The Steamy Encounters of Brian and Brandon

Written by: Shannon Sweet

Brian sighed as he checked his phone for the thirteenth time, wondering why his boyfriend Brandon had yet to text him back. He rolled over in bed, staring out the window at the dark outside world. His lights were turned off, his computer shut down, and his bedroom door shut and locked. He was all ready for sleep on that Saturday night, except his love had yet to say goodnight.

Brian closed his eyes and smiled at the memory of his best friend Shannon telling him to skinny dip with Brandon. He allowed his mind to venture into uncharted territory, and thought of what it might be like to see his beloved boyfriend in the nude. If he ever did get to see such a marvelous sight, what would they do after? Would they have sex? Brian had never had sex before; he had never even masturbated. But thinking of Brandon made him realize he might just like to see what it is that people find so great about orgasms. He felt himself grow stiff at the thought.

At that moment, Brian heard a knocking sound. His eyes flew open, and he was greeted with the sight of Brandon waving at him from his window. Brian grinned and jumped up, nearly flying to the window. He pushed the bottom half of the window up and stepped aside, allowing Brandon room to maneuver through the opening and into the house. Brian immediately latched himself onto Brandon, grinning from ear to ear. Brandon returned the hug with one arm.

"Oh Brandon! What are you doing here?! It's so late!" He pulled himself off of his boyfriend just enough to see his face. Brandon's hand moved down to rest at the small of Brian's back as he shouldered his backpack onto the floor.

"I just had to see you, babe. I missed you." Brandon responded. Brian bit his lip as he tried to fight his smile from growing even bigger. "Don't do that. You'll cut your perfect lips." Brandon whispered, just before leaning down to kiss those lips he loved oh so much. Brian gave in and stopped biting.

"So," Brandon began, using both arms now to scoop Brian up off the ground. The younger boy wrapped his legs around his lover's waist. "We've got all night," He smirked. "What do you want to do first?"

"Well… I was just about to go to bed…" Brian said, feeling guilty. Brandon's smirk grew.

"Oh, I don't mind going to bed. With you." Brandon flirted. Brian blushed at the insinuation. But alas, Brandon wasn't kidding. He began walking forward, taking Brian toward the bed. He set Brian down on the edge of the mattress, and took a step back. "Can't get in bed without your pajamas." He announced, grabbing the hem of his shirt and slowing pulling it up, exposing his chest to his love. Brian nearly drooled at what he was seeing, and he was suddenly reminded of his stiffy. He adjusted the way he sat as he felt it grow harder. Brandon finished taking the shirt off, and tossed it over by his bag. He moved on to his pants.

Staring directly at Brian to see his reaction, Brandon popped the button of his jeans. Then, using one hand to keep his pants up, he used his free hand to seductively tug his zipper down. He watched Brian squirm, knowing full well what was happening in the boy's underwear. And then, in one swift motion, Brandon let his pants drop around his ankles, finally revealing his tight black boxer briefs. Brian's eyes widened; he could make out every detail through the tight material!

Brandon moved away from his pants and toward the bed. As Brandon moved himself closer, Brian pushed his body back on the bed further. Before long, Brandon was on all fours, on the bed, atop Brian. Brandon, with his left leg between Brian's, used the position to his advantage. He rubbed his knee up against Brian's thigh, feeling his sweet's boner poking back at him.

"What do you say we let that little guy free?" Brandon whispered, gazing down at the boy he will love until the end of time. Brian could only nod.

Brandon got up and grabbed his backpack. As he pushed his hand into the opening, he nodded toward Brian. "Get in the middle." He said. Brian robotically followed his instructions and crawled over to the middle of the bed and let his head fall down on the pillow.

When Brandon found what he was looking for, he walked back over to Brian and resumed his rightful position on top of him. He lifted his arm up and showed Brian what he had gotten from his bag. Brian's eyes widened once again as he read what was on the bottle in Brandon's hand. Anal lubrication! Brian hadn't even thought about that. He was surprised Brandon had such knowledge, considering he too was a virgin. Brandon reached over and set the bottle on the table beside Brian's bed. "That's for later" he winked.

Brandon lowered his head and kissed Brian passionately on the lips. Just as Brian started getting into it, Brandon moved his mouth further down Brian's face, laying gentle kisses along his jaw, and then down his neck. When he reached a spot that made Brian's breathing quicken, he stopped kissing. Instead, he began sucking on the delicate skin near the base of Brian's neck.

Brian didn't think the action would have such an affect on him, so it surprised both him and his lover when he let out an involuntary moan of appreciation. Brandon looked up from his position and smiled. Realizing the fifteen year old boy would probably cum in his pants if he continued with the sucking, he decided to move on. He sat up, straddling Brian's hips. Such a genius position enabled him to feel the boy's boner once again, but this time, pressing against his own. Brian felt himself become unbearable hot, finally noticing the tent pitched in Brandon's boxer briefs.

