Diaries of the French Court: Victoire de Bourdeille


Perhaps an introduction would best suffice for my diaries. My name is Victoire de la Fontaine—formally de Bourdeille and I am the eldest of three daughters in our family. I have added an author's notice to my diaries from so many years ago. I discovered them in a trunk up in a spare room at Chenonceau. I have reread my old stories and think how childish I used to be. But of course, I was only a young woman—it is natural to be silly and rather frivolous in a diary.

That is beside the point.

For those of you who do not know me that well, I was a mistress to His Majesty Louis XIV of France…otherwise known as Le Roi Soleil. The Sun King. In his day, he was glorious and a wondrous king. I enjoyed his company as much as the next woman. But, I suppose I was more fortunate the most of the women in His Majesties' court. My reputation had already been at stake for a considerable amount of time since His Majesty drew his attention to me. But enough of that. I hope you will enjoy reading my "scandalous" and vivacious diaries during my younger years and all that happened at court.


Author's Note: I came up with this idea just today as a spin-off (so to speak) from Seduction of the Sun King. This story will be created as Victoire's personal diaries and more in depth of her opinions throughout her time in the court of Louis XIV and her time as his mistress. Don't forget to review! =)