting all of Sector 5 knocking them far away. Whirlwind smashed the tracking device.

"Try not to make that mistake, again. Luckily for you, these headquarters are only temporary arrangements until our plot can be completed," scolded Whirlwind.

A bit later back at the hotel,

"Well, now. We know exactly where they are hiding now. Problem is that we can't get in due to that unnatural wind surrounding the building," said Fly Guy.

"That sounds completely ungroovy. However, I don't think Shadenado could produce winds like that," commented Disco.

Fly Guy suddenly came to a realization thanks to Disco's comment and said, "You're right. He's only a pawn in this plan. Shadenado is working for someone. Someone powerful and has complete control over the wind. Stands to reason that if he leaves the base, we might be able to easily track him by weather reports that specify strange wind currents."

"Arrgh. Great idea there, Fly Guy. If ye controls the wind, the news ought to be able to track him," commented Blackbeard.

"Well, what you waiting for? Get tracking," said Double OO.

"Not so fast. I understand what you saying but we got a competition to win," said the boss.

"Umm…Boss? Have you lost it? We only entered to keep track of Shadenado and stop what we first thought was his sinister plot. But now, you lost sight of the mission and you only want to win some stupid contest when we just found out that there is an even bigger threat afoot," yelled Fly Guy.

"He's got a point," backed Disco.

"You have completely lost it," commented Double OO.

The boss realized what he just said and replies, "Man, you're right. What was I thinking? But I still think we should wait till tomorrow because the fight with Shadenado exhausted all of you."

Everyone agreed and they went to bed.

In Elvis Star's hotel room,

"Anyone else thinking that something weird is going on here?" questioned Elvis Star.

"I think there is something odd going on here. After all, what are the odds that super-powered maniacs just do battle right in our hotel?" questioned Angelia.

"You think something is going to happen at the Battle of the Bands?" inquired Charles.

"We'll find out tomorrow. For now, get to sleep," said Elvis.

They went to sleep.

The next night at the Battle of the Bands,

Sector 5 is patrolling around backstage looking for any signs of an unnatural phenomenon. Fly Guy just checked the weather and noticed that the wind just got a bit stronger at their location. He gathered up everyone.

"Okay, everybody. Listen up. Shadenado's mastermind is here. That's a sure sign that whatever he's planning, it will happen here. Keep your guard up and be prepared for anything," rallied Fly Guy.

"Roger," said everybody simultaneously.

The next band up is Elvis's Stars. Right before they went up, their manager went up to them.

"Ok, everyone, listen to me. Just play that song that I wrote and you'll win the whole shi-bang. Even Sector 5-1 will not be able to compete with your music," rallied their manager.

"Yeah, let's win this thing," cheered Elvis.

They went on stage. Charles went, "5, 6, 7, 8" and they started playing. The music was booming, everybody couldn't believe their ears, and nobody could speak Latin thus making them unable to understand the lyrics.

"Why are they singing a song in Latin?" questioned Fly Guy backstage.

"Did you say Latin?" asked the boss.

"Yes. Why?" answered Fly Guy.

"Well, Latin is a common language used for mystic ceremonies. And the moon is in the perfect position for one of those said ceremonies," replied the boss.

"So, you mean…"

"That's right. That band playing is the plan," finished the boss.

The wind suddenly strengthened and started spiraling in the middle of the crowd.

"He's here," said Fly Guy.

Suddenly, Elvis heard a demonic voice in his head saying, "Ignore your surroundings. Play your song. Play it to the end."

He thought, "What the heck was that?"

Suddenly, a tornado formed in the middle of the audience. The audience started panicking.

"Everyone, be extremely cautious. We're dealing with a foe of unknown magnitude. We got to find him and stop him. We also have to stop the music before it finishes," said Fly Guy into his watch.

"Roger that," said Double OO.

"I'm glad we can finally destroy this trash that they call music nowadays," replied Disco.

"Arrgh. I'm ready," answered Blackbeard.

The moon started turning red. The tornado expanded. A huge red arm came out of the ground. Disco appeared behind Whirlwind and tried to punch him. He dodged to the side and a bit of the wind came out of the tornado and lashed at Disco. He slid on the concrete breaking it in his tracks. The wind returned to the tornado. The demon rose out of the ground right when the song got completed. Elvis's Stars looked straight at the horror it portrayed.

"What is that thing?" inquired Elvis Star.

Their manager came out clapping. He said, "Bravo. Good job in fulfilling your part of the plan."

"Plan? What plan?" demanded Charles.

