These slits on my wrist, they burn

But not quite as much as the heart that you spurned

I've tried to move on and I'm trying to quit

But it sure isn't easy, there isn't a trick

This pain in my head, it persists

Just like the pain on the back of my wrist

I gave in, I broke, you make me want to bleed

I'll chase any feeling, my monsters will feed

These tears in my eyes, they flow

Remembering how and why you chose to go

I can't quite remember the things I think I miss

But I find some comfort on the back of my wrist

The scissors on the desk, they stare

I try to pretend that I can't see them there

The sting of the blade reminds me of your kiss

But I see my past on the back of my wrist

The skin on my hip, does itch

It's too risky, they'll see the back of my wrist

You kept me safe, kept my monsters away

But you let them get me,at the end of the day

The memories dear, they tear

I wish I could forget all the love that we shared

So I'll use the razor that's clasped in my fist

To drown out the tears, on the back of my wrist.