Copyright: this is my idea

I made the fatal mistake of taking a shortcut home through a graveyard on the night of a full moon. Slowly a wind started to pick up and shadows started to dance. The moon started to turn blood red and tombstones started to rattle. Hands popped out of the ground. I started running trying to make it out of the graveyard but the gate I came in was locked. I started to hear moans and groans. I turned around and ran to the only other way out. That gate was locked as well. My demise was sealed. Soon I could smell rotting flesh, the smell was strong. I slowly turned around the zombies were almost on top of me. I knew I would be next. I looked up and seen that the moon was still blood red and that's when the zombies grabbed me. A hand popped out from the ground and pulled me under. Slowly they began eating my flesh. The feast had only begun.