"It's so…" Brian said, meekly. "hot". Brandon smirked and grabbed the hem of Brian's shirt.

"Then we should probably get rid of this." Brandon said. Brian silently agreed and sat up, making it easier for his boyfriend to take his shirt off. Brian lifted his arms as Brandon pulled the material up and off the overheated boy. He tossed it aside, not caring where it landed.

Brandon pushed Brian back down on his back, and quickly took to playing with his nipples. He used his mouth on one, letting his tongue flick back and fourth over the hardening bud. For the other, less fortunate nipple, Brandon used his thumb to rub it, using small circular motions. Brian didn't even try to contain his moans in response to the treatment.

When Brandon felt his work there was finished, he gently lowered his body onto Brian's. Now face to face, he recommenced kissing Brian's lips. As he did so, he let his hands wander down Brian's sides until he found the waistband of his pajama pants. Smiling into the kiss, he tucked his thumbs in both sides of Brian's pants, causing him to squirm. Brandon loved the power he had over his boyfriend. He slowly began pulling the pants downward to his knees, letting Brian kick them off the rest of the way. As Brandon sat up to appreciate his new view, he realized the most amazing thing in the world. Brian sleeps commando.

Brian was hiding his face with his hands, embarrassed to be looked at so intimately. Brandon gazed lovingly down at his boyfriend's hard penis, thinking it the sexiest thing he'd ever seen.

"Are you just gonna stare…?" Brian squeaked out from behind his hands. The question knocked Brandon back into reality, and he grinned.

"Oh? What do you want me to do, Brian? Maybe some of this?" He used his right hand to grab Brian's penis, causing the boy's body to jerk in sudden pleasure. Smiling at the response, Brandon began moving his hand up and down the shaft, occasionally taking a moment to rub the head or cup his balls. Brian's moans were louder than ever and uncontrollable. He had never felt such intense pleasure before.

"Oh, yea, you like that, Brian? You like me jerking you off?" Brandon asked, increasing the speed of his hand.

"Yes! Oh god yes! More! F-faster!" Brian breathed out, not even caring how dirty he sounded. Brandon obliged, and went even faster. He scooted further back from Brian, and got on his knees, never once letting go of his horny lover. Brandon leaned down, and gave a quick lick to the tip of Brian's penis. This simple action was nearly enough to make him cum.

Seeing the look on Brian's face was the last straw for Brandon. "Oh Brian I can't take it anymore. I need to be inside of you!" Brandon quickly disposed of his boxer briefs, allowing his rock hard penis to pop out at Brian. Brian stared at it, trying to get his breathing to slow down.

As Brandon used one hand to grab the lube off the table, he used the other to start rubbing himself. "Brian, get on your hands and knees and face the wall." He ordered. Brian complied quickly, bracing himself for a new sensation. Brandon stopped rubbing his penis for a moment to squirt some lube on his finger. As soon as he finished with the bottle, he tossed it aside and returned to stroking himself. He made quick work of lubing up Brian's back door, and finally realized just what was about to happen. He slowed down.

"Brian, are you sure you're ready for this?" Brandon asked. Brian looked over his shoulder to give Brandon a reassuring smile.

"I'm ready. Just please don't make me wait anymore." He said. That was all Brandon needed. On his knees, he moved right behind Brian, and slowly began pushing his penis inside. He knew this was Brian's first time and didn't want to cause him too much pain.

Brian clenched his teeth and closed his eyes as he felt the pain, but thankfully it didn't last long. As soon as the pain subsided, he let out a breath of air. "Go ahead." He said to Brandon. Brandon took the invitation and started thrusting in and out of his boyfriend, making sure to go slow for a bit.

As the pace picked up, Brandon reached around Brian's hips and grabbed the penis he missed having fill his hand. Brandon managed to sync his pumps with his thrusts, and soon enough, both were going very fast.

"Oh Brian, you feel so fucking good!" Brandon panted out in between moans.

"Ohhhhh! I'm almost there! Oh yea! Right there! Oh, oh yea! I'm gonna cum, Brandon! I-I'm gonna cum!" Brian shouted out. Though he'd never had an orgasm before, he just knew he was almost at his climax.

Brandon continued thrusting and pumping until he too felt as though he were about to burst. "Oh! Oh god! Brandon I'm cuming! I'm really cuming! Oh, oh, oh, oh, Ohhhhhh gooooooood!" And with that, Brian shot his load onto his sheets.

The sound of Brian cuming so loudly was enough to set Brandon off, as his cum shot inside of Brian. Both boys stayed in that position for a moment, regaining their breath. After a few seconds, Brandon pulled out of Brian, and the two lovers collapsed together on the bed. They continued panting, as Brandon grabbed the blanket at their feet and pulled it over them. He rested his forehead against Brian's, finally beginning to breathe normally. Brian smiled at Brandon before letting his eyes flutter closed. And He now understood why everybody was so obsessed with sex. He was glad to look forward to this pleasure with Brandon for many years to come. It didn't take long for both boys to fall asleep.