Hey guys! This is my first short story, so read and review please :) My friend told me about this site so hopefully I'll have more stories up later on. In the meantime, enjoy!

There once was a girl named Anne. She hated her life and everyone in it. The world was a bitter place to her. Anne was sixteen and she kept a shard of glass underneath her pillow for the worst days. She cut her wrists and wore long sleeves everyday so no one would suspect anything was wrong.
Anne had had it with her life and one day vowed to end it then and there.
Anne began writing her suicide note and when she was finished, retrieved the glass from beneath her pillow and impaled a deep incision down her arm. She let it bleed out and after so much blood was lost, she passed out.
Anne just wanted to be with the angels; she thought she would fit in there and believed they had the good life as she wanted so badly to end hers.
When she was positive her life had ended, she opened her eyes, expecting to see angels. Instead, she saw her bedroom again. She looked to the side and noticed her pillow was covered in blood and she was weak.
But there was something different.
Anne picked up the note that was now partially covered it blood and flipped it over.
The back read:

Please don't hurt yourself, beautiful. You're worth much more than that. Stay Strong.

Anne had never told anyone about wanting to become an angel.

She vowed to never cut again.

To whom it may concern:

By the time you've read this, I've already passed. I'm in a better place now. Please understand it was no one's fault that I'm gone.
I'd just like to say I love my family and friends very much but there was nothing they could do to stop me. I needed to go.
Sorry mom and dad for not addressing my problem earlier to you. I'll just say it… I cut. That was the least painful way out for me.
My habit had come so bad that I needed to stop and I knew the only way I could is by leaving. That's one reason why I am gone.
It pains me to write this letter because I am scared and shaking. And sorry if my blood is on it…
Lastly, sorry you had to see and hear me for the last time like this.

I love you.