Author's Note: This is Case 1 of my newest 'story' Case:Zero. Some little info that is needed for you guys to know is that yes, this story is based off of the cases I've done over the course of my life. But, Case: Zero is a fantasy-reality type story where even though the cases are real, they're modified to create something a bit enjoyable. For example, I am not a detective in this story, but instead a thief, as mine and Vale's roles have basically switched. Not to mention though I am nothing more than regular English tongued in real life, I am... Australian in here. Another thing, I am eighteen and Vale is twenty-one.

Something more, is that I, as I've always wanted to be, am a wolf, half-wolf actually. I appear to have long, white fluffy ears and a long, white fluffy tail. Two important things with this though, is that whenever I come in contact with water, I change into a full white wolf and don't change back for another few hours and I can also change whenever I want to and change back whenever I want to, if manually that is.

Disclaimer- I own almost nothing in this but the fantasy-based ideas. Characters are technically not mine, besides myself, and credit for the cases go solely to the LIPD.

Heh, enjoy!

A Murderous Love Game

A tall woman, with brown hair and brown eyes, cuffed, walked down the halls of the prison, a guard leading her to the main entrance.

"Alana Acres." She heard her name being called and smirked, walking forward towards the head guard and her cuffs were removed. "You're free to go."

Her smirk widened as she was led out of the hell hole after two years of being away from the outside world and was being set free, off into the wild. "I'm coming, love." She purred out into the wind.


"Alright people, listen up." A tall, man stood in front of a group of people, his blond hair messy from having just woken up. "Three weeks ago, a man was found murdered in a hotel room, the doors and windows locked, strangled with what we figured to be laces." He said, pointing to a picture on the board of a man, dead, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and thin burn marks around his neck. "A woman had been spotted leaving the hotel room the night before.

A few days later, another man, similar to the previous one, was found in the same situation, dead in an apartment room, strangled, a woman seen leaving his apartment the night before." The slide moved and another picture of a similar man was shown, and then again, another man in the same way. "And again a week later." The man sighed, turning the screen off and turning to the others in the room. "Now we have reasons to believe that the same woman was involved in those murders, but we have yet to find anything on her or the people whom she killed. All we know of was that each man had the same specific features, blonde hair, blue eyes, was at least six feet tall, and had a name starting with K."

A man, with red hair, beside the blond nodded, clearing his throat before attaining all attention on him. "Yes, thank you Detective West." He said and the detective nodded, stepping away. "We have all available forces working on this case, and we need anyone else who is available to search up anything that you can on this."

An officer, a brunette in the front, raised her hand, timid though, biting her lower lip; her glasses sliding to the tip of her nose and she pushed them back nervously as all eyes went on her. "I-I don't mean to interrupt, but w-what about that thief? Aren't we supposed to be looking into him?" She questioned and Detective West spoke up before the other man spat at her for such a stupid question.

"This murder is our top priority Mrs. Bakers and we need to look into what we have and solve it before anyone else turns up dead. The thief can come later." He answered and ignored the small glare received by the other.

"Dismissed." The man gritted his teeth before turning to walk towards his office.

Detective West let out a soft sigh, shaking his head at the chief before turning to go to his own desk, sorting through various files, including numerous on the elusive thief that had everyone's mind hooked. The thief known as Zero, now whether or not that was his real name, he hadn't a clue.

"Detective West, sir… um, can I speak with you?" West turned his head to the side, raising an eyebrow at a young, pony-tailed, officer, and the newest member of the police department.

"Yes?" He questioned, frowning in concern.

"I was wondering if you could tell me about the thief." He wondered, sounding quite curious, although his tone had a slight mischievous note to it.

"I don't know as to why, for your top concern should be the case everyone else is working on." The detective said, stern and the newbie, Vale, grinned sheepishly.

"I know, but I figured why waste my time on the case when that thief could beat me to the details and solve it before I do?" He questioned and the detective gave another sigh.

Yes, the elusive thief that had everyone stumped had always managed to solve almost every single case that had even the best of the police puzzled.

"Look, kid, work on this case and I'll grant you access to the basics of his file, understood?" He said and Vale beamed, nodding his head before turning away to work on the current case.


Zero stood on top of the club's roof, on top of the famous Black Diamond, watching, waiting.

