A Missed Opportunity for Both of Us

I remember when it was a big deal

The fact that I couldn't keep my eyes off you

The fact that you filled my heart with emotion

You turned me upside-down on the inside

Yet you never knew

How easily you could tear me apart

By just the fact

That you had eyes for someone else

From that point on

Letting emotion get in my way wasn't an option

I'd let you pursue whoever you desired

And I woud watch from the outside, bearing the pain

Still I would smile every day

Even when I saw you

I would hide the change inside me

The darkening of my heart

It would take a miracle to restore it

A heart locked up tighter than a safe

The key thrown away without a thought

It would be nearly impossible to find it

Then came a day where it was almost found

The day I saw you as heartbroken as myself

I wanted to help you in any way I could

But I knew that was too risky for me

You believed that no one about you

That you had nowhere to go for help

Yet I was there the whole time

Ready and willing to do all that and more for you

When you needed a shoulder to cry on

Mine was there for you

Yet it still got rejected

I guess you didn't need it that bad

The feeling is still there

But I won't tell about it

Not when things aren't that bad

It would ruin everything

I still wonder how things would have been

If I had put myself out there a little more for you

If you had taken a chance for me

If we had seen eye to eye

I'm getting over it now

My life will go on and so will yours

I guess it was just a missed opportunity

For the both of us