A/N: Yes, I know I need to stop starting stories but I had to write this today or die and being as this is thr first thing I have been able to write properly since SEPTEMBER, I felt like I needed to post it. This is NOT a teen drama. The beginning is more of an epilogue than anything else but you get to the point of what the real story will be about towards the end. So yeah, I like it and I certainly hope you do too.

Oh yeah, and there is some sex in this first chapter. Not the basis of the story so much as a point of action for later events.

Chapter One

Grayson knew it. This was it! This was going to be his first kiss with another boy. No more sloppy kisses with girls his age, no more trying to keep his mouth closed while making out with Sandy or Rebecca because, frankly, the thought of a girl's tongue in his mouth grossed him out, and no more pretending to be something he wasn't. He was sixteen now and almost a man. After years of trying to change he knew exactly who he was and what he wanted. Sure, he wasn't ready for the world to know but he knew this was no phase. Straight boys didn't get nauseous at the thought of fingering a girl like Rebecca begged him to do every time they made out in her car or have to make sure they face their locker in the locker room and focus on his smelly gym clothes to avoid looking at the other guys and getting a boner. And straight boys did not lust after their best friend's older brother.

Captain and quarter back of the high school football team; Derek was every girl's dream guy in the most cliché way possible. And Grayson's too though he was sure until this moment the eighteen year old didn't know it. He was the exact same height as Gray at 6'1" with a slightly stockier built from working out so much for the team, brown hair so dark it almost looked blacked, stunning green eyes and dimples. He actually had dimples. Every time Gray thought about that he wanted to puke over his own attraction to the trite wonder boy but then he passed him in the hallway at school or worse when he was at Jack's house and he walked past him upstairs… in sweat pants… and nothing else. And then his libido went psycho again and he forgot not to be contrary and let his other head lead the way.

That was probably how he ended up here now sitting on the loveseat next to the jock as they watched some lame MTV broadcast and waited for Jack to get home. Normally he would have put as much space between himself and Derek as possible but, like any teenage boy, instead of folding the clothes from the laundry, the older boy has just piled them up in the only other chair in the living room leaving one space open right next to him. When Grayson had been forced to sit there or awkwardly come up with an excuse to go home, he had cursed his best friend under his breath. Why would the jerk have gone to the mall after school instead of coming home and meeting him like they did every Wednesday night anyway? And the whole 'forgot Krysta's gift' thing was some bullshit. Jack's girlfriend didn't turn sixteen until next week anyway.

He couldn't be too mad with the ass though as it did lead him to now. Both he and Derek were both big guys and the love seat was not a very sizable one but instead of those tiny, lion clawed antique ones that looked like a garden had thrown up on it so covered was it with a mesh of unattractive flowers shoved together to make a printed fabric. It seemed like every time one of them moved or adjusted their arms or legs brushed and, though he knew it was just innocent touching, it was doing something to Gray. It didn't matter that it was just the older teen's arm or leg, it was flesh to flesh and to a sixteen year old who had never once had sex with the gender he lusted after, it was enough to get him mildly excited. He had long ago strategically placed a throw pillow on his lap and tried so very hard to stare at the TV instead of Derek's bare chest and then groin which pushed out noticeably against his sweats. All those rumors he had heard about steroids and jocks had to be jokes because it didn't seem to be a reality when looking at this jock.

Grayson tried to ignore the urge to keep staring and forced his eyes on the TV but he couldn't focus on MTV's TRL and Carson Daily as he counted down the most popular songs of the day. Instead all he could see in his mind's eye was that groin. Could see himself reaching over and resting his hand on Derek's thigh and then sliding it up higher to rest on that cock he knew was nice and big like the ones those guys fucking big breasted women had in the porn Jack always made him watch. He remembered the last one he was where the woman had rubbed the guys cock through his jeans and then pulled it out all hard and straining, before sucking on it right there in the kitchen. It was something else to see the man pump in and out of her mouth and it was something Gray couldn't stop thinking about happening to him, in his mouth.

"What… Gray?"

