Now, this chapter is going to be solely based around what happens to Caleb!

Caleb: Unfortunately...

Daniel: Not unfortunately! This is going to be a disaster! On to the chapter...

Caleb sighed when Daniel was stopped with yet another phone call from someone that he knew. It had always been for something stupid, such as where had he left something, or how to go somewhere. All of the calls had been from Kaylie, who all Caleb knew was Daniel's eighteen year old klutzy cousin who was meant to be looking after these strange little fluffy creatures that had little round, fluffy bodies that could act like a rubber ball, with tiny stump like feet and large fluffy ears, called Puffels.

Then, as quite a shock to Caleb, Daniel yelled something down his phone and grabbing Caleb's wrist, confusing Caleb greatly. "What is going-"

"Hostage situation, and in the middle of it, your sister's life is at stake, and so is yours."


"It turned out that who asked us to come out here was not Muffin, but hers and Cookie's older sister who is part of those Enigmas. She's called Berry. She's injured Amanda's arm, and she is threatening to kill her, as well as apparently Skye, unless we go there. But... It won't be us there. I've got a... Friends. They know how to use some sort of ancient magic that is able to... Clone us. As soon as Skye and Amanda get released, about an hour later, these clones will vanish, and they have not a single one of us." Caleb smirked then. He liked the sound of that, and quite a bit! So, he eagerly followed Daniel, until they found two people stood under one of the weird trees.

The girl had waist length red hair that was tied up and threw over her shoulder. She was wearing a pale yellow shirt that reminded Caleb of a banana for some strange reason. Over that, she had a light pink jacket that contrasted just a slight bit with her shirt but majorly with hair that bright red. Caleb knew that she would definitely stand out in a crowd. She was also wearing dark blue denim jeans as well as some boots that were the same shade as yellow as her shirt. That was more simple than the variety of colours that she was wearing.

Next to her, was a boy that was holding her hands, presumably her boyfriend. He seemed a bit more simple in his clothing than the girl. His hair was orange, reminding Caleb of carrots, the only vegetable that he liked for some strange reason. Now, his jacket and jeans were a relatively dark shade of red, like blood. His shirt and trainers were just a simple black, making more sense than yellow and pink that was relatively bright together.

"Hey, Amber! Damien! You know that favour that you owe me? Well, I kind of need that now!" Daniel chuckled as he walked over to them. The boy, presumably Damien, then turned to face Daniel and Caleb and put on a very cheeky grin.

"What favour?" He then smirked, before the girl, presumably Amber, hit him in the back of the head.

"Apologies about Damien. He hates owing people, but he doesn't mind the fact that I repeatedly owe him my life!" Amber snapped, before putting her arm over his shoulder. "Anyway, Daniel, what can we do for you? Both of us owe you for stopping those psychopaths that were sent to assassinate us!"

"Well... You know those legends about the twin siblings that are supposed to try and save this place and the dimension that they came from?"


"Well, it's true. Caleb here is one of the two. Unfortunately... His sister, Amanda, as well as my own sister are kind of being held hostage by the Enigmas, but they are saying that they will only be let go if us two trade ourselves in for them. Do you both think that you can use that magic that allows you to create clones of people?" Amber sighed, before nodding.

"We could... But we would need something to use to replace with the clones. Like a substitution if you wish." Damien stated, before grabbing Amber around the waist.

"Pervert..." Caleb smirked at the two of them, as Amber then shoved him into a wall that was nearby then. Actually, he burst out laughing.

"Anyway, what could we use for it?" Caleb then asked once he had calmed down then, before Daniel decided to grin.

"I have a power that allows me to turn air that is nearby into a solid block. Would that be enough?"

Damien nodded as he pulled himself up then. So, as Daniel did that, Caleb then decided to look at everyone around him. It was as though... They all knew each other, despite the city being so big. Unless it was the fact that people who use magic know one another. Moments later, Amber tapped his shoulder.

"Say... Do you have any powers?"

"M- me? Just fire..."

"I can tell. Your magic aura is pretty weak. I'm one of the few people who have the ability to pick that up. But I can tell that you think that the ancient magic that me and Damien know is cool, don't you? Well... There is a way that you can learn ancient magic, such as the cloning." Caleb's eyes went wide in anticipation then.


"Ancient artefacts. But you see, there is a total of thirty-one artefacts. And... In order to ave this world and your own, you need sixteen of them. If the Enigmas end up with sixteen... We're all dead. But, there are people such as me and Damien who know a single type of ancient magic somehow unknown as to how we learned them. If you find the one that is in the Perilous Chasm that is the south of this city by about a three hour walk, called the Amulet of Replication, and I may be able to show you and your sister when you have rescued how to use this ancient magic. And then, you will also be one step closer to completing your mission here. Just keep the amulet in a safe place afterwards. You can't risk the Enigmas taking it, and then me and Damien, eh?" Amber explained, before they heard Damien gasping for breath against the tree.

"G- great help... Amber..." He coughed, before he put on a goofy grin that was expected of him. Amber sat down in the white grass next to him before Caleb walked over to Daniel. And the clones. Caleb was awestruck at how alike they were to him and Daniel.

"So, what now, Daniel?"

"We sneak into the building with the Mages from the secret entrance, whist the clones go in the typical way, get caught and then turn back into air an hour after!"

Caleb then put on a shaky grin then.

We'll save you, Amanda. I swear on it.

Well, Caleb meets two new friends and allies, and finds out more about his and Amanda's mission!

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