What makes life beautiful

There are a number of things that makes life beautiful, it just defers to the people and their views in life. Some people's answer may be God, friends and family or some remarkable days in their lives, may it be the day of your birth, the day you got wedding or simply the times you spend with your loved ones. It could even be something material, something that you greatly treasure, a place or a special scenery, or something ridiculous like beer. All in all, what make life beautiful are the things that make you happy and uniquely you.

There is no exact answer to the question because each and one of us are different.

For me, there are a lot of things that it would take probably forever to finish since I consider every single day of my life as precious so I'm just going to list off some remarkable ones.

One of those remarkable days is the day that I befriended my best friends Irah and Catherine. I met Irah back in second grade and she and I hit it off pretty well as you can see, as we are still close as a hot superglue after eight years of friendship (and still counting). You could say she is my heterosexual life partner since we do every single thingtogether.

I don't really remember much on how we first met, but I do remember it briefly that it had to do something with a sharpener. We we're playing with some pencil residues and saying something along the lines of "more pepper, more pepper, achoo!". I know very childish, but what?! We we're kids!

And I consider that day one of the best days my life, because for the first time, I actually gained a friend without trying to hard or trying to be something I'm not. You see I was quite a loner back then because I don't know how to treat or act normally around people since I grew up in a very sheltered environment, wherein there aren't a lot of kids. So I was very happy to finally gain a friend.

While Catherine, I knew of her back in third grade but I never really became friends with her till fourth grade. This time, I have no idea on how we got close together. Maybe it's because we were sit mates or maybe because of a group activity, I don't really remember, it's like were best friends all of a sudden.

But honestly, I don't really care on how we became close all that matters to me is that I befriended her, and that's one of the best things that has ever happened in my 14 years of life.

Another one of those days, is when I first went to Enchanted Kingdom. It's the first time that I ever went to a theme park and I was so happy on that day because I get to ride a lot of fun rides like roller coasters and ferris wheels, wherein I cried when I rode it because I thought I was going to fall, because admit it, EK's ferris wheel is pretty high. You can see the whole park at the top of the ride. Till now, I'm still afraid or rather quite warryof it, but never, I saynever, afraid of it.

But nevertheless, still one of the best days of my life.

And the best day of my life is probably when I spend lunch time with my friends because it's where I get to spend some quality time with them. I get to talk with them, share gossips and stories to each other while eating food. We share food during lunch time, we console and give each other advices during lunch time, we help each other during lunch time, we share jokes during lunch time.

Heck! Most of the good things that happens in my life always happens during lunch time.

And for me those simple moments make things beautiful and make problems a little bit more bearable.