"You see that thing in front of you. Thanks to your song, you just summoned the devil himself. It is exactly as my master described it. And now that he's here, your services are no longer required. So, you three shall die!" explained their manager as he generated tornadoes around his hands and hit them with it at massive force.

They fell down due to the impact. Whirlwind dissipated the huge tornado and made a smaller one to carry himself up to the devil's face.

"Listen up. I'm the one who released you from your eternal prison down in the underworld. So now, you shall obey my every command," told Whirlwind.

The devil looked at him and said, "No one controls me. I shall get my vengeance at this world of the living for imprisoning me all those millennia ago. Since you released me, you shall be the last to die. But for now, get out of my way."

The devil smacked Whirlwind away and he hit the ground hard. Everyone who's still conscious looked up at the devil. Shadenado yelled, "Master!" and went over to Whirlwind's side.

"You must…stop…him…He is…stronger than I…anticipated," choked Whirlwind before he lost consciousness.

"I have wasted enough time here. I shall move on and spread my vengeance across this world," said the devil as he started heading into the rest of the city.

"That's it. We're doomed. There is no way we can stop him," doubted Fly Guy.

Elvis got up and choked, "No, we're not. If music brought him here then music will put him back in the underworld. If we can just get just the right music and lyrics before the moon falls, we can seal him back into the underworld."

The boss thought about it for a minute and replied, "It's just crazy enough to work. Fly Guy, you and the rest of Sector 5 will go and distract the devil. If possible, lead him back here. I'll stay here with Elvis's Stars and try to mix up some music, which can seal the devil back into the underworld. You got your orders, move out!"

"Sir, yes, sir," said Fly Guy right before he flew to do his part.

Disco just got back up and asked dazed, "What happened? (He looked and saw the devil destroying the city.) Oh man, what happened while I was out?"

Fly Guy contacted everyone and said, "Everyone, listen up. We need to distract the devil while Elvis's Stars and the boss make some music that will once again imprison him. If possible, we are to lead him back to the stage."

"The devil? Man, this must be a nightmare," said Disco as he started heading towards the devil.

Fly Guy flew right in front of the devil.

"Hey, devil. Get a load of this," said Fly Guy as he punched the devil in the face.

It had no effect. He laughed and taunted, "Is that the best you got?"

He clapped his hands on Fly Guy and he was nearly squished like a bug. He fell down to the ground. Double OO place some charges on nearby skyscrapers. When the devil walked over there, they detonated and the buildings fell on him. He just moved aside the buildings. He kept walking along causing destruction in his wake. Disco started to make the ground shake and made a huge fissure right below the devil's feet. He just tripped causing him to destroy a ton more buildings and Disco barely managed not to be squished flat. Blackbeard found a sale on cannons and he completely bought them out. He aimed the cannons at the devil and fired them. They just tickled him. Back at the stage, Elvis and the boss just got the sheet music together.

Elvis put it on a stand and said, "Everyone, listen up. Once the devil hears this, he'll probably come running over here to finish us off. We got to play this right on the first try otherwise we're doomed."

They both agreed and they all started playing. The devil heard this and looked in their direction. He panicked, "No! They found a song that could seal me back. I must stop this mutiny." He turned around and started running towards them. When he got close, energy started surging through Elvis's guitar. He aimed and shot a beam of energy at the devil. The devil yelled, "NOOOOOOOO!" He got sucked into the guitar and the guitar disappeared. The moon turned back to normal.

"Well, I may have lost my guitar in the process but otherwise it worked. Now question is, now what?" wondered Elvis.

"Well, I may have an idea. I could give you a job in my organization, the Superheroes. If you joined, we will make you specialized weapons based upon your talents to help us fight the forces of evil," offered the boss.

"Thanks for the offer, but I'll pass out," declined Angelia.

"I'm with her," said Charles.

"Well, Elvis?" questioned the boss.

"I'm in," answered Elvis.

Charles and Angelia gasped.

"Man, are you crazy?" questioned Charles.

"Probably. But after this experience, I don't ever want to play something that will bring destruction and chaos. I want to help prevent it, you dig?" answered Elvis.

"Yeah, I dig. Go ahead and join. After all, it's your decision," understood Charles.

"Well, I guess I can do nothing to stop you," guessed Angelia.

"That's right. You can't," replied Elvis.

"Well then. You take care of yourself," said Angelia.

"I will," promised Elvis.

"Well then. Starting tomorrow, you are officially part of Sector 5 in the Superheroes. Good luck on all your missions," said the boss.

"Thanks," said Elvis.

And that is the story of Elvis Star's last concert. The next day, he waited in a chair he put in front of the stage, which was surprisingly undamaged, waiting for his ride to his new job to arrive.