Grayson blinked with glazed eyes at the TV as NSYNC crooned out some wannabe love song. Shaking out of it, he turned towards his crush of 2 years. Derek's head was resting back against the loveseat, turned sexily to stare at him with such an odd expression on his face. He looked both laid back and… predatory at the same time. It was weird. But that wasn't what had him nearly swallowing his tongue in shock. No, that would be the hand Gray had apparently placed on Derek's thigh during his reminiscing. He could feel his mouth drop open in surprise at what he'd done even as he felt the warm, firm thigh beneath his hand. God, he could feel his cock getting ever harder and pushing against the pillow on his lap. He wasn't the only one being turned on by the close proximity he was quick to notice as Derek's groin slowly began to fill and bulge out. Not sure how to take it or what to do, Gray snatched his hand away but was ill prepared for what happened next.

His hand was caught before he could even place it on the pillow that hid his arousal, Derek's reflexes on point after years of football and split second passes that had made their high school's football team state champs 3 years in a row. Grayson expected the worst, he wasn't a small guy and could certainly hold his own but he really didn't feel like putting it to the test by getting into a fight with Derek who took hits by 300 pound men every day. But Derek's next actions put that thought to rest. Staring at his hand that was gripped firmly by the wrist, he watched in shock as the jock moved it back over to him, not to his thigh like before but right on his bulge, right on his groin. Gray's eyes were wide as they snapped up the Derek's face where the teen was staring at him intently. He didn't say anything, just stared at him.

It took him a long moment of staring back before he was finally able to gulp and turn his eyes back to the warm feel beneath his hand. Slowly, he began running his hand over the sweat pants glad member, his gray eyes snapping back to Derek's hooded green ones every now and again as he rubbed and massaged, feeling the shape and length of it as best he could and all the while listening as his crush's breath got more raspy. Why he didn't expect what happened next, he did not know. After all, he was sitting here rubbing the man's cock. But when next Derek adjusted, he froze and slowly removed his hand this time but only for a moment as the older teen lifted his ass up and shoved his pants down to his ankles, spreading his legs as soon as he sat back down to give the younger male a clear view of this cock and heavy balls.

Gray didn't hesitate; his hand went back down and gripped that gorgeous cock only to move to massage the balls as excitement blooded through him. He was clumsy, he knew that, but damn, he felt like he was about to explode! He wasn't even aware that he was absentmindedly humping the pillow until Derek reached over and yanked the pillow away, his big hand cupping the sixteen year old through his baggy jeans.

"Take your pants down," came the man's low voice. Gray listened immediately and was soon sitting bare assed on the sofa. He watched as Derek licked his hand and then reached over and grabbed his cock, using his spit as lube as he began to jerk him. "Like this."

Nodding, he licked his hand and made sure he used lots of spit and tried again, trying his best to mimic Derek and focus at the same time while being jerked and jerking him off. Holy fuck but he couldn't believe this was happening and in real life, not to someone else but to him.

"Feels so good," he muttered, as his mouth fell open once more when Derek's hand picked up speed. Turning his head to look at the older boy, he was shocked when Derek did the most unusual thing and just started kissing him, full tongue and everything. It was kind of messy and everywhere but it didn't gross him out like when he kissed Sandy or Rebecca, it made him hotter and had him thrusting his own tongue into the mix. He didn't last long like that though, a few second and cum was flying all over his thighs and t-shirt as he gasped into Derek's mouth. "Holy fuck, holy fuck…" he gasped, stopping everything and just lying back against the sofa.

"Uh uh," Derek shook his head, his hand moving up to thread in the back of Gray's hair as he moved forced the younger teen's head over his groin.

Grayson accommodated the pose by sliding to the floor. Staring at the cock before him, he looked up with wide eyes at Jack's older brother. "You want me to…?"

"Suck it. Just… just watch your teeth. You can use your hand too if you want."

Grayson nodded dumbly and leaned in, his tongue snaking out to lick over the head of the cock, the mere taste making his cock stay flagged and fueling something inside to suck on the head like he would a Popsicle. He could go no further down though as he seemed to gag every single time but Derek was quick to but Gray's hand at the base and show him how to jerk it and suck on the head. Once he got the hand of it, his tongue flying everywhere in what he hoped was a good job, he was surprised to hear the football player groan just before his mouth filled with cum that had him pulling back and receiving several spurts to the face.


"My bad, man," Derek panted leaned over the coffee table to grab a random piece of clothing from the pile to hand Gray. "Here."

Spitting in the shirt and wiping his face down, he stood and pulled his pants and boxers up before awkwardly sitting down next to the jock who had since straightened himself up as well. He wasn't really sure what to say now. Couldn't really be sure it had just happened except for the musky smell on his face. Turning to look at Derek who was once again watching TV he couldn't help the 'um' that came out.

