It has been three years since Mom and Dad died. Let's just say it's been a long three years. I say a part of me and my brother died as well when they left us. We knew we'd never be the same. One year later, tragedy strikes again. It seems to me that someone wants the Galvin family dead. Just to me, it seems that way. Our thirteen year old sister, Evelyn, was caught and executed. I bet you're asking something. Executed by whom? Let me tell you, it's a long, long story. I think it all started when I was nine. About five years ago. June 30th, 2031. A strange planet moves into the suns orbit. Not too far from earth and of course NASA has their eye on it. If they were smart they would have sent a pod first. But then again, the pod would have never returned. So NASA decides to launch a manned-mission to the peculiar planet. Bad idea. I knew from the start something was bound to go wrong. I had no idea it was something this big. This ground-breaking, it would change earth forever. I'll say it was around September, 2031 when the mission was launched. I, my parents, Darren, and my sister Evelyn woke up at 6 am to see the launch.

Quite a sight for me, as an adventurous nine year old. My brother Darren, eleven years old at the time was not nearly as interested as the rest of us. Sometimes he preferred to hide away in his room. I was unsure why he would act like that, considering he was obsessed with space and aliens just the year before. My dad was a very classical man. His name was Tim Galvin. I bet I'll never meet someone as old-timey as him. He loved to discuss cars, 80's music, and just anything related to that time period. We'd talk for hours about the old-days, not that I was all that interested. I had more important things to attend to, I always thought. As a child, was highly centered on the future more so than the past. I was always looking forward and beyond. My dream has always been to make a time machine. To travel back in time. "It has to be possible!" I'd always say. I absolutely loved anything futuristic. So I woke up very excited that morning, eager to see the first manned mission to another planet. "Thomas, you're not tired at all?" my dad asks. "Not a bit", I say. He laughs a little, and sits in his old, worn-down chair. "You've never been one to get up early", he says. "But this is special", I say. My mom walks into the room with her morning coffee. "What time is it supposed to launch?", she asks. "The news said a quarter after six", my dad says. He quickly glances at his watch. "Anytime now", he continues. I glance at the TV screen. The rocket begins to launch.

"Guys, look!", I scream in excitement. My little sister's mouth is gaped open. "Mommy are they going to die?", she asks. "I sure hope not", Mom says in worry. The rocket jets into the sky. The whole moment seems dream-like for my little kid self. I watch, my eyes wide. "Wow", I say incredulously. The rocket breaks through the atmosphere at extremely high speeds. "Mom, when I grow up I wanna do that!", I say proudly. My mom smiles down at me. "I bet you do". Then our door bursts open. I whirl around to glance at the door, and I see my best friend Maria. "Thomas! Are you watching the rocket?", she asks excitedly. Maria has been my best friend since second grade. Must've been the year before she moved next door to me. "Yep", I reply. Then Darren walks out of his room. "What's going on out here?", he asks grumpily, "It's like six in the morning". "They're launching the rocket", I say. "That's worth getting up at six?", he asks, scratching the back of his head. "Duhh", I reply.

I think it may have taken three weeks for the astronauts to reach the planet. Now, the astronauts, once arriving at the planet, realized there was life. Life on another planet, I had always dreamed of that. But not of what is to come. It was late at night. Three years ago. We humans have been mystified by what the astronauts brought back. A luminous pearl from the planet, mysterious, yet amazing. Little did we know some things about the pearl. We had stolen it. The owners were not happy. My dad burst through our front door. "We have to leave, now", he says hurriedly. It had taken two years, but the inhabitants of the planet have found us. "What do you mean?", my mom asks. My dad gives her a horrified look. "Apparently a terrorist invasion or something. I have no idea", he says, "If we don't leave, we're good as dead" My sister begins to cry. My mom is trying to gather all our vital items and food. I am absolutely terrified. It's chaos. My dad hurries us out the door, and into our car. Down the road, I hear screams, gunshots, explosions. Absolute horror. I notice two dead bodies in Maria's driveway. It's Maria's parents.

I can see her silhouette huddled over the corpses. "Maria! Come with us!" She runs over to our car, in tears, absolutely shocked of what is occurring. Her parents just died. The realization hits me. Maria's parents just got murdered. Then I see it. A large, human-like figure. About nine feet tall. Eyes glowing with a red flame. It has spotted us. "Mom! Dad!", I scream frantically. Darren, Maria, Evelyn and I are alone in the car, waiting on our parents who have our stuff. "It's a Guardian.", Darren says. Mom and Dad run out, and spot the so-called Guardian. "My goodness", my mom whispers, out of breath. The creature stands atop Maris's house, gun pointed our way. It's crazy. The creatures hand is formed as a gun. The other hand, a sword. My parents jump in the car and slam the doors, jam in the keys, and floor the gas pedal. Unluckily for us the creature has already fired. Our car slams into a fence and flips. I feel nothing but pure terror throughout my body. All I can do is pray. We lie in our car, upside down. "Everyone get out!", my dad yells as I fall out of my seat onto the roof of the car. I climb through the shattered window. The creatures footsteps grow nearer. "Hurry!", I yell as my family members attempt to squeeze through the windows. "And X thought I wouldn't succeed", the Creature mumbles sauntering toward us. My dad, now out of the car, stands up to the monster. "What are you?", he asks. "I am a Guardian. Servant of Lord X." "X? What kind of a name is that?" he asks laughing. "The last name you shall ever hear". And with that, he shoots my father down in cold-blood.