He had stood there for hours, until nightfall, watching as many women and men walked in and out of the building and he had come up fruitless, unable to find his target.

His ears twitched as the cold winter air hit them like a blast of frozen wind and his trench coat flapped silently behind him, his tail hanging limply from behind.

He had heard from the police scanners of a new case, about a woman who was killing off guys she took back to their room, right after she had sex with them and as usual had taken the case for his self to solve so those pathetic 'law enforcers' didn't have to over work their brains for it.

His ears perked up as he heard laughter, a man's laughter and a woman's giggle. He looked below him, shadowed by the night sky to see a man with blonde hair and blue eyes and a woman, wearing a wig obviously, with black hair. She looked familiar to him, from light descriptions he memorized from the witness' who saw the woman the night before the men were found murdered and the man she had with her had the same features as the others.

Zero narrowed his eyes as he studied the woman, probably somewhere around the age of twenty-eight. She had a slim body form, most likely to help with picking up the men, her teeth whitened to a great extent, most likely because of her 'job', and her clothing style, also a result of her job. Tucked in her boots was most likely the cash she earned from the men who swooned over her and around her wrists and neck and in her ears were several forms of jewelry, probably matching her personality.

Hidden under the wig she wore were slight traces of brown hair, most likely her natural hair color and her voice, he could tell, showed the slightest trace of an Irish accent, though it was obvious she was trying so hard to conceal it. And another small detail he had not failed to notice was the little name tattooed on the back of her ankle, Alana. It was most definitely either her real name, tattooed on there so she would not forget it playing off the 'innocent' prostitute looking for fun, or it was a close family member's name, like her daughter perhaps.

The very last detail he'd noticed that the faint band around her finger, saying that she'd recently had a ring there but took it off for some reason, most likely because of a recent divorce or her husband had died.

Zero sighed. He had not liked much that he was so intuitive, but it was one of the reasons he was able to beat the police and he cherished that.

The wolf gave a shake of his head and disappeared into the night, going to find everything he could on the woman and her obsession with blond haired, blue eyed men.


"I can't wait to show you my room." The man, Kaine, smirked, bringing the woman, whom he had come to know as Delilah, closer to him and kissed her on the lips, biting her lower lip as a tease and she giggled at the action.

"Oh me neither, baby." She purred out, her Irish accent thinly disguised by a simple American one that had taken her a few years to master.

It wasn't until a few minutes later Kaine was pulling Delilah through a small apartment complex, going towards him room, fumbling with the key card, and getting the door open, all the while kissing Delilah again. He succeeded in getting past the door and closing it before being tackled, already aroused.

Kaine chuckled sharply, breaking away from the kiss, pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it off somewhere to the side of the room, making his way to the bed with Delilah trailing after him, pulling her own tank-top over her head, biting her lower lip in a 'sexy' way, eyes half-lidded as a show.

She crawled her way over to him, pushing him against the bed, straddling his hips, working on getting the lace-like belt from her panties untied. She leaned forward, kissing him once more, leaning to his ears as she got the lace undone and held tight in her grasp. "Are you ready?" She purred out and he let out a small growl in reply, grabbing her hips just as she leaned back, and brought her arms around his neck, wrapping the lace tightly around it. Her face showing no emotions as she frowned, watching as Kaine's eyes went wide and he brought his hands up to try and get her to stop.

And before she knew it, he fell limp against the bed and she sighed, getting up. She was getting tired of this game and desperate to find her catch, and it was time to step up her game.

She took the time to take the man's money, a pair of pants and a shirt and slipped them on before walking out, locking the door behind her, the lace tucked deep in her pocket and she walked out, not at all worried about the police ever catching her.


Vale groaned, running his hands through his hair, letting it down from his ponytail and spun around in his chair for a few seconds before turning back to the computer, having nothing better to do and meeting a dead end in his current case.

He stuck out his tongue in concentration, opening up a search browser and typed in 'International Thieves', clicking search and scrolling down to find a link that looked good enough to go through, clicking on it and reading through what the text had, frowning.

'Thief better than actual police…?' 'International thief turned wonder detective!' 'Thief outsmarts the law once more!' He read through all of the headlines and felt a small smirk tugging at his lips.

