Author's Note: This is Case 3 of my 'story' Case:Zero. Some little info that is needed for you guys to know is that yes, this story is based off of the cases I've done over the course of my life. But, Case: Zero is a fantasy-reality type story where even though the cases are real, they're modified to create something a bit enjoyable. For example, I am not a detective in this story, but instead a thief, as mine and Vale's roles have basically switched. Not to mention though I am nothing more than regular English tongued in real life, I am... Australian in here. Another thing, I am eighteen and Vale is twenty-one.

Something more, is that I, as I've always wanted to be, am a wolf, half-wolf actually. I appear to have long, white fluffy ears and a long, white fluffy tail. Two important things with this though, is that whenever I come in contact with water, I change into a full white wolf and don't change back for another few hours and I can also change whenever I want to and change back whenever I want to, if manually that is.

Disclaimer- I own almost nothing in this but the fantasy-based ideas. Characters are technically not mine, besides myself, and credit for the cases go solely to the LIPD.

Heh, enjoy!

The White Wolf

He turned towards the computer screen, pulling up a web page and searching the sites. His eyes trained on the only link he found and he clicked on it, reading through the info before he came to several pictures, two of a beautiful ruby red colored gemmed bracelet, and one of a rather large building, one that looked like a mix between a museum and a circus.

'This will be fun.' He thought, smirking.


Vale sighed for the umpteenth time that evening, rolling a pencil across his desk in boredom. He'd finished his paperwork, finished the assignments the chief had given him for the previous case, finished up tracing the signal for that kid who tried to hack into the department's computers and completed the work Miles had given him.

And all that had taken a little under two hours to do.

"Hey kid, I need you to do something for me." Vale looked up, regretting it immediately as he heard a sharp clang against the tiled floors of the department as his pencil fell to the ground, seeing Detective Miles walking over to him. He quickly scrambled to grab the pencil before coming up again, setting the pencil in the rack, smiling at the detective.

"What can I do Detective?" He asked, greeting him with normal cheery tone, and Miles smirked.

"I need you to hack into the Fisher Station." Vale's eyes went wide at that.

"Are you crazy, no one just hacks into the Fisher Police Departments! They have the best computer genius' and technicians that there ever was…!" Vale flailed, frowning.

Miles chuckled. "They're not that good." 'Oh yes they are, I've tried several times to hack into their grids… never worked, though I never got caught doing so.' Vale thought meekly. "Besides, you'll want to after you hear my reason."

Vale raised an eyebrow at that. "Yeah?" He questioned, slightly curious.

"There are some rumors that Fisher knows something about a certain thief and as lead detective of the Coal State Police Department I want to know every little detail they know. I just need someone who is good at hacking into things to do just that, and that someone is you, Ross." Vale bit his lower lip. Yes, he wanted to, but it would still be almost impossible to do it.

He sighed and nodded. "Fine, I'm bored anyway." He said as a cover up before sitting back in his chair and scooting up to the desk, turning his computer on. "If I get caught, I'm blaming this on you, Detective." He mumbled bitterly and Miles just shrugged.

"I will manage." He answered; watching as Vale did what he did best, hacking into the Fisher department's main grid.

"Look, Fisher has too many firewalls; I'm not going to be able to get through. It's just not possible." Vale sighed, turning to Miles to see the detective frowning and Miles shook his head.

"You'll figure it out, you're a smart kid." Miles said before turning away and back to his desk. "Let me know when you find something." He called over his shoulder and Vale groaned, leaning back in his chair, frowning.

'Fine, I need a challenge anyway.' He thought to his self before putting his skills to work, steeling up to the challenge before him.


James growled, clutching his mouse tightly as he stared at his computer, eyes narrowed at the little message on the screen. "Chief," he started, looking up at the red haired female walking near his desk, talking to the two new kids that came here for a school project.

Ironically enough, they chose their topic as research on the White Wolf.

James never did agree with the nickname, only because a certain rival detective came up with it. Those damned detectives at the Coal State Department… what nerve they had showing him up on that Manson murder case.

"Yes Officer Crane?" Chief Bianca Harrison walked over to him, her head tilted as she leaned forward slightly, placing her hands on her hips.

James rubbed his hand on his forehead before motioning to the note on the screen. "We got trouble." That was what he always said whenever Fisher received a note, letter, message, or riddle in general from the mysterious White Wolf.

