Year 2036 - It's posted all over the news, the world is in turmoil. Why? The cause is mankind itself; we all sought out for power not realizing with that comes the destruction of our own. The streets aren't always safe because you don't know who will go and turn on you. Blood covers the streets all around, the sky is filled with smog and darkness; it always rains and snows the ashes of the world gone wrong. Building's crumble from random bombing, making us fear for our own lives and now we are posed with threats for nuclear war. They say its war but alas it is nothing but an apocalypse in my eyes.

My father, Josiah Mido, used to tell me stories that it wasn't always this bad when he was my age that it was still slightly corrupt but never as bad. You could at least go out onto the streets safely. It was going downhill during the year 2032 during the biggest election yet, everyone's favorite president Kalvin Gide was running for his second term. Sadly though he passed away before the results of the election, so his competitor Jerod Centrella won. Once he became president everyone noticed a change in how our government was running. All over the news they rumored that perhaps he was doing trade-offs with our enemy countries like North Korea. He managed to get elected for a second term this year that was a huge mistake.

So with all this mess there is a group of scientists and a cult who merged together to help in the underground called the Gevurah. They help to save those that are pure and strong that can help after the destruction of the apocalypse. It's said they have an old gypsy woman who can see into the future. She says there will be a free world that has no diseases and a new race of humans to help work and cater to mother earth. But with such will be the most traumatic love story that will make or break this new empire. But that is just a tale my father says probably to cheer me up since I have been sick a lot lately. The doctors don't know why they can't seem to figure it out for some reason. When I was a few years younger I almost drowned in the bathtub, it really scared my parents. I wasn't breathing and it was all because I got really dizzy and I blacked out in the tub for no reason. Eventually they found out I have bad heart problem and don't know exactly what it is. There is no name for it because they have only known a few other kids to have it. I don't get to get out much because of this problem, so I don't really have any friends. My father says this will change soon he thinks he has something that can help me. My uncle is a scientist that has been working on his own secret project to perhaps find a cure for me with him, which I hope they do.

Besides that the other worry we all have here is a massive storm out in the Atlantic Ocean is brewing. They say it's predicted to go up through Cuba and then the Bahamas' up to the keys and cover all of Florida. That's all we need is a huge storm on top of all the bombs and nuclear threats, I can't believe it has come to this. The thing that sucks even more with this storm is that we live in Florida out in the middle of nowhere. I shouldn't be too worried yet though because it is only a low pressure system, but with the weather being weird from reacting to the smog in the air you never know what will happen next.