False God

Whispers fill my ears,

And remind me of old fears.

A demon's ruby eyes stare me down,

And upon his head he wears a crown.

"Bow down to me!" he roars,

"For I am the Christian's lord!"

Excited shouts fill the air,

But all I can do is stare.

How can they not see,

That he is just a false prophesy?

As if hearing my thoughts,

He silences everyone with some coughs.

"Girl," he asks, "do you think I am fake?

Do you think I am here to stir leaves like a rake?"

Eyes turn to me, suddenly hostile.

So I decide to make my next words worthwhile.

"I think naught that you come to stir leaves,

But rather you come to cut down the trees!"

"You come to cut trees of wisdom and hope,

Then your lies would catch us and ensnare us like rope."

"So after that, in their place,

You would plant seeds of ignorance and hate!"

"And upon our heads you would place a number,

One that no Christian dares to utter!"

And at my accusations he let out a laugh,

"Girl don't talk that way, I could split you in half."

"How could one doubt one as magnificent as me?

And soon all of the people of the world shall see!"

"That girl!" he shouted, pointing at me.

"She is a demon, can you not see?"

"Kill her, burn her! Let her die young!

Or better yet, have her hung!"

At this the people were happy,

Even my old grand pappy.

Soon I was standing on a chair with a rope around my neck,

And by now I was a nervous wreck.

But God gave me courage so that I could stand tall,

And when I did I felt the chair fall.

That was when I heard the whisper,

"Stupid girl, trying to go against me. Now your words will not be remembered, and they will not linger."