"From the thief?" Her eyes lit up and she grinned. "Well read it, Crane!" She quickly instructed and looked to the screen, not having her glasses with her and James groaned.

"Why not just grab your glasses and read it yourself?" He suggested in an aggravated tone and she rolled her eyes, used to the officer's attitude towards her.

"Just read the damn note." She ordered him and he shook his head before turning to his screen, mumbling bitterly to his self before he read the riddle out loud.

"Fine… 'Following the crowded river north, when the moon shines high and the wolves sing the chorus, an act I will play in this fun little song. Silver will meet with red when the melody is voiced, and I race towards the final note as the song truly ends.' Wait, what?" James blinked, incredibly confused.

"A riddle unlike the others, what are you playing at thief?" Bianca sighed, standing up as she went over the riddle in her head.


Vale bit his lower lip, typing away his keyboard, trying multiple different codes to get access through the firewalls and into the main grid. "No… no, um this one? No…" he sighed, running his fingers through his hair, having taken out his ponytail earlier that morning. "What about… this? D47uf-m20.0-bV8yC-csRlk…" he voiced what he typed out before pressing enter, his eyes lighting up as he was brought through the screen and into the main program. "No way!"

Miles perked up as he heard Vale's exclamation and raised an eyebrow in question. "You okay there kid?" He asked and Vale grinned at him.

"I got it, ha-ha! We're in!" He shouted out, not caring about the other beings in the office at the moment.

Miles stood up, walking over to Vale's desk, leaning in, resting an arm on the back of the younger males chair as he peeked at his screen. "So then, Mr. Genius Hacker, what next?" He asked and Vale hummed, moving his pointer to the screen and typing something else before being brought to what looked to be a control page.

"What we do next is hack into their main security program and once… that… is… done," he struggled to keep up his sentence as he typed in codes and clicked on the several different buttons, so much that Miles couldn't keep up with what he was doing, before coming to a screen that looked as if they were watching through a camera, "we come to the main camera, the only one that is able to record with both video feed and sound." He answered him, grinning, pleased with his work. It'd been a long time since he'd worked on something like this, hacking into a program or building or computer as difficult as this.

Miles laughed in victory, patting Vales head as he usually did when the kid succeeded. "Good job." He praised before both went quite as Vale turned up the volume, playing with a few keys on his keyboard.

"And all systems are a go." He grinned, leaning back. 'I've always wanted to say that.' He thought briefly before giving all his attention to his screen, watching the video.

"Wait; is that a message from Zero, from the thief?" A kid with long dark purple hair tied up into a ponytail, a little younger than Vale, bounced up to Fisher's chief, a female with the same basic features as Harrison, Chief Bianca.

Chief Bianca sighed, nodding. "Yes Nathan, June, I suppose then it's your lucky weekend." She said.

Vale raised an eyebrow at that. "Lucky weekend?" He questioned and Miles shrugged.

"Probably kids from Fisher High. It is that time of year that kids from there are working on reports from the end of the third quarter. Theirs is probably on the thief. He's a popular subject, you know?" He answered and Vale nodded, though not before rolling his eyes at that, a small smirk playing on his lips.

Another boy with dyed white hair and bright violet highlights grinned, opening a notebook, grabbing out a pen and sneaking a peek at the computer screen, writing down what he could before Officer James pushed him away. "Don't crowd my computer damn it," he growled out and June bowed his head, apologizing.

Vale scoffed. "Those two are quite the White Wolf fans." He commented.

"Nathan and June hm?" Miles thought quietly before turning to a female officer. "Rayne, do a search on two kids from Fisher High School, Nathan and June." He ordered and she nodded, turning to her screen with the information.

"June, what'd you get?" Nathan scrambled to his friends side, looking at the others notebook.

"Um, all that was written in the message." June answered him, holding his notebook out for the other. "I think this heist will be the best one yet!" He exclaimed and Nathan grinned, patting the others head before reading from the notebook.

"Got it." Rayne said immediately and Miles looked up. "Nathan and June Bright, both are eighteen, they're twins, both born on December 25th." She said, looking up with an amused grin. "These guys aren't just fans of the White Wolf; they're complete fanatics, practically obsessed with the thief."

Vale chuckled. "Nice." He murmured, before going back to the screen as Nathan read from the book.

