The angelic little devil stares at the M&M's

clutched in Daddy's hand as he looks

at his baby girl.

The prize for staying still.

The prize for being good.

If the tantrum throwing angel sits still,

just long enough for the christmas picture to be taken,

then the demon gets the sweet treat.

But far away from here,

far from the mask,

the angel is the first friend for many girls and boys.

Stay "Sweet" little baby,

for soon you'll learn to know. . .

how people turn and hide when you express how you feel inside.

Soon you'll hate the world,

and it will hate you back.

You will see the light, but you'll still be in the dark.

You'll make new masks for everyone around.

No one will believe you when you tell them "I'm Sorry"

So innocent little devil, be good to Mom,

although she won't understand, she'll be the only one around.

Keep on loving Daddy even though he'll have to go.

I won't lie to you now, so here I'l come and go . . .

After the storm

sometimes comes an evanescent rainbow.