My second story on here! I'm so excited, because I've been looking forward to writing this! And this chapter will be a slight bit shorter than later chapters, because of the fact that it is sort of a prologue! Well, enjoy!

It was such a regular summer's day. Sun in the sky, not a cloud in the sky, it was warmer than ever, and most importantly, there was a lot of fun going on at the beach.

Fourteen year old twins Caleb and Amanda Jones, despite their friends participating in a large game of volleyball, had decided to explore the quieter part of the beach.

Caleb had brown hair and green eyes that shone with determination. His sister however, had brown hair that had been dyed black and her eyes were a lonely sort of shade of blue, that always had a small glimmer of hope inside them, as though so much in her life had gone terribly wrong, but there was something to change it somewhere.

"Hey, sis. Look over there, beneath the pier. There is like a strange rock pool there. Maybe there is something cool to find!" Caleb grinned, trying to make his sister feel more enthusiastic about the day.

"Hmm? Oh, okay then. Maybe so, Cal," Amanda sighed, just before getting dragged away by Caleb. Then, despite her low mood, her eyes lit up at the sight of the rock pool. "Wow... The small amount of light getting through the planks is reflecting on the damp rocks, making them shine in various pretty colours!" Caleb nodded in confirmation.

As Amanda picked up a strange stone, that was see through and was almost like a glass prism, radiating a large spectrum of colours, just as a strange cold breeze ran through the air. Caleb grabbed Amanda's spare hand as she shivered with her other hand clenching onto the stone. Then everything went dark.


"Don't worry, Ama. I'm still here... There's been some sort of... Solar eclipse..." Caleb whispered as he attempted to walk back out to the main part of the beach with his sister, to no avail. The wind was too strong.

Then, there was a bright flash behind them. They looked out to the beach and their friends, and realised that everything was slowing down to a stop. Except the wind, which just got stronger.

"Okay, I'm really scared now, Ama!"

"You got that right, Cal!" Then, the bright light began to move towards the rock pool. Amanda then realised that the unnatural solar eclipse was behind the strange goings on. So, she let go of Caleb's hand and fought the wind over to the rock pool. And, upon instincts, stretched her hand out to touch it. But the only problem was that she couldn't pull her hand out.

"Amanda! Are you crazy?!"

"Help me, Caleb!" Her brother then went and grabbed the wrist of her free (if you didn't count her still holding onto the stone with it) hand. By that point, her whole left arm had been pulled into that light. Caleb was scared about what was happening to his sister, who was crying for the strange light to let go of her.

All it took was a tiny nudge in Caleb's back by a mysterious shadow to send them both flying into it.

And as soon as they both opened their eyes, they found themselves in a strange place. It looked like a country field, with flowers and trees surrounding them. The only thing that bugged them was the fact that the leaves were white, along with the grass, the flowers had giant petals too. And then Amanda realised that the strange stone that she was still holding onto was letting of two different coloured lights. A blue and a red. Moments later, the blue light had enveloped her body though.

"C- Cal...?"

"Don't worry, I'm just as creeped out!" Caleb was surrounded by a strange red light.

"'ey! You two! Yer trespassin' on meh field! Get outta 'ere 'fore I call the Mages!" The two blinked at the weird girl with a country accent, wings, vampire fangs and pointy ears, who looked like some sort of farmer.

"W- we're sorry! We were at the beach, then there was an eclipse, and we ended up here!" Caleb stammered, before the girl grinned and lowered the crossbow that she was pointing at them.

"Ah, well why didn'tcha tell meh earlier? There's been a legend 'bout you two, passed on fer generations in this place! Boy, won't the Mages be 'appy 'bout this! The saviours of us are 'ere! On meh own field! Come on, I'll show ya both to meh home, and I'll tell you both 'bout everythin'!"

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