"Hm, alright, 'Following the crowded river north, when the moon shines high and the wolves sing the chorus, an act I will play in this fun little song. Silver will meet with red when the melody is voiced, and I race towards the final note as the song truly ends.' Following the crowded river north? River…?"

"But there aren't any rivers around here." June frowned, looking to his brother.

"Maybe, little brother, he isn't talking about a river, but instead a road." He beamed and June nodded in agreement.

"I-I knew that." He replied sheepishly and Nathan rolled his eyes.

Vale smirked. "These guys may actually be able to help with the riddle, we should call them in, have them help us out." He said and Rayne chuckled.

"Funny you should say that. Nathan and June have helped the police several times with anything that involved the thief." She said, nodding to herself. "The two were even reported helping the thief in one of his heists, though that was a little more than a year ago, at the San Margo heist."

Nathan walked to the chief and bowed, grinning. "June and I have to run, we'll be back later okay?" Nathan grabbed Junes hand before anyone could say anything and proceeded to walk out of the station, James sighing in relief afterwards.

"Thank god those two are gone. Now can we just figure this out, nab the thief and be done with the damned wolf? He's getting on my nerves." He growled out and turned to the screen.

"Heather, contact Nathan and bring both him and June here as soon as possible." Miles ordered and the black haired officer near them scrambled towards the nearest phone, grabbing the number from Rayne. "We need to have a little chat with them." He added as Vale logged off the program, returning everything how it was before closing out his computers browsers and code crackers, turning off his computer after.


If anything was worse than the Coal State officers, it was that damned thief. With his so called wolf features, his mute attitude, and his righteous actions in stealing the gems and 'returning' them back to their original owners. James was not shy in saying he thought that the thief was nothing more than a fake.

"Find out the riddle and keep the press out of this. We don't need Coal State up our asses about this." Bianca ordered and James nodded.

"No problem there." He grumbled, getting straight to work. "Damned thief, each heist only proves more how fake you are. And I'm going to figure you out even if it's the last thing I do."


Zero's ears twitched, his eyes narrowed at what he overheard. He had known that James wasn't a big fan of him, but he never knew this was how much he hated him.

He lowered his head before shaking it and taking a deep breath, letting it out before going to follow Nathan and June, his two favorite teenagers, despite what he thought of others. He ran along the edge of the building, hopping along the roof before jumping to a street light, keeping his balance pretty well.

"Hey brother, when do you think the thief is going to ever talk?" June asked and Zero's ears shot up, his lips twitching downward in a frown. 'Talk? Yes Zero, because you don't ever talk around adults or teenagers such as yourself. I… I talk enough. Only around children, little wolf, never around older beings. Stop… I don't care. You do, I know you do.' He shook his head to clear his thoughts before paying attention to their conversation.

"Don't know little brother." Nathan patted the others head, running his fingers through his ponytail.

"I wonder what his voice is like." June hummed and Zero blushed lightly, looking up in thought before looking back down and jumping along the posts as he followed the teens down the street, only to stop abruptly as the two did when a loud annoying ringing was heard and Nathan reached into his pocket to fish out his phone, Zero's ears tilted in confusion.

"Hello?" He questioned before his eyes lit up. "C-coal State…? W-wait… Detective Miles! The Miles West!? O-of course, we'll be right there. Yes, r-right away!" He hung up, turning to his brother with a wide grin. "June, we just got a call from the Detective Miles of the Coal State police! He wants us to help with their current case!" He exclaimed and June's eyes went wide before jumping up and down like an excited little school girl.

"Let's go then!" He said happily, grabbing his brother's arm before both raced down the sidewalk and to the other side of the city, to the Coal State department.

Zero gave a sharp sigh before jumping down and going in a different direction, preparing for the upcoming event, he'd have to step up his game, having his two most loyal fans chasing after him now. At least this would provide a new challenge for him, one he'd been waiting for for quite a long while.


Vale paced back and forth, his fingers constantly running through his hair. "Sit down kid, you're making me dizzy." Miles mumbled; his eyes narrowed at the younger male, even as Vale turned to him and then turned back to the floor, continuing his pacing.

"E-excuse me, you have no right to be in here." The three, including the chief, in the area looked up at a female officers voice and Vale grinned, seeing two teens walk right past her, one with purple hair that was a little longer than his own and another with white hair.

