You wear your scars and strips

Like they feel you with pride

Like they make you feel alive

Like they bring you closer to


You can't see

How that makes

You weak

It drains your


You become so

Much less to me.

You use your past

You make it your shield

Of glass,

You throw it up

Just to watch it crack.

It's everyone else

Never are you to blame

The fault is never yours

You're the victim of everything.

So take a pill

Cut your wrist,

Hurt yourself

To hurt me,

Find another way

For pain and guilt to


Say you're hurt,

Say no one cares.

Say what you want

Just remember,

I was always there.

You left me,

Like 1, 2, 3

Did you even think?

About the damage you

Could bring?

You went away

Every time,

And I can't deal

With another night that

You die,

Or one more lie.

So for every one whose

To self obsessed,

Or just a little to upset

To never see the friends

Who love them best

Maybe it's time to pull

Your head out of the sand box

Look around

See whose still here

Before your left standing alone

On your self created

Sinking ground.

Be a friend,

Don't be so caught up

In your own end.

Ask what's new,

Or how do you do?

Be there for them,

Before they leave you.