Broken hearts
Empty promises

There is no truth
Behind your eyes
Only lies in your words

Tell me something I don't know
Tell me something I can believe
Tell me a lie
Tell me the truth
Just tell me anything

To dull this pain
To clean the slate
To clear our past
And plan our future

Don't let this be the end
We were meant for much more than this

Tell me something
Something I can trust
Something bittersweet
Tell me something
Something right
Something wrong
Tell me anything

If we fight
Let's make up
We can save this
Whatever this is

What's left
After the last tear drop falls
And the last fight has been had
What's left
After there are no more lies
And there are no more battles to be had

Where do we go from here?
Here where we belong
Here where it's wrong
Here where it's right
Here where nothing is the same
Here where nothing has changed

Tell me
Tell me you love me
Tell me you hate me
Tell me we can make it
Tell me we can't
Just tell me anything

Free me from this cage
My life without you
Is not a life at all
Free me from this life

Don't let me slip away
Let me go
And pull me back in
Don't walk away

Make me hate you
Make me love you
Make me want to fight
Make me cry
Make this last
Whatever this is

It's now
Or it's never
I'm here
And you're there

I can leave
I can stay
You can run
You can hide
Whatever it may be
Nothing can change us

We've said our peace
Even while never having a moment of peace
We've said our lies
Even while there were no truths

Words just get in the way
Just for the moment
Don't speak

Look at me
Touch me
Hold me
Kiss me

Tell me you need me
Tell me I can't leave
Tell me you'll change
Make me believe you
Make me love you
Make me stay

Tell me you'll stand with me
Tell me you won't leave me
Don't let me go
Don't let me be without you

I believe in us
Do you?
You love me
But do I?

Tell me anything
Anything at all

Do whatever it takes
To save us
To save this
Whatever this is