We've never had a world without devastation. There's always some war stirring, people fighting. Without religion, people only have their morals to fight on. With religion, people are given their morals to fight on. Either way, there's devastation. You wonder, if hundreds of years ago, leaders came back from wars and stood before their people- we lost 2000 people and 5000 others have come back injured. It was lives the, it's a number now. We'll be a number one day.

Our world as never been without someone wanting to overcome another. If not this country then that one, if not this year then tomorrow. They tell us to fight for what we believe in. Perhaps we think the world is running amuck, but many can still wake up each morning without fear.

I admire terrorists, and people who begin wars. They know what they want, they persevere n a world where they are a minority. They're fighting for their better world, an equal world in some cases. We all have our perfect world, but they have the courage to find it. Perhaps in the long run, destroying half the population in one swipe is better than fighting for the next hundred years. This is a world, where differences are celebrated- come now, don't just conform to other's opinions, form your own.

We'll always have problems in this world. In the end, people will fight, there'll be wars, terrorists, devastation; and no matter when, now or never, here or there, the beauty queen will always wish for world peace.