W-why? Why are you doing this ? " I asked.

"Because you're not wanted here ! "A voice filled with disguised and hate answered.

" Why? What did I do ? "

"Stop! " I yelled as my voice cracked.


" Noooo!"

"Yes! " The voice yelled in my ear so loud I thought it would fall off.

The blade slid over my covered body teasing and promising the pain that was approaching . Finally done with the tease...they began to cut away the clothes.

Cutting every me every chance they could.

" STOP! Please. "I begged.

"Please." the voice mocked farer away from me.

"wow ,boys look at this." The voice said as a hand ran over my naked body .

"It's a pig's body! Looks at all those rolls of fat. It's enough to feed from for months!"

Laugher of all tones surrounded me.

I was so embarrassed. I knew I was on the heavy side but what they said hurt, a lot.

"Don't look! "I muttered .


My head slammed into the ground..and god did it hurt! I saw dark dots in my vision.

" Please "I begged trying to escape them and the pain.

"Don't dare raise your voice at us again you bitch. Next time I will not go so easy on you."

That was easy I thought , god I would hate to find out if he used his full strength .

Man ,this has gotten boring, hurry up on fuck her so we can have some real funny.

That voice was all it took for zippers to go down. God, please let this be some cruel joke . Please just let them leave.

It seems my pray went unanswered. I cursed myself for being so stupid to believe josh, the hottest boy in school, could have possible wanted to take me on a date.

I never knew I was hated so much, they would want to rape me.

"You bastards ..what have I ever done to you?"

Bam.. This blow was more painful than the first..but he or someone had hit me in the mouth.

I could taste the copper in my blood..that ran in a stream down my lips.

Because you existed, bitch.

Stars danced around me from the force of the blow.

"Pay attention! "That voice that controlled everything yelled.

I flinched back expecting another blow.

" Listen we were going to go easy on you but now you had pissed me off..we are doing this raw."

"Raw? " I asked as my lips stung from moving.

" Raw..as in no preparing you. Dipshit! But I will give you this since I'm not that heartless. The moment I hit I will be inside you, " the voice huskily whispered

" No. "I shook my head.

" Money is money . No matter how it's made "the voice laughed.


"You can't be serious! "


" Please! If you trying to scare me..it's ! "

My hips were forced up and my legs pulled apart. No this couldn't be happening.


"Ahhhhhhhh! It hurts ! It's too big . Take ...it OUT! Don't move! PLEASE.

"DAMN, "the voice groaned. "Your so fucking tight!"

I could only gasp as he continued to move causing me so much pain. God, was sex supposed to be like this ...if so.. Why do people enjoy it so much.

"You gripping me like crazy..god it fells so Damn good. Yo Dea take her mouth. We don't need anyone hearing her screams."

Something musky slapped me in the face . I realized a second to late what it was. He thrusted into causing me to gasp in pain allowing Dea, to enter my mouth.

I started choking. I wasn't getting enough air because of his...

My hair was pulled painfully back.

"You bite and I will rip all your fucking teeth out."

"I wouldn't mess with him slut, I've seen him do it ..not a pretty sight."

The other one thrusted into me again causing more pain then I thought possible.

You know that saying they say when having sex for the first time, your breaking me into two.

He really was .

I couldn't handle this so my body did the one thing it could do..

I black out.