Quite a shocking conclusion to the chapter!

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"C- Come on! You two can't be serious, right!? We're friends!" Skye stammered, trying to get through to the two people stood in front of her. They both just shook their heads. "A- Autumn! I helped you out when Danny wasn't there, and you were close to falling to your death of that cliff a few months ago!"

"I had a broken leg! I would have expected help from anyone who was nearby!" Autumn snapped at Skye, her blue hair blowing into her face as she clenched her fists.

"A- And Danny! I helped you feel more confident when you were afraid of literally everyone!"

"My sister could have done the same." Skye clenched her fists then, her eyes glazing over with tears. She was friends with the two that were intent on handing her in for apparently breaking the law just days previously. Now it was like they were enemies.

"Skye, you can't run forever. You could just come with us now, and your punishment would be a lot kinder than if anyone else finds you... Even your cousin is intent on getting you arrested. And trust me, it would be a whole lot worse if our mum and our dad find you." Autumn snapped, attempting to grab Skye's wrist, just to get kicked away.

"Hmph. Your dad is dead!"

"He isn't. He was pronounced dead the day that we were born. Nobody could find him. Oh, and guess who showed up at our house the other day? Oh, our dad! And they are intent on finding you. You're a criminal. There's quite a big reward for catching you, due to just how strong your magic is..." Skye could just feel a fire be ignited inside her then, and she was beginning to feel madder than ever.

"I AM NOT A CRIMINAL! You little brats just don't get why-" Skye got cut off from finishing her very loud sentence by some water surrounding her, in what looked like a bubble. It began to make her totally freak out then, and her breathing became heavy.

"Ah, that got her to shut up..." A very tall woman with blue hair, like Autumn's hair, chuckled as she strolled over, her hands behind her head and her eyes shut.

"Mum, we could have took her!" The twins yelled in unison then, before both of them began to throw a tantrum.

"You were letting her just mouth her face off at you, kiddies. You reallythink that was taking her?" a chuckle came from behind the twins then. They both began to grumble then, before they looked at Skye, who had gone really pale and was close to hyperventilating.

"We had better take her, before we all get done for murder..."

Meanwhile, in the chasm, it was just Amanda and Damien who hadn't attempted to try and get the amulet, and the two of them were beginning to get very impatient. Caleb and Daniel had both failed, and were now permanently unable to re-enter the chasm. Amber was having an attempt at the moment, and that, as previously mentioned, left Amanda and Damien very impatient. The two of them also had to keep an eye out for two things. Cookie to return, and to make sure that the two villains that were still stalking the chasm didn't attempt to get the amulet.

Moments later, another cold draught went past Amanda and Damien.

"Drat, another failure..." Damien huffed, before he turned to face Amanda. "Right. Listen to me carefully. Do not get distracted at all. You're only new at this magic thing here, and that is understandable. If you see the villains, yell for me. I know that your boyfriend isn't here at the moment, but I'm the only other person here who could help you out." Amanda nodded then, before sighing. Damien was right. He was the best that she could have for help if the villains did appear.


"Good. And if I fail, and they show up, quickly get in there and try and get the amulet." Amanda nodded again, before Damien ran away to attempt to get the amulet then. Amanda sat down on a rock then, before resting her head on her hands.

My twin brother failed...

Daniel failed...

Amber failed...

Will Damien fail too?...

Will I fail if he fails?...

The villains could potentially get the amulet then...

Unless one of Amber or Damien sacrifice their lives...

But I don't want them to do that!


Amanda then realised that she had got distracted, before she quickly looked up. Then she went pale.

"Tut tut tut, that isn't what ginger boy told you what to do... Ae, grab her. She's one of the two that are supposed to stop us from reaching our goals." Amanda didn't have enough time to react then, or call for help. He lost all feeling in her arms and legs then, before getting forced to her feet.

"Wow, she's actually a good hostage. She isn't fighting back!"

That's because I can't! What a dimwit!

"What did you just call me, huh?! A dimwit?! You brat!" Amanda could feel her breath getting heavier then, and a layer of sweat forming on her forehead. But due to her loss of feeling in her arms and legs spreading to the rest of her body, she knew that she could possibly be one of the world's most vulnerable people at that moment.

Then, instead of a cold draught going through the chasm, there was a rather warm one. She faintly smiled, knowing that Damien had done it, and was probably with Caleb, Daniel and Amber, who she had no doubt were worrying about her whereabouts.

"Forget the amulet. We've got the girl. The boy won't be able to do much without knowing that his precious sister is the bad guys' prisoner!"

"I won't letcha take 'er..." Amanda cast a quick glance to the side then, and noticed a weak figure stood there, before one of the villains, that she recognised as Berry, burst out laughing.

"Let me rephrase that! The boy won't be able to do much without knowing that his precious sister and the first person that he was able to 'trust' are the bad guys' prisoners!" Amanda realised that it was Cookie who was stood there. The first person that tried to shoot her in the head, yet helped her and Caleb and was the first person that she could trust in this place.

Amanda winced then, as Berry grabbed Cookie's arm and twisted it around behind her back.

"B- Big sisters?..." That was the next shock. Muffin had recently regained consciousness, and the first thing she did was look for Cookie.

"Ugh, screw that little thing. We only need the traitor and the girl of legends, Berry."

"I can cope with the traitor and the brat. You deal with legend girl, Aeron. The boss will be mad that we didn't get the amulet... But these three will certainly make his day..."

In the forest by the entrance to the chasm, Caleb was beginning to get stressed out.

"Surely now that Damien has the amulet, Amanda would have started to leave! At least she would have made her way out! IT'S BEEN THREE HOURS!" Caleb yelled as some people ran over to him, Daniel, Amber and Damien then.

"Finally found you all! I have something important to tell you guys! And I would cover your ears if I were you, Daniel..." Daniel raised his eyebrow at Kaylie then, who was looking angry.

"I want to hear this..." Daniel growled, glaring at his cousin.

"Someone has been arrested... And that someone... Is Skye..." Daniel went pale then, before he clenched his fists.


"SHE DESERVED IT ALL! She broke three individual laws! And you know that she accidentally broke them a few years ago because of the mood that we got her in, and she got isolated for like a month! This time, she isn't going to be let off easily. She could potentially have some sort of harsh restrictions on her power too! Plus, she's never been nice to me. She deserves what she gets..." Caleb then tried to intervene the developing argument then, before Amber got a phonecall, so she had to yell at Daniel and Kaylie to shut up.

"Y- You guys... Amanda, Cookie and Muffin have all been taken prisoner by the Enigmas, and they are refusing to let any of them go..."

Eh? Told you! Shocking conclusion of the chapter!

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