(Since this is 30 prompts the story summary will reflect the current chapter, and as such will constantly be changing. So for reference each story will have a summary, rating and genre so you can see what you are getting into, enjoy!)

Summary: Over ten years of the same recurring nightmare, which, annoyingly, is never remembered. Still, she is strong, she doesn't need anyone to hold her, even if she's shaking and crying. Seriously, she's fine.

Rating: K+

Genre: family/hurt&comfort

3. Restless

Tossing and turning.

Blankets that are thrown too far from the bed for it to make any sense.

Sweat covering her body like a blanket, giving her form a sickly sheen.

Her brows are furrowed and to anyone watching it is clear her dreams are restless, nightmares are plaguing her, they have been since she was young.

Her eyes snap open, wide and glazed from shock and fear. A shaky hand rises, struggling to escape from the confines of her much too long hair, to wipe the sweat from her face. It is a futile effort really, the sweat from her hand just mixes with the sweat on her face. So instead she settles for rubbing her eyes with the palms of her hand.

She sits up on her bed, trying to steady her much too shallow breathing. Years of this and she has not grown better at handling these nightmares at all. No, that's not true, she no longer wakes up screaming bloody murder in the middle of night. She has not done that consistently in over 3 years; on occasion she still does, when nightmares she can never remember get to be too much and she awakens to screaming. Screaming that is her own but she does not realize till later.

With a sigh she stands from the bed, faltering a bit on the first step, and walks to the kitchen. She feels weak, drained, so it is a bit hard to walk. Her legs feel like jello and a headache threatens to emerge. Still, concentrating solely on the destination she needs to reach she trudges on; the promise of a warm glass of milk and a nice soothing migraine pill keeping her going.

She flicks on the kitchen light, and maybe she shouldn't have done that because it solidifies the headache with its shock of bright light, and quickly heads off to the fridge. With a swift motion, a skill gained after years and years of the same annoying routine, she takes out the milk and cup, pouring the creamy treat into it.

As the milk warms itself in the microwave she walks, finally with a much steadier gait, to the main cabinet combing it for the ever elusive pill. Finding her prize she pulls out the small white bottle and quickly takes out one long pale pill. She gazes at it, considering just dry swallowing it to get this headache over with as quick as possible, and clutches it in her fist; she can wait till the milk finishes warming up.

The microwave lets out a shrill beep and she curses herself for not standing by it so she could prevent the noise. The spike in her headache is the punishment for forgetting the small task. Pressing her palm to her forehead she scrunches her eyes closed, blindly walking the steps she has memorized so well. First popping the pill in her mouth she stretches her other hand out to open the microwave, missing on the first two attempts, and takes out the steaming cup of milk.

She relaxes into its comforting heat and lets out a blissful sigh, the pill almost falling out from the action. She takes a quick sip, ignoring the burning, and swallows the pill before she can actually let it fall in her forgetfulness.

She takes a seat at the counter, fingers tapping a tuneless rhythm as she stares absentmindedly at the steaming milk. A rueful smile tugs at her lips, how many years has it been? Over ten she is sure, over ten years of awful nightmares that frighten her to the core but she can never remember. Brief glimpses that fade from memory before she can even crack an eye open.

She just wants it stop, this restlessness that is, living in constant worry of the unreal. Fictional, are they really fake, scenarios that she doesn't know of, doesn't remember, that make sleep the most dreaded part of her day.

So distracted by her thoughts she doesn't notice the tears that have begun to stream down her face or the tall figure that has sat beside her.

"..ar, Star, Treya!" She, Treya, looks over at the boy that has sat next to her. There is no shock, he has never managed to shock her, he is a comforting presence, especially in moments like these.

"...Ren?" She glances up at the boy, brown, nearly black, eyes staring at her with concern. His normally blank face twitched into an almost frown.

"Another nightmare?" She nods her head, not wanting to look at her adoptive brother's eyes. Adoptive as in Ren's family had adopted her when she was five. She did not want to see the concern in his eyes. She always felt bad that her brother would wake and comfort her. Even after so long he did not understand she could handle it herself.

"Do you remember it?" She shakes her head this time. She raises, a now once again shaky, hand to bring the cup to her lips. Hoping the warmth would calm her down.

"You don't have to come Ren, sleep, I can handle myself." It's definitely a frown this time when she manages to look at him. The frown coupled with his untied, wild, black hair gives him the appearance of tiredness. She just wishes he would go to bed.

"I won't leave my sister by her lonesome." Ren was never a talkative person, quick to the point and as short as possible had always seemed to be his motto.

A small blush dusts her cheeks, her brother, though the same age as her, had become like a protective older brother. Though a bit stoic on the outside he truly was a caring person. She loved him.

"It's not like you can do anything!" Staying stubborn on this, she did not wish to constantly disturb her brother with her meaningless problems.

"Your problems are not meaningless." She glared at him, he ignored her words and instead answered the thoughts she had not said. Sometimes she loathed his ability to read her so well. "I do not mind Star."

"You really should." He made no response, instead giving her a soft smile, one he so rarely showed. "... Thanks Ren."

"No need to thank me." The silent 'it's my job as your brother' carried to her ears loud and clear.

She gazed at the now empty cup of milk and allowed him to untangle it from her grasps and wash it. She watched in a slight daze as he washed and dried it, leading her up the stairs and into her room. He glanced at the sheets with an expression that slightly resembled annoyance, she assumed from the sweat soaked sheets, and proceeded to strip them from the bed. He lazily remade it, not caring to check if it was properly done, and led her to it.

Her senses seemed to fully return as he did this and she blinked, a sense of unease filling her. She was scared to go back to sleep.

"It will be fine." She glanced at him. "Only once a night right?" She nodded, it was true, as frightening as the dreams were they only seemed to happen once, she did not have to worry about them once she re-closed her eyes.

The sense of restlessness in her settled at the reassurance.

By the time she was properly settled into her bed she found her eyes drooping, already tired. She turned her tired gaze to her brother whose dark eyes seemed bright in the darkness somehow.

"Love you R"

"Love you too Star"

He left the room after that and she combed a hand through her goldish-brown hair, the repetitive motion relaxing her until she was much too tired to do it and fell asleep. A small smile on her face as the feeling of unrest completely disappeared.

Words: 1,316

Nat: A small note, Treya's name is derived from the spanish word 'estrella' which translate's to star, thus the name Ren calls her.

This is part of a 30day fic challenge i long forgot about, it is day three (you can see the three), one and two being done long ago though i never posted them. I rather like how this turned out, my friend said it gave off a bit of a surreal feeling? that's neat.

If you have read this all the way through, thank you. It is my first published original work and thus makes me feel nervous! A story that is strictly characters that belong to me is just so odd, three years of fanfic writing it is an odd sense of freedom really.

Hope you enjoyed!