"Wow, so this is the Coal State station?" Nathan grinned, ignoring the female officer. "I'm impressed."

"S-stop…!" The officer tried once more to get the two to stop, but failed.

Chief Harrison grumbled to his self before shaking his head, lifting it and nodding to her. "Let them be, Officer Druid, Miles called them in." He said and she nodded, letting out a sigh of relief before backing off and going back to her post.

"Hm?" Nathan looked to the three, as he neared the office, giving a wide smirk. "Let me guess, Chief George Harrison, right?" Harrison nodded, looking unamused as the two walked through the open doors. "And you're Detective Miles West! What an honor it is to meet you!" Miles nodded to him, smiling.

"You as well Nathan, June." Nathan grinned and June timidly waved.

"And you are…?" Nathan turned to Vale, confused. 'A newbie huh?'

"Vale Lynn Ross at your service." Vale grinned childishly, bowing, his untied hair falling neatly beside his head. "It's a pleasure to meet you both."

"Yes, yes, we've all introduced ourselves; now let's get down to business." The chief stood up, leaning on his hands as he placed them on the desk in front of him. The other four turned to him before Miles nodded and Vale shrugged, both turning to Nathan and June.

"Right, as you probably already know, the White Wolf has given another heist notice." June brightened at that and Nathan smirked, crossing his arms and tilting his head up.

"Yeah, we know." He answered calmly, though he was secretly jumping up and down inside, not believing a single thing that was happening right now.

"Well, we need your help." Miles finished, smiling at Nathans little charade, and Vale stepped in.

"We know that you two are Zero's most loyal fans and we would like to ask if you would help us, the department, decode his riddle before the next heist." He concluded and Nathan chuckled before full out giggling.

There was no way he'd ever say no to that, but he'd have to take advantage of the situation before doing so, of course.

"Are you kidding me? June and I would love to help," Miles raised an eyebrow, knowing exactly where that sentence was going.

"But?" He questioned and Vale tilted his head slightly to the side, his arms crossing.

Nathan always liked how Miles was smart, smart enough to figure there was more to what he was going to say. "But, before we help you, we want something in return."

"Absolutely not." Chief Harrison growled out and Miles held up a hand.

"Name it."

"What…!?" George snapped at Miles and Miles sighed.

"The kids aren't going to help unless they get what they want, so we have to agree or there is no heist because we won't be able to decode the riddle in time." He reasoned and the chief sat down, huffing. "So," he turned back to June and Nathan, "what do you want in return?"

"What I want is a picture of the thief, from the upcoming heist. June wants a new wolf stuffed animal since his old one was ruined." He bargained and Miles sighed but nodded.

"Is that all?" He questioned and Nathan tilted his head up as if he was thinking, even though he knew what he wanted. And he wanted in.

"Take me with you when you go." He stated and at that Chief Harrison immediately disagreed.

"No way Bright." He answered. "No civilians are allowed on any case, and that includes the damned thief's heist." He said, clenching his fists tightly, even more so when Nathan shook his head and turned away.

"Then we won't help." June nodded to that.

"What about June?" Vale asked, confused.

"Answer me first." Nathan demanded and Miles sighed.

"Fine," he agreed, finally, after a heavy silence fell upon the room.

"Good, and to answer your question Vale, June won't be coming along because he has a night class on the day of the heist." The Chief narrowed his eyes, glaring at the teens, and Nathan continued. "Okay look," he took Junes notebook and opened it up, going to the page of the riddle before reading it out loud. "It says 'when the moon shines high and the wolves sing the chorus'. He's obviously talking about the full moon, you know? 'When the wolf howls to the full moon'?"

Miles nodded. "Right. So, following the crowded river north means following the road north, though which road we have no idea. And we know that it takes place on the full moon."

"Here's a question for you two, being his loyal fans and what not. Why is the thief writing words situated with songwriting?" Vale asked, leaning against the desk as June sat in his chair and Nathan leaned against the windows. "Melody, chorus, note, song…" he listed the words and Nathan frowned, looking down in true thought.

"Actually, I have no idea. But I'm thinking that since Zero writes his riddles as both a hint to what he's stealing, where he's going, what night he's doing it, and who he's returning the gem to, he's probably giving us a hint as to who he's returning the gem to. Like maybe a singer, or a high school girl who's in choir." He said, rather to his self than to the others.

