The Witch of Embermore

By MagicWords

Chapter 1: Something Wicked

Not long ago, my father met the Witch of Embermore. Like any ordinary man with a heart void of companionship, he quickly fell for her beauty, charm, and sly wit. I, however, saw right through her conniving trickery after the first moment I laid eyes on her. Perhaps I was just suspicious, and although I knew more about true love and happy endings, I had read enough books to know evil when I saw it. The Witch's name was Matilda, and in time, she came to live with my father and me in our manor house on the far edge of Romwell.

A/N: So unfortunately, someone thought it would be okay to plagiarize this story. I am so completely disappointed that someone would do this. So I have removed it from this site. I worked very hard on this book, and I hate that someone out there has the gall to put their name on my work. Seriously, it is so terribly disappointing. See my profile for details.