Here's my train of thought, regarding authority.I've chosen my words carefully, I swear it won't be hazy.
I believe even in an authoritarian democracy, the majority may oppress the minority.
Now you tell me, does that make me crazy?

I've been told that anarchy would work, if we were all I think it makes more sense the opposite.
Now I have been thinking of this for many hours.
Whenever I talk about it, I'm looked at like a communist.
So be it, but remember the old saying about absolute power.
The only way authority works well is if those in charge are angels.

They say anarchy would never all anarchists do is put it work.
Not for money, but out of necessity.
And in the pursuit of seeing their dream become a reality
Remember Occupy Sandy?
They were there first with the motto "Mutual Aid not Charity"
If they waited for approval of access from the state,
than for many it may have been too late.

There's much more to be said, but that's all I can think just to be clear I'm as peaceful as a white dove.
Just remember and think about what I said to your face,
I believe it's as Emma Goldman said, that Anarchism is "a social philosophy aimed at the emancipation (economic, social, political and spiritual) of the human race."