"Alright, well, what does he mean by 'an act I will play in this fun little song'?" The Chief asked and Nathan chuckled, liking that one line.

"An act I will play… in this fun little song." He repeated softly, looking back up, his head tilted to the side. "Well I'm going to guess his hints in that phrase are act, play, and fun. And well, by act and play, he could mean a theater."

"But theaters aren't naturally fun." Miles mumbled. "He could mean a park, fun and play?"

The Chief shook his head. "No, because parks don't involve any kind of acting." Vale smirked at that, getting an idea.

"I got it! How about a circus…?" He suggested and the four looked at him, giving the twenty-year old their attention. "The circus involves all three words."

"But there isn't a circus around here…" June spoke up, for the first time since entering the station and Nathan shook his head.

"He's right, so how could he have meant circus?" He asked and Vale grinned.

"Yes, there isn't a circus around the area, but, there is a museum not far from here that I've always thought it looked every bit like a circus. The Deidra Heart Field Museum, the place is every bit of fun as the circus is, as well as it's looks, not to mention it's a great place for kids to go to." He said and continued on when the others looked puzzled. "You guys said that Zero always wrote in riddles, and so, if it's not a circus that he meant, then what about the museum?"

"He's got a point, actually." Nathan said, placing a hand on his chin. "The Deidra Heart Field Museum is exactly what Zero would be talking about, using those three key words. Act, fun, and play." He paused, frowning in confusion before his eyes widened. "Oh! Silver meets with red must mean when Zero steals the gem!" Miles hummed in agreement and turned to Vale just as he pulled out a miniature tablet, getting right to work.

"Right um… a red gem staring at the museum. Got it, the Deidra Field Museum is staring a ruby gemmed bracelet in three days, the night of the full moon. Nathan was right." Vale confirmed and the others nodded while Nathan scoffed, crossing his arms once more.

"Of course I was right." He retaliated and Vale ignored him, turning to the chief.

"So, what do we do now?"

"The only thing we can do. We prepare for the heist, the thief's smart, he'll know we figured the note out by now and will be waiting for us."


Nathan sighed softly, leaning his chin in the palm of his hand, smiling as he stared at the few photos on his desk, one in particular. It was a photo that he'd been lucky to take, of Zero at one of his heists.

The thief had been running from the police and when he thought no one was following him anymore, he'd stopped to catch his breath and take a break.

Nathan had been trying to keep up with him, his camera in his hands and ready to take a photo when he was able, and was glad he did because he'd been able to spot the thief and take a picture of him, timing it right as the thief had looked behind him.

But, unfortunately, when hearing the click and seeing the flash, Zero took off, but at least he'd gotten the photo, a clear head shot of the thief that showed his darkened silver hair and his dark color eyes. He also happened to be smiling at the time as well, so that was a plus.

He'd always thought that Zero would come and steal the photo back, but he never did, much to Nathan's thanks, as well as disappointment from not being able to meet the thief head on.

Nathan turned to the TV when he heard the reporter talking and saw Jennifer standing in front of the Deidra building, police in the background, of course only a few to take preparations for the following night. And he smirked at that. "They'll never be able to catch him. He's the smartest person I've ever known, he'll find a way to avoid your cheap little tricks, Chief." He murmured, before standing up, stretching and getting ready for bed, casting one last glance to the photo. "Good night, Zero, heh, I'll see you tomorrow."


The thief huffed, shaking his head, standing on the top of a building not far from his target. 'Ne… Chief Harrison, do you honestly believe you'll catch me with more police surrounding the building?' He questioned in his mind, before kneeling down, sitting on his feet. 'You can't afford to make any mistakes wolf; you can't get caught, he's depending on it. I know he is, and don't worry, I won't. I'll grab the bracelet and get out of there, but… But what? I have to put up a show for my loyal fans, now don't I?' Zero grinned at that thought as he looked at the large crowd surrounding the building, several police holding them back.

He stood back up and proceeded to run along the buildings before jumping down into an alley way unseen, hiding in the shadows. He peeked around the corners, finding the police preoccupied by the crowd before dashing to the back of the building, and halted immediately when he saw a few officers, both of Fisher, guarding the perimeter and he sighed. 'Damn…' he thought. 'Only a minor obstacle, Zero. I know.' He answered back, reaching into one of his coats many pockets and grabbing out two smoke bombs. 'Perfect.' He grinned, throwing the bombs towards the men, watching.

