Summary: People know their best friends better than anyone else, it's a fact, a science really. Still, it never hurts to have a second opinion

Rating: k+

Genre: friendship/(attempted at parts)humour

4. Snowflake

"I can't really tell why you're asking me about this Iz? Joan or Ren, heck probably even Josh, would be more help than me!" The boy exclaimed, looking up at the girl, Iz, glasses slipping down his nose as he did so.

"Well Joan and Josh are busy doing god knows what, actually I haven't seen them in like a week, shit that can't mean anything good." Her brows furrowed in thought before she angrily waved a hand in a dismissive manner. "Ugh! That doesn't matter right now, fucking hell."

"You were the one who brought it up." He hastily looked back down at his book when she glared at him. For a girl that barely reached his chest she sure was intimidating.

"Anyways," the word drawn out as she absentmindedly twirled a lock of hair "Those two are doing unnamed things and I can't ask Ren! Dude would tattle so fast, it would ruin the surprise." Her hand rested on her hips as she glowered up at him, form practically vibrating. Always the excitable child, that girl.

"Ren never seemed like the tattle type to me."

"Okay so maybe not tattle, but you know he can't keep secrets from her, even if it's technically not keeping it from her if she doesn't even know but," her hands, that she had been moving about wildly as she talked, stopped in mid air and she sighed, "somehow he'll let it slip."

"Still, me and her aren't exactly the closest you know?"

"I see you talking to her all the time!" He rubbed the back of head awkwardly, he always assumed no one actually noticed, despite his, slightly abnormal, height he had a habit of blending into the background.

"I guess we do huh?" She sighed, a hand moving to massage her forehead. She was friends with such incompetent people!

Still massaging her brow she gestured at him with her other hand. "Yeah, you do. Now can ya help me or not?"

He paused midsentence in his book, he was a great multi-tasker really, and put on a pensive look. "What do you need help with again?" A groan of frustration and he smirked, okay so he knew what she wanted help with, it was just fun to rile the smaller girl up.

"Rayn I am going to punch you so fucking hard, like, you wouldn't even believe." He let out a quiet laugh, he really wasn't a loud person, and smiled, green eyes full of mirth.

"You need to chill out Izzy."

"12 years" was her odd response.

"Hmm" he replied, confused.

"12 years I've been friends with her, practically my whole fucking life! Met her even before she was adopted you know. So it has to be perfect! The present that is, I know she doesn't care, but, shit," she placed her head in her hands, clearly embarrassed "it means a lot to me." She blushed, the red tint accenting her tan skin nicely.

"So what did you get her?" A smile tugging at his lips as he spoke.

She looked around nervously, as if expecting someone to jump out at any moment, before reaching a hand into her bag. Her tongue jutted out as she focused on searching through the, probably extremely disorganized, bag. Finally her hand emerged, a small deep purple box in tow.

"This" she responded shyly, which took him by surprise; Izzy was always a loud confident girl, holding out the box for Rayn to take.

Taking the box gently from her he carefully opened the small rectangular box, revealing a... necklace? He lifted the chain trying to get a better look at the charm.

It was a snowflake.

A real one.

It was encased in glass and was no bigger than his thumb; he wondered how it hadn't melted.

"It's preserved." She said, as if reading his mind. "Some kind of solution to keep it from melting I guess? Didn't really give enough of a shit to look it up, just made sure it was true and, umm, stuff."

He gazed at the silver, or was it that white gold stuff, chain and down to the charm. The glass casing made it shine every time the light hit it, making the small white flake sparkle from the reflected light. Rayn thought that at certain angles it totally looked like a rainbow was in it.

"It's certainly very nice Iz, I don't know what you want me to tell you, I'm sure she'll love it." Seriously though, he wasn't the best friend here, Izzy obviously knew her better.

He wondered if perhaps he should have said something else since, in response, she pressed her palms to her eyes and sighed. "No, no it really fucking isn't, it is dumb as hell, I should've gotten her something else, anything else! But..." He cocked an eyebrow, but what?

"Well, you going to finish that sentence?"

"... She's always wanted to see snow!" Ah, yes, despite the chilly winters it never snowed here. "And I can't exactly bring snow to her but you know a snowflake right? Shouldn't be too hard, actually fucking was, took forever to find." The harshness in her words didn't reflect on her face, he noticed. There was a small smile there; she really didn't mind the effort, not for her best friend. "So yeah, you got this dumbass snowflake; it's pretty and what not."

"If you put that much thought into it I'm sure she'll appreciate it."

"Star appreciates everything, and even if she doesn't she'd never say it, something about hurting my feelings." She crossed her arms, pouting. "Which is fucking dumb, I'm her best friend, you'd think the girl could talk to me without worry, I mean who even cares."

"She just cares about you Iz."

She rolled her eyes, having been told that enough times by, like, the entire world. "Yeah, yeah, I care about her too." She absently rubbed a thumb against the glass of the necklace, having long ago taken it from Rayn, lost in her thoughts. "She'll like it..."

"Well du– Ow! What was that for?" He asked, rubbing the now sore spot on his head.

"Well duh, for being a smartass" She replied smirking, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

"You can be a real jerk sometimes."

"I know it's great" She said with a wink. "Anyways, thanks for the advice Rayn, even though you totally didn't do a fucking thing, it's appreciated. I guess." He blinked, watching her skip away, that's it?

"Bye?" He finally said; still feeling a bit dumbfounded.

"See ya! Who knows? Maybe I'll get you a snowflake too." And then she was gone.

Honestly, he thinks this the longest conversation he's ever had with the smaller girl. Never finding a way to stick a word in with the excitement she carried around her and seemed to infect other people with. Always to fast paced for him. Still, he'll admit to enjoying this very much.

His phone rang and he went to answer it, a large grin on his face.

words: 1,178

Nat: note! His name is Rayn, not Ryan, it's pronounced rain. It's a name, i got it off a baby name website.

This one was hard I guess?

I mean this is day 4, and I have eight characters, so since for the past three I had used two different characters I ended up with these two guys. And like I never really thought about how these guys would act with one another? that second to last paragraph is kind of a homage to that.

as is the like i think first one? when he says she could've asked those other people.

I will post day one and two later, i need to revise it as i wrote them awhile back. It's funny because this is chapter 2 yet the number at the top is four. I won't be changing that, and whenever I do post one and two they will have those respective numbers. In fact, though I am doing these in order if i ever do them out of order they will hve the number they were supposed to have.

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