It was odd, not impossible, to think a thief was smarter than the actual detectives of the law, and odder still to find the same thief helping them out, even if it was just meant to get him more attention, though Vale doubted it was. Now Vale didn't know much, but he at least figured the thief was noble to a certain extent.

"What do you have there, kid?" Vale, startled, jumped at the voice and quickly closed the browser, chuckling nervously as he saw an older officer, Officer Reeds was his name.

"H-hello officer." Vale greeted warmly with a bright smile before turning back to his computer, faking innocence. "I was just trying to figure out a break in this case before you came up." He answered, half-lying.

Reeds chuckled and crossed his arms. "Ah, is that so?" Vale nodded, slight hesitation to it and the officer shook his head, laughing wholeheartedly. "You were searching up stuff about that thief, weren't you?" Vale frowned at that before giving up and nodding. "Don't worry kid, everyone's just as curious about the guy as you are. But we have a case to solve, and if I'm not mistaken, Miles promised you the basics of the file, didn't he?" Vale nodded at that and he grinned, once more pumped to get the case solved before any old thief did first.


Zero's eyes narrowed as he scanned the info in front of him, every little detail on an Alana Acres, the only female that matched what he found out about her and he sighed as he realized he was right.

Alana did have a husband, a blonde, blue eyed, thirty-five year old man named Kale; which explained why she was going after men with those specifics.

Apparently though, the man declared her crazy and she freaked, nearly going after him and she was sent to jail for two years. She had been released just a few months ago and now Zero's only guess was that she was now after the man who'd imprisoned her, Kale, Kale Acres.

As much as he hated doing so, Zero immediately opened up the website for the police department and began messaging the police as an anonymous user, typing in all he knew, leaving nothing out as usual. He may have been a thief, but he was honest and he had a code and certain standards to follow.

For instance: Zero always told the truth, he never let anyone get hurt while he was responsible, he only stole that which has been stolen first, and always returned the stolen jewelry to its original owner, no matter how hard it was to find the people in the end.

He closed out everything after sending the message and then stood up. 'Now I wait.' He thought to his self.


Alana sat at the computer; legs crossed, with a small smirk on her face, her now blue hair drawn back into a ponytail. She cracked her knuckles and set on the computer in front of her, setting up a web page and went to searching.

She typed the specifics into the search bar, and clicked enter, her smirk widening as she saw the first link and clicked on it, reading through the new found info: Kale Acres, male, thirty-five years old, blond, blue eyes. Though what struck her off was seeing a little piece of side info, about him having a new 'toy'.

"Oh Kale, you want to play that game do you? Fine, we'll play that game." She said, writing down his address before standing up, clearing all browsing history, closing the page, and shutting the computer down. "Let's play the Love game." She added, walking out of the building.


"Um chief, you might want to come read this." Detective West frowned at the new message the department received.

"What is it you want West, damn it, I'm trying to work a case here!" Chief Harrison growled out, stomping over to the departments main line and looked at the detective expectantly. "This better be important or so help me god," he gritted out.

"It's from the thief." That was all West had needed to say before the entire department seemed to cast its attention towards him.

"How do you know?" Another officer piped up, coming next to the desk, but no one paid him any mind.

"He says that he figured it out, that he found the final pieces to the puzzle of this 'murderous love game'." He sighed, shaking his head at what the thief called it, having no idea what he meant.

"Don't read it." The chief bit out and West stared at him with wide eyes.

"Are you insane? If he really does know it then we may as well read and find out what he knows! It doesn't hurt to check it out at least." The detective argued, not at all deterred by the glare he received.

"We are not receiving any more 'helpful' tips from that thief! This department is already on the edge as it is." Harrison spat, turning back. "Everyone, back to work!" He commanded, the department doing just that, all but West.

West had sighed once more, turning to the message that the thief wrote and reading it over, planning on checking out what the thief was saying about the case. "Ross, here, now." He directed, the newbie immediately coming to his side in a rush, not wanting to get into trouble with the older officers, yet anyway.

"Yes sir?" He asked, standing straight and West smirked.

"Think you can trace back to which computer the thief used to send this message?" Vale brightened up with that and he nodded, saluting.

"Absolutely sir!" He grinned, bouncing off to get his job done, as resident hacker and electronics genius, before West stood up, grabbing his things and going straight to the address listed in the message, taking a few officers with him just in case something happened, something the thief said was going to happen.