The officers looked at the tiny spheres before looking at each other in confusion, about to investigate the balls until one of them exploded, the other following after and Zero dashed out immediately after they went off, climbing up alongside the building as the officers were distracted, reaching an open window and slipped through it, knowing he was slipping into a trap.

His ears twitched as he heard an alarm go off and waited for a few seconds until he was cornered by Fisher and Coal State officers, and he hid a smirk.

"Give it up, we have you surrounded." One of them said and Zero snickered, his ears perking up and he tilted his head in a playful way before shaking it. 'I don't think so.' He thought lightly before reaching back behind him and grabbing one of the bombs that when set off, put people to sleep.

"Stop thief…!" Another officer shouted and Zero ignored him, throwing the bombs on the ground, setting them off immediately, covering his nose and mouth, waiting for the initial thumps to sound before dashing out into the hall, finding it void of any more idiotic policemen. 'Hm, this is boring.' He thought, frowning before shrugging and walking towards the hall that held the Firestone Cuff, his bracelet.

Zero peered once more around the corner as he reached the hall, spying his target as well as several uniformed officers, the two chief's of each district, and Detective Miles. But where was Nathan…?

He shook his head, clearing the thoughts. He wouldn't let a single missing fan get him down, not after coming this far.

He cleared his throat, changing his tone, as well as his language, to one that Chief Harrison and Bianca knew well: Spanish.

"Jefe Harrison! Jefe Bianca! El ladrón no ha sido visto en la planta baja, date prisa! Él va a escapar!" He shouted out into the halls and ran back, hiding in the shadows as both Chiefs ran out of the room, several police following after, to go to the lower floor. He gave a wolf-like laugh before running back into the room, the police disappearing and he stopped when he saw Miles, cursing in his mind.

"A nice trick, thief." He said, playing up an act in case anyone came into the room while they were talking.

Zero gulped, lowering his ears before raising them as he heard nothing and stood straighter, facing Miles directly. "A simple voice change can fool anyone, apparently not you though." He said, bothered very little by the fact that Miles knew his real voice, spitting out the last words.

"I know every trick in your book, Zero." Miles answered, smiling. "Comes with knowing everything about you." He added and Zero sighed, lowering his head and loosening his posture.

"Yeah, I guess."

"The bracelet is all yours, that is, if you really are returning it to its original owner." Zero looked up, shocked before stepping forward and to the case, opening it and grabbing the bracelet, hearing the alarms blaring and turned to Miles, nodding.

"I am, but now I have to go." Miles nodded back.

"I understand." He said, watching as Zero grabbed a bomb from his coat, and smiled as Zero bowed his head.

"I'm sorry." He apologized before he threw the bomb to the ground, running out of the room before it made contact and before he could hear Miles fall to the ground, asleep just as it was supposed to be, but not how Zero wanted it to be.

He ran up the stairs to the roof, sighing in relief as he made it, only stopping for a brief moment to catch his breath.

"You have the bracelet then?" He froze at the voice and turned around, seeing Nathan leaning against a fence and backed away, his eyes wide. "I knew those pathetic traps couldn't hold you, the greatest thief alive." He continued on, looking up at Zero with a smirk playing at his lips. "A fun heist, but as we all know, the fun has to end sometime, right?"

Zero could do nothing as Nathan continued talking; only listen to what was being said before turning away as he paused in his words.

Nathan frowned, wanting some reaction besides that, anything, he would take anything! "Come on, you got to give me something! I risked my ass getting passed those police and up here to finally meet with the thief who I've always looked up to, not stand around and talk while you do nothing." He said, standing up and walking towards the thief, watching as he backed away a few steps and stopped, sighing. "Please? You're my hero, say something, anything…!"

Zero's ears lowered at that, at being called his hero, and looked down and away, shaking his head. He couldn't talk around others… he wouldn't… not after… no, he just won't, and no one but Miles could make him! 'Zero, you have to. No! I won't!' He shouted in his head, backing away more before turning to the building behind the museum, grabbing out a small grappling gun and holding up towards the top of it.

