"S-stay back-" I yelled, backing up in fear. I didn't know these guys. They could be killers for all I know now.

Abel paused and pointed at my body.

Looking down, I blushed as I glanced at my body, my naked body. Sucking in breath, I rushed forward, ducking pass them to the closet only to find a lone shirt, tucked in the far left. Meaning I would have to bend over leaving me exposed!

Reaching for the shirt while trying to cover my backside had never seem so harder than now. I could feel the stares on me and listened closely for any movements. Fingers just locking in the side of the shirt when I was pulled back and thrown on the bed.

Gasping I stare at the guys surrounding me. Max,Damon and Axle reached out for me, as I flinched moving back till my back hit the board. Their hands closed around arms and legs pulling my towards them and the rest.

"Please don't hurt me." I begged." Please!" Drops of water rolled down my cheeks.

"Oh angel, we would never." Jack kissed my forehead, slightly calming me but not much.

"I think it's time, you knew the whole truth love. We can't stand to see you like this not after..." Jack sighed." Let's get you calm first before we explain."

Grabbing my chin, he tilted my head up as he pressed his lips to mine. Licking my bottom lip asking for entrance, I kept my lips closed. Asking one more, only to get the same answer he backed up and nodded at the others before kissing me again. This time there were warm breaths flooding all over my skin.

Gasping, Jack quickly made work with the open opportunity,his tongue worked mine, but I couldn't focus him as the mouth on my neck drawled my attention. A weak spot that always got me. Moaning I leaned more into that mouth as Jack finally took notice and moved to the side of my neck. Moaning I let both work my neck as I was in pleasure.

Only to cry out as hands played with my breast, hardening the little nubs before they to were engulfed in hot mouths.

Biting my lip, I tried to hold back more moans wanting to spill over. But as what happened before, another mouth suckled on my belly slowly heading towards my belly button, dripping in and swirling around. Arching my back a low moan escaped my mouth.

Moaning, I moved my hand to my mouth hoping to less of my noises when my fingers are pulled out to be replaced with someone else's. Suckin on them the mouths on me paused,though that didn't stop me from drawing the fingers in even more.

Multiple groans echoed the room as a mouth hit me there. Letting out a heavy moan I threw my head as my lips were again taken into a kiss.
-.-.-.- -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

Breathing heavily I lay on the bed with sweaty bodies. My body sore, but my mind racing, but I was ready to listen.

"Talk." I sat up in the middle of the pile.

"Angel, were not human like you." Axle began and the others curled up to me." We're from another world where the impossible is possible. Where every fairy tale is true."

"Angel, we're werewolves." Damon smiled." It's who we've been since we were born."

Silence was heavy in the air.

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