Zero narrowed his eyes, watching the two shadows in the room. 'No, no, no, this was not supposed to happen. What? There wasn't supposed to be anyone with him, who the hell is that lady? His girlfriend I'm guessing. Oh shut up!' He thought bitterly, arguing with his inner voice, a voice that sounded plain to his own ears, with said ears twitching in anticipation.

No innocents were supposed to be around when this took place, so why in the hell was she there!?

Zero hopped down to get a better look, immediately regretting it as he did so. Inside the bedroom, there on the bed, was a half-naked Kale and a woman in only her underwear and her bra, the bra coming undone. 'Sick…! Yes Zero, I suppose it is.'

If there was anything that Zero hated more than anything else in the world, it was sex. How such vulgar activity can be seen as an act of love, Zero did not know. Just the idea grossed him out in more ways than one and he'd never have found a use for the activity anyway. Not to mention in all his years, he's never once had an attraction to what other guys would call a hot and sexy woman. He just figured himself asexual, but that was near impossible, so he just went and accepted the fact that he was different, and preferred guys rather than girls, though that fact has yet to be proven since he's never felt anything towards either gender.

Zero gagged mentally, wanting to turn away, having seen too much already but couldn't since he had to keep a look out for that crazy psycho bitch that was looking to blow this guys' head off, since it was obvious that she wouldn't use the same methods as with the other men.

He took a deep breath and let it out before continuing the scan for the woman's car, one he'd come to know as the 'Cherry Bomber'… a name etched into the side of the red vehicle, a bright red sedan as well as the blasted police force, and a car he'd known so well over the stretch of his life, a black convertible owned by the very Detective Miles West that Zero had come to rely on and trust, even though he'd never say that out loud, ever.

It wasn't long before his ears picked up the soft hum of a 'cherry' engine and he turned towards the front of the man's house, seeing the very red car that he'd come to hate. Zero never liked red much and this little case had only further increased his hate for the color.

He walked a few paces forward, still staying hidden and watched as Alana came out of the car, dressed as she always had been, as a slutty teacher. Her hair, no longer wearing a wig, was pulled back into a tight bun, she wore sharp pointed glasses that were either for show or she really had needed them, most likely the former as Zero had never seen her wear the glasses before, her clothes were classy and sharp and had shown more cleavage than he would've liked. She also had a handbag strapped on her right shoulder, most likely used to hold the gun she was going to use.

Zero's hand itched towards his pockets, the silver barrel of his own barely showing in the shadows of the night.

If she pulled that gun on the guy, or even the woman, before the police showed up, he'd have to take action his self and shoot the damned weapon from her grimy, 'blood' stained, paws. Even if she was clean with every last one of her murders he still considered that if you kill anyone, no matter how, you're just as bad as those who had gotten blood on their hands.

And even though Zero himself had used his gun for many things, he'd never once actually hurt or killed anyone with it.

And so, he waited, patient as usual, once more for the events of the night to unfold.


Alana stepped out of 'her' car, the one she'd borrowed from her deceased mother-in-law, straightening her outfit, her bag, and her glasses before turning towards the house in front of her, smirking. She moved a hand to the side of the bag to make sure that her… toy was still in there before walking towards the building, a confident air to her stride as she did.

She neared the door, lifting a hand and pressed the doorbell, hearing it ring softly from inside the house.


The doorbell rang, interrupting the little moment inside the master bedroom and Kale groaned, rolling his head back in exasperation. "Damn, it seems I can't get any alone time with my girl now a days." He chuckled and his girlfriend, a woman with short black hair and bright blue eyes, giggled, pressing a light kiss to his cheek before kissing his lips.

"Don't worry about it honey bun." She said with a small fake pout, wanting her boyfriend to stay here so they could have fun.

"Oh baby, the things you do to me." He growled playfully, tugging at her bottom lip before sitting up. "I'll be right back, alright?" He said, grabbing his robe and putting it on before climbing down the stairs just as the doorbell rang again. "Yeah yeah, I'm coming." He said with a slightly agitated tone before unlocking the door, opening it with a small glare to whoever dared ruin his one night of fun with his girlfriend.

