It's a strange sensation. Falling. It's a little like being weightless. A little like a roller coaster. You get that sinking feeling in your stomach at first. After a while though, you settle into it. Katharine was falling from a great height, so she had a long time of being settled. It was a little different though. The world didn't seem to be flying by her, and she didn't feel the rush of air or hear the roaring wind. She was just numb. She had been pushed off the edge.

Thrown out of heaven.

She had done nothing wrong. It was just her time to go. Her time to lose. Everyone loses eventually. Every angel falls from grace. That doesn't make it a shock when it's your turn though. That doesn't make it easier. You think that day may never come. You may never fall. It all goes so well that you don't see how you could lose. You're happy. But it will happen. You will fall.

As Katharine fell, her wings flew around her and she tumbled over herself. Hurtling toward the ground, she could think of nothing other than "How? Why?" over and over in her head. She couldn't believe it. She didn't think it was possible. But it happened. She fell. She lost everything. Her whole world was about to change in





After the dust settled, there was a long period of silence. Katharine just lay there, not knowing what to do. She was in shock, and oh so much pain. She didn't want to move. She just wanted to stay there in her crater and die. Her body was broken, her spirit and her soul in worse condition. What was she to do? Where would she go? Heaven was the only home she had ever known. What now? She was in so much pain. She couldn't understand. How had this happened? She began to cry.

She spent five months there. Just lying in her crater. The pain came in waves, sometimes just a dull throb, sometimes so searing that she would scream for hours. Her broken wings lay twisted and deformed around her. She would get so hungry that she couldn't stand it, but a little bird would bring her food sometimes. It would sit by her and listen to her cry. It would nestle up close to her. It would give her comfort. It would give her hope, until one day, Katharine did an unimaginable thing.

She stood.

Slowly, but she did it. She rolled over onto her side and pushed herself up so she was supporting herself with her arms. The pain was unimaginable. She clenched her teeth and slowly staggered to her feet. She almost fell, but she kept her balance. Her wings hang useless at her sides. She took a deep breath, and then took a step.

It hurt so much that she cried out and almost fell. But she continued on. Every step was more painful than the last, but with each step she stood a little taller. Each stride got a little larger and each time her foot hit the ground with a little more force. The expression of pain and anguish turned to one of defiance and determination. Step after step she was making her way forward. She would make it. She would heal, in time. She would fly again. She was strong.

After all,

she stood.