Derek grunted and grabbed him by the back of his neck. "This didn't happen, kid. Remember that." Gray's confusion must have shown stupidly on his face for it had the other man grinning and pulling him into a kiss. This one was slightly less hectic. More of a pressing of lips together than anything else but it was nice and for the first time made Grayson's heart skip a beat. Or at least it did until the door opened.

"What the fuck, man?! Derek? Gray?"

Derek froze and shoved Grayson away even as he rose. He didn't even give Gray time to take note of the situation before socking him one right across his face. "Keep you fag hands off me, queer!" Before storming up the stairs.

Good thing Grayson still had the shirt for when the blow hit his nose immediately burst open and blood poured. Fighting against the pain, he shoved the shirt to his nose and turned to Jack who stood in the doorway.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?! Sandy said you were a fag but I would never believe some shit like that! We were supposed to be boys, man! I can't believe you just…" Jack's face flushed red. "And now you're bleeding your homo blood... Get the fuck out! Get out now before you give somebody AIDS, fag!"

"Jack," Gray cried out in a muffle against the shirt. He wasn't sure what was happening. It felt like a dream, like he was about to wake up, like – "Ow! Fuck!" he growled as Jack moved to yank him up by his hair.

"I said get out! I catch you around my brother again and I'll freaking kill you! Don't even know how you think he could be into some shit like you. We aren't freaks here."

Pulling the shirt away and letting his nose flow free, Gray shoved his supposed bed friend away and up against the wall. "Keep your hand off me. Call me what you want but this fag can kick your ass and you know it!" When Jack just glared at him from his pinned position against the wall, he tried again, "Will you please listen to me?" When the other boy spit in his face, Gray knew it was all over. Knew his life was forever changed.

Letting his friend go, he shoved the shirt back up to his bloody nose but couldn't resist yelling before he stormed out, "And that was a fucking cheap shot!"


Grayson McCray wasn't sure how he ended up at an NFL football game. All he knew was that it was boring as fuck. Truth be told, he was more of a tennis fan. 2 competitors, simple rules and no trying to keep track of which dot on the field was which, what play they were making and just who the fuck was making it. In fact, the only thing he did know about football was that it was a good thing when someone scored a touchdown. But when the head partner of your law firm gives you season tickets and an open invitation to join him for a few games here and there you don't just say no. Not if you hoped to make partner yourself within the next year.

For the last 4 years he has put his all into Butler, Butler and Forbes Law Associates and he was ready to have his name on that moniker, ready to be called partner and take the pay increase that came with it and if that meant spacing out for four hours every Sunday while random teams tried to kill each other over a ball then so be it.

Raucous laughter assaulted his ears as he was patted on the back even as the crowd roared. His eyes shot to the scoreboard and took note of no difference so he really didn't know what everyone was cheering for. No points meant no winnings right?

"That's the one there!" His boss, Arnold Butler said, giving him a playful jab to his shoulder. That Iverson boy is the one! Told the wife gambling was off the table after last year when he jarred his ankle but that was then. Boys back in his prime and I'm going to take advantage!"

Grayson smiled in what he hopes the older man thought was agreement and turned his eyes back to the jumbotron as the dots began another formation. Arnold's words had him thinking back to another time and the only Iversons he had ever had the misfortune of meeting. His once best friend had tried to make his life a living hell during his last two years of high school between trying to beat him up or get his new found buddies to and failing miserably when Gray put his size to good use and then resorting to taunting him with homophobic slurs both vocal and spray painted all over his locker and eventually his white jeep his dad had got from the junk yard for him to fix up while his asshole brother just looked on. It was his fault really, all of it was. Fucking Der-

"And another pass completed by Washington! Quarterback Derek Iverson is on fire this season!"

"Did he just say-"

"See?! Told you!" Arnold said, clapping on the back several more times in his excitement.

Gray could feel his face twisting up in annoyance as the jumbotron zoomed in and his crush, his first kiss, handjob and blowjob, appeared. 12 years older, slightly more stocky but just as gorgeous now with the same crazy cowlicks sticking up as he pulled off his helmet to whoop at his teammates as he had been so many years ago.

Was it odd that he still felt like decking the bastard?