"Hello Kale." Alana smirked, pushing her way inside just as the door opened, staring at the dumbfounded expression her ex-husband held.

"A-Alana…!?" He questioned and she chuckled.

"You remember my name, oh how flattering." She said in a sarcastic tone and he narrowed his eyes.

"Of course I remember your name, you psychotic woman!" He shouted out before lowering his tone. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Can't a woman visit her ex-husband after spending the last two years away from him?" She asked, tilting her head with a wider smirk and he crossed his arms.

"I have a girlfriend, Alana." She smiled at that, as if her hearing that was the most obvious thing in the world and she nodded.

"Oh I know. Is she here right now?" He narrowed his eyes further and she showed a glint of amusement. "So she is…! Oh! And I suppose you were about ready to have a little… fun with her, hm?" She walked closer to him, and he backed away. "Funny how when you get done with one miss you find another to play with," she said, a bit harshly. "Just as you did before you met me, isn't that right, Kale?"

"I don't have a damn clue what you're talking about woman." He growled out and she scoffed.

"Oh sure." She replied, nodding before stepping back.

"Honey bunny, is everything alright down there?" They both turned to the stairs to see his girlfriend, whom Alana had come to know as Virginia, walking down with a robe wrapped around her.

"Yes love, go back upstairs." Kale instructed, but she didn't listen, seeing Alana in front of him and frowned.

"Kale, who is she?" She asked and Alana smirked, about to answer that question before Kale cut her from saying anything.

"She is no one." He bit out, sorry for snapping at Virginia. "Alana, leave now, before I call the cops." He demanded and she looked as if she was debating someone.

"And leave before I got a chance to do what I came here to do?" She said, reaching for her handbag and Kale tensed, Virginia just looked confused. "No, Kale, baby doll. Today is the day I exact my revenge, get payback for you sending me to that hell hole." She gritted out, pulling out her gun and pointing it at Virginia. "And I'm going to start by taking your precious little girlfriend here."

Virginia shrieked, hand flying up to her mouth and her eyes went wide. She didn't know what to do, except stand still, frozen, since she knew if she moved, Alana would most likely shot her.

"A-Alana, no! Wait, don't bring Virginia into this! She's innocent!" Kale's eyes went wide and he began to move forward until he heard a click and stilled.


Detective West drove quickly and silently to the address, only a few officers remaining with him, since he had instructed the few others to go and find the apartment in which the thief had said there was another body, another man that she, Alana, had killed.

He drove past the other cars and into the neighborhood in which the man moved to a few months ago, due to not being able to live another day in the house that held memories of the 'psycho bitch' as Zero had put it so lightly in the message.

And he slowed down, searching the houses for the right address until he pulled up to one with a red car and a white van in front of it, the van probably belonging the man's girlfriend, Virginia Clause.

He quickly got out of the car and moved to the front door, his gun already out. And he knocked harshly on it. "Police, open up!" He shouted out and got no answer, so he tried again. "I said open up!"

"Go away!" He heard a woman's voice from inside and narrowed his eyes, recognizing the voice as Alana Acres, released only a few months prior for good behavior. Of course she was behind all of this! How could he have been so blind to realize the truth was in front of them the entire time!

He growled and kicked the door open, holding gun at the woman with the gun. "Drop your weapon." He demanded and she didn't move. "I said drop the weapon or I'll shoot."

Alana glanced sideways but didn't move. "Don't move Detective or she dies." She said calmly.

"Alana, please…!" Kale begged, trying to reason, though that always failed with her.

"Drop the gun." Detective West ordered once more, moving his finger to the trigger after clicking the gun back, readying it for fire.


Zero bit his lower lip, observing the situation, his gun already out and ready in case he needed to fire to help Detective Miles out. His ears twitched in anticipation and his eyes widened as he saw her finger pull back on the trigger and immediately pulled his gun up, firing without hesitation.


Alana's eyes went wide, the sound of two gun shots being heard, as her own gun was knocked clear from her hand and she gripped it, confused as hell.

Miles, stood, shocked at what happened, watching as a bullet split right passed him and straight towards Alana's gun just before she fired, her own bullet lodged right in the wall beside Virginia, and the weapon was sent spinning towards the ground, hitting with a loud clang that pulled everyone from their stupor.

