It was hopeless. It was hopeless for all of us. In fact we never even saw it coming. Why did we need hope I bet you're wondering right? Well, at first it was just one explosion at the time. It was tragic. It made me cry and of course my friends helped me pull myself together. But then, it was more and more and Japan just wasn't safe anymore… The whole world wasn't safe. We were all sitting in the dark with only an oil lamp for light which I savored and you could hear the cries, the screams and the terror… Soon there was no sound coming from above and we all decided it's best to check out what happened. Akane kicked open the cellar door and as light poured in it felt so wonderful as if I was locked up in the dark forever and I bathed myself in sunlight. But that short relief and happiness of course didn't last for long. I noticed something squishy under my foot and slowly I looked down… There underneath my foot was a dead man. Blood oozing out of him. I froze in fear and took a look around. I could see the insides of the houses around me, the trees were burnt to a char and dead people old and young lay around me lifeless. I stepped back in fear. I was paralyzed.

"Haru… Are you okay?" Keiko said looking at me worriedly… Did I look that scared? I never answered her question. The sky was dark and filled with smoke while the rivers and lakes were no longer rivers and lakes. My whole body was shaking from shock as I couldn't bear it anymore. I sat down as if I felt like fainting and cried. I cried more than ever.

"Haru…" Sakura looked at me with the same expression and soon we were all sitting staring in disbelief at what we were seeing. It felt like hours as my hoodie just got wetter and wetter. I just couldn't stop crying. Japan was gone… It no longer had the beauty and happiness it once held. But worse, my whole family was gone. Gone forever. My mom, big brother, grandma, grandpa, uncle and everybody. The ground shook once more and felt as if the whole island was sinking.

"We should leave." Aoi said staring into the now night black sky. I looked up also to see there were no stars. There was only a full moon and that moon wasn't shining as bright as it used to be… Like the energy was sucked out of it. It looked as lonely and as hopeless as us.

"W-why?" I asked still crying. I could feel the tears streaming down my face.

"Japan will perish. Would you like us to drown with it?" I buried my face into my knees.

"I don't know anymore… I don't know anything anymore." Aoi sighed and stood up soon dusting herself off. She observed the area and went down into the cellar to get the oil lamp.

"Will you stop your crying? It's annoying." Akane said lending a hand. I took it and pulled myself up. Aoi came back with the lamp and motioned us to follow her. Skylar also stood up yawning as if it wasn't the end of Japan. She rolled along behind us as we walked to the beach. The beach didn't look so wonderful either. Craters were placed all over the beach but the coconut trees stood slouching out of breath.

"So, how are we six teens gonna get off this sinking Atlantis?" Skylar asked yawning. I didn't really want to leave. As they say; the captain always goes down with the ship. But I guess that wasn't an option right now.

"Well, I suppose we will need transportation and something to keep the predators away." The ocean didn't hold the finest memories for me. On this same beach I got stung by a jellyfish, I also got pinched by a crab and drowned in its ocean. But I guess it was okay because I didn't die.

"We should cut down these coconut trees and tie them together to make a sturdy base and sides in a canoe shape. We'll also need rope, some driftwood and some big sail of some sort." Rika said soon testing for any wind, "We can catch the wind and use to force to set sail."

"And yet you couldn't ace a single test." Aoi sighed, "We can use the coconuts that fall as water supply. But we will also need a knife." Soon after Akane, Sakura and Keiko scuttled away in different directions while Rika took another nap. I felt so excited yet scared. I've never been out of the country and for that matter I couldn't come back to this one. This was a matter of life and death but I didn't feel as panicked as I thought I would be if this ever happened. I could hear Aoi mumbling to herself on where we were gonna go. But I guess we all didn't know the answer to that did we?

I jumped over and under fallen buildings, lampposts and people. I felt like Indiana Jones really. I went into different houses and stores that were all beat up and broken and found plenty of rope in one house. I strapped it to my back but then I came across one house I knew… My house. I ran into it slamming the door open. I searched everywhere but I didn't even find my big sister inside. I came across the kitchen and smelled some weird smell. I followed it to the counter and found a medium-sized box wrapped up in a handkerchief. I noticed a note attached to it.

"Dear Sakura, I'm guessing this war was never going to end. And I'm guessing you're never going to get to see me again. I'm sorry that I'm not going to be there for you anymore. But I know that your friends will be with you always. Take care of yourself and never stop being that brave and rambunctious kid I know. Love you always; Mom." I smiled at the note and tucked it away. I carefully unwrapped the red hanker chief and I stared at it for a minute.

'This could make for a really cool well err- Something!' I thought and tied it around my neck making a small upside down triangle right above my star. I opened the wood box to find a photograph or my mom, big sis, and dog smiling happily with me right next to them. I quickly tucked it in my Capri's pocket and buttoned the pocket back up to make sure it was safe.

"Thanks mom…" But before I could have my moment I heard a familiar shout. Keiko barged into my house panting. She had a red axe and a huge blanket with her. She looked at me,

"Hey! Cool bandana!"

"I know right!" But then I heard a weird roar. I slid past Keiko and peeked outside to find a not humongous but not puny green slime monster. It didn't look all that strong but it looked as if it were hungry. I can just tell. He's just screaming, "I'm hungry! Gimme FOOOOOOOODDDDDD!"

"Dude… Does he want to eat us?" I asked Keiko she shrugged,

"I dunno."