"Fine. I understand, I guess. You've never talked around anyone else so why would I be any different?" Zero flinched at the tone he used, not liking the fact that he sounded disappointed and upset. 'I'm sorry…' he thought before pulling the trigger, watching as the hook latched to the edge of the building and he took a deep breath, calming his nerves. "I'll hold the police off long enough for you to escape, alright? And you can return the bracelet to Lord Maverick."

Zero's ears lowered back to his head before he got the nerve to turn around, hand still gripping the gun, and he smiled at Nathan, nodding. Nathan smiled back, happy to get at least that.

"You're welcome, thief." He grinned, knowing what Zero wanted to say before watching as Zero jumped from the building and swung to the other one, climbing up the side and over the edge, disappearing after a few seconds.


Chief Harrison ran back up to the Fire Room, his eyes clouded by rage as he saw the case open, gem gone, and Miles knocked out on the floor. "Damn it!" He shouted out, running to Miles to wake him up.

Miles groaned, pain hitting him as he woke up from the fall he took after Zero gassed him. "Ugh… damn, that hurt." He murmured, opening his eyes as he sat up, blinking when he realized Chief Harrison was staring at him, angered apparently. "Chief…?" He questioned, only half greeting the man.

"What the hell happened…?" Harrison grounded out and Miles smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry sir, he took me by surprise… gassed me the second I realized he took the bracelet." He lied and Harrison stood up, fuming.

"Let's go, we can still make it to the Maria Santa home before he does. I hope." The chief grumbled and Miles nodded, silently hoping against that.


Zero sighed in relief as he made it to the lord's home, a beautiful white mansion, before climbing to the third story balcony, to a room where music was coming from, and slid inside the doors, stopping only when he got inside.

"S-señor Maverick?" He questioned, in Spanish, and the piano music stopped, a man with gray hair shifting where he sat.

"Si?" The man turned in his seat, his white suit moving against him as he did and he faced the thief, smiling brightly when he did, his bright lavender colored eyes shining against the light of the moon. "Ah, ladrón. Bienvenido a mi humilde casa."

Zero nodded to that, bowing in respect. "Gracias, Señor Maverick. Supongo entonces usted sabe por qué estoy aquí?" He asked and Lord Maverick stood up, bowing back and nodded.

"De hecho yo, que he venido a devolver lo que es muy importante para mí, ¿no?" He tilted his head and Zero's ears twitched as he replied.

"Su brazalete. Pertenece a usted, no a esa perra de un distribuidor, S-señora Victoria." Zero cursed and the lord chuckled, shaking his head and walking to Zero, who held his hand out to the man, the bracelet in his 'paw'.

"Le doy las gracias, lobo blanco. Esta pulsera es muy querido para mí, una reliquia de la familia que ha estado en mi familia por generaciones y ahora, gracias a ti, seguirán siendo." He answered and Zero smiled, his ears perking up.

"De nada." He purred out and the man smiled back.

"No voy a olvidar este encuentro, ladrón, gracias."

"Adiós, Señor Maverick, y mantener a salvo, ¿de acuerdo?" The thief turned to exit the building, and the man nodded.

"Usted también, lobo." He replied, just as Zero climbed out, no doubt to return to a safe place, back to his home.


Harrison frowned at what he was hearing. "What exactly do you mean?"

"Zero's gone." Nathan said simply. "He returned the bracelet and disappeared. I called Lord Maverick myself to confirm that." He added and the chief groaned, the Fisher police having already gone back to their station, the Coal State officers going back to the department themselves.

"I'll take your word for it kid, but only because I'm tired as hell and don't want anything more to do with that damned thief." Nathan nodded to this, stopping and watching as the chief got into his car and drove off, leaving Nathan by his self.

Nathan sighed and walked over to a bench, sitting down and waiting for the bus to arrive. "Well, Nathaniel, you did your best." He sighed again. "You at least got to see Zero up close and received a smile out of it." He chuckled without humor before lying back on the bench, staring up at the sky.

He closed his eyes, yawning, before opening them again, now more sad than anything else.

"I just wish that he would've at least talked once. Just once… that's all I asked for." He murmured softly, barely in a whisper. "Next time then, little wolf." He added to his self.


Zero frowned, sitting on a pole comfortably, his coat falling around him. 'My most loyal fan and I disappointed him. You'll disappoint a lot more people if you keep up what you're doing Zero. I don't know what to do though.' He thought, lowering his ears as he stared at Nathan. 'Three words little wolf, forget the past.'