Prolouge: The Letter

The Boy entered the small, dark living room. The light was low, the floor littered with hundreds or maybe thousands of magazines, newspapers, and old letters, the Boy picked up one of them, a strange letter with its surrounding area dyed yellow from having sat upon the floor for a great many years, the boy assumed, aging. He turned the letter over and flipped it back to the front, his eyes quickly looking over the page scanning for information. The letter began, : June, 1994, Tuesday. My Mother,My father all gone, I am lost without hope and I am stumbling throughout the woods and far beyond the area around it, looking for my parents. Yet, alas, they have yet to be seen or heard from by me. My little sister, Alia,and I have been traveling for days throughout the woods. We found a wolf pack by the river, and they took us in. I have kept this journal that only I know of given to me by mother and father, My only memento I suppose, We have lived here for years now, though when Shadus first found us, two skinny, dirty, and hungry kids by a stream in his territory, he should've walked away, ... but he didn't. He has been a father and a mentor to me and my sister,Alia,and it is by his grace and kindness that we even survived. But I often wonder what became of my real parents, though I love Shadus like a real father, each and every night I look up at the stars and simply sit and wonder whatever had become of our parents,and I now sometimes even still wonder if they will come back and get us and take us home and take care of us forever. But I suppose that that's just a stupid childish dream... but I still can't help but wonder...will they ever come for us, or will we be here for the rest of our lives, forever wondering if we are to ever go home... ah, but no matter, I must go now anyways.. but if anyone finds and reads this letter who knows my parents, tell them that Simon and Alia are alive and we are waiting for them to come for us, and that we will wait for them... for as long as it takes Sincerly Yours,.

Simon and Alia Erickson

The Boy Looked at the old, yellow letter in his hands and dropped back onto the floor like it was on fire. Swiftly turning around in the small space around him, the Boy shoved open the door and burst into the dark twilight of the night. Quickly shutting the door behind him, he raced towards the edge of the river near the little house and retched until it felt like his throat could no longer function. Composing himself by taking deep breaths, He calmed, and slowly stood after briefly washing his face in the stream and drying his face on his shirt. As he stood up A voice from behind him said,"Sick yet Farren"? and chuckled, briefly laughing at his own joke. Farren turned around as anger flared in his chest,"That isn't funny Aron". Farren muttered to the other boy angrily, His blonde hair shimmering, yet almost invisible in the thin, low moonlight. the other boy's eyes glittered evily and he laughed again. "Yeah sure,Farren Of course it isn't funny". He murmured and chuckled as his voice took on a mocking and sarcastic tone to it while he teased,"Aw, poor wittle Farren's Mommy and Daddy abandoned him when he was a baby and now he's afraid to stand up for himself". The older boy cooed and teased as he watched Farren's face hoping to see him get mad. But Farren kept his cool while he stared at Aron calmly. He wasn't about to let Aron Mess with him just because he wanted to get a reaction out of him. Aron was just another big bully, and Farren knew how to handle bullies like Aron, because they were tough on the outside and soft on the inside. He looked at the other boy calmly before he asked him,"Oh,it isn't funny is it Aron"? "Well, what about your parents then huh"? Aron stood, eyes wide, taken aback by Farren's question and by the way he asked it so calmly. He stuttered,"Ah, died, in a car crash when I was seven". He stood a moment, looking abashed, as if he was embarrased to be admitting that he too, had no parents, not ones that were alive anyway. Suddenly his hard, tough exterior reasserted itself, and he was back to the old, stubborn, mean Aron that he had been only moments before. "Why do you care anyway, Farren, Your parents only left you, so there's still some hope that they might return for you, coming back to solve all your wittle problems and fight your own battles for you, and cuddle you in their arms like a little baby". He sneered. Farren slowly stood up, anger returning to his chest and he murmured, anger seeping into his voice, making it husk,"I don't need any parents to deal with bullies like you"! He jumped, Grabbing a handful of Aron's dark brown hair and tugging hard, chuckling in satisfaction as he felt the clump tear and fall out in his hands,and grinning like a sly fox, he reached for another handful, which he twisted so long and fast, that Aron was on his but in the river before he could say,"Ow, Farren stop"! While he whined like a five-year old. Farren pulled Aron out of the water by his shirt collar and murmured in his ear as he tugged the boy closer to him, "I swear by all that is holy Aron, if you ever, mention my parents or tease me about being abandoned, I will make sure that you will never see the light of day again until your 800yrs old"! He stared at Aron, his shirt soaking wet, shaking, and whimpering uncontrollably, and turned his back on him and started to walk away as he muttered, "You got that Aron"? Aron whimpered a bit more then nodded shaking his head and murmuring, "I'm s-s-sooo sorry Farren, I-I promise it won't ever happen again, and you have my word". and this time, Farren noticed, that there wasn't a single shred of sarcasm in his voice. Farren turned and started down the path towards The Old House, his home for 13 years so far. Hmm, he thought ruefully, 13 years and not a single birthday party, oh well I probably wouldn't care too much for it anyway. and shoving his icy hands in his pockets, his head down against the cold November air, all these thoughts, including ones about his parents as he headed home ,changed and went to bed.

Chapter One: When Farren Awoke the next morning, he rubbed his cat Lexia, and gave her cat food as he walked down the stairs to the dining room, and proceded to eat some maple oatmeal and washed his dishes and headed back upstairs to his bedroom and sat on his bed and started to talk to Lexia about his parents. As they talked, Farren mentioned his fight with Aron the night before, and he heard the disapproving hiss in Lexia's voice as she told him, "Listen Farren I know you don't always like what people say to you but your going on a quest remember"? Farren sighed and rubbed his hands through his hair and told her, "Well what was I supposed to do Lexia? Just let him bully me and call me a baby and say that my parents are going to come back and coddle me like a baby for the rest of my life"?! Lexia got quiet her fur burning so much that she thought she might die of embarrassment.