Miles quickly and expertly grabbed hold of Alana, holding her hands behind her back. "Alana Acres, you are here-by under arrest for the murders of innocent men and the attempted murder of Virginia Clause and Kale Acres." He said. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law." He cuffed her before handing her to nearby officers, watching from the corner of his eye as Kale went to Virginia's side to calm her down and comfort her. "Get her out of my sight." He grumbled before turning with a sigh, immediately looking up as he saw a shadow and saw the thief, clad in black, with silver hair standing on the roof to the next house over and he smiled, nodding, mouthing the words 'thank you'.

Zero did nothing but turn, a minuscule smile gracing his lips after having seen everything was fine, and run away, disappearing into the night.

Miles shook his head softly before turning back to the scene, intent on getting full statements from both of the victims who were lucky they were alive, all thanks to a certain thief he knew of.

"Shh, shh, it's okay baby, I'm here… its okay." Kale comforted her, sending a small frowning glance towards the detective and shaking his head while Miles nodded and knelt down, giving him a piece of paper with his number.

"When you're ready, give me a call." He instructed and Kale nodded, turning back to Virginia, leaving the Detective to stand up and walk out; meeting with the others.


Vale sighed, lowering his head in failure. He'd traced the message route to a library computer in a little city miles and miles from where they were, he was smart, but apparently Zero was smarter and it pissed him off to great lengths.

He closed his computer with another dull sigh before turning as he heard the doors to the station open, seeing Detective Miles, the few other officers that he took with him, and a woman in handcuffs who he'd read about, Alana Acres, the woman who was declared a psycho by both the thief and her ex-husband and sent to two years in prison after assaulting him.

"Detective West." He greeted, though not as warmly as he would've liked and West smiled at him before frowning.

"What is it Ross?" He asked, standing by the newbie and Vale lowered his head again, frowning.

"Zero bugged the search, I wasn't able to find out where he'd sent it from, and what I did come up with was miles away from here." He answered, honest and the detective sighed, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, don't worry about it; you did your best with the assignment. Besides, you can't be called a Coal State Officer if that blasted thief hasn't bested you at least once or twice kid." He chuckled. "So welcome to the team." Vale grinned at that, his spirits brightened immediately.

"Oh thank you sir!" He said happily and Detective West smirked, jerking his head towards his desk.

"Follow me Ross; I have something I need to give you." He said, walking over to his own desk and sitting down in his chair, getting into the file cabinets, Vale following him, curious.

"What is it sir?" He asked, forgetting about the officers promise to him earlier.

"I owe you for helping us out, and as promised, I'm going to give you Zero's file, but as I said, you'll only find the basics in here." He said and Vale's eyes went wide, a bright spark to them as he accepted the folder, bowing.

"Thank you sir!" He said, grateful, before returning to his own desk, plunging into the depths of the mysterious thief's file.

"West!" The loud voice rang through the station and Detective West sighed, standing up and walking to the chief's office.

"Yes chief?" He asked, stepping inside the office and rose an eyebrow towards the chief of the department, seeing the red hair a mess from the man constantly running his fingers through his hair in frustration.

"What do you think you were doing!?" Harrison snapped and West was tempted to cross his arms and glare.

"I followed a tip, and thanks to that tip, we caught a killer and stopped another murder." He answered as if it was obvious and Harrison fumed.

"You gave the thief more credit, that's what you did. You're ruining this departments good name and it's all thanks to that damned thief!" He raged, storming towards the detective, who didn't at all flinch under the chief's glare.

"That thief has been a big help to this department and because of him, we've solved more cases in a week than we do in a whole month." West said, raising an eyebrow. "He's smarter than any of us can ever be and we need to use that to our advantage. We need to get this station back to the way it used to be." He finished, making his point before turning away.

"Miles," he paused at the softer voice and turned his head, seeing the chief's head lowered. "Good work out in the field, and… and with the newbie." He said and Miles smiled.

"Thank you, George." He chuckled before walking out, going back to his desk to finish the reports.


Zero stood outside the chief's window, hidden by the shadows with a small smile on his face. It was rare that he smiled, but if he did, it was usually always because of Detective Miles, and hearing the chief compliment him made the smile return.

Zero gave a soft shake of his head when he confirmed from the quietness of the office that Miles left, and walked away from the building, undetected as always.