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Chapter one: Let's Start Here.

Sintanengwe: that's my name. Everyone calls me Sin for short, considering that no one can pronounce my name besides my mother, even my father has a difficult time pronouncing it. I love my name though, even if it's weird. Apparently it's Elvish according to my mother, and I did search for it when I was old enough and it really is. Well actually Elvish isn't a real language; it's just that my mother has always been a fan of Elves and all mystical creatures. My brothers' name is Sköll, and Hati named for being twins, and devious as hell. They torment the hell out of me and our older brother Castiel. He was born on a Thursday.

As in right now my parents are arguing, again. This is the fourth one today and frankly is nerve wracking and I really want to kill them both because they are affecting my studying at the moment. I have to pass this next exam or else I'll fail this semester. If I do it'll give my parents the chance to yell at me for destroying my chances of getting out of high school. It won't, but I don't tell them that. I'll just sit there with my head between my legs thinking of how much I wanna die at that moment.

The twins are watching some stupid ass Disney show. They're laughing about something the character says and I just roll my eyes and get back to looking at my books. "Looking" key word, I haven't read a thing for the past hour just pretending. Listening and observing the things that were taking place; the argument, the twins watching tv, and my older brother trying to get his girlfriend through the door without anyone noticing. I noticed though and he knew that I knew, he put a finger to his lips and made a 'shh'. His girlfriend and him ran up the stairs as quickly and quietly as possibly.

Sighing I slowly got up, grabbed my books, phone, and whatever else I needed; I made my way up to my room. Looking at the pictures framed on the wall as I went. Each picture seemed the same, my parents wedding, my parents anniversary, my parents fucking Hawaiian trip (that they took without us just a couple of months back), and my parents only picture of us all together excluding my parents.

Notice a pattern there? My parents hate us, literally they tell us they hate us. It's complete utter bullshit, and my brother and I figured if they hate us we may as well hate them too. We do shit they "disapprove" of; like bringing home girlfriends/boyfriends, or anybody really. My friends have only seen my house twice, my room once.

There are times when my parents really truly show their hate on us. It's when they're drinking, and when they drink they get drunk. Getting drunk means they are going to come into your room drag you out of bed and slam you against a wall while saying all the shit they've ever wanted to say to you.

This has happened three hundred and forty two times since I've been seventeen. To my brother it's been this way since he was a kid, dad used to beat him to an inch of his life, that was til Cas started fighting back when he was thirteen. Now they fist fight, my father bloody on the ground, and Cas' fists pulsing and bleeding from the multiple punches he sends my father. The twins though, the twins are the spoiled ones, and the ones that actually go with our parents places. They've been to places Cas and I only dream of. To us it's unfair but what the ever loving fuck can we do?

I made it to my room, last one at the end of the hallway, I could hear 'sunshine of your love' playing through the house. "Cas! Turn your damn music down!" I shout through the wall. Cas' room is right next to mine. He or his girlfriend turned it down enough so it's not rocking the walls. "Thanks!" I shout lying back on my bed, books thrown to the floor, and phone chucked to my desk. It's times like this that I wanna get high, higher than a damn kite and forget for a few hours.

I close my eyes for a few moments only to reawaken with my alarm clock blaring. Slowly very slowly opening my eyes I peak over and read the time. Six forty am it read. SHIT! I'm late as hell for school. Oh my god why didn't Cas wake me up!? I just brushed my hair, stuffed my school bag with the books on the ground and pull my ankle high boots on as I ran out the door. Taking off into a run, I made it to the high school ten minutes late.

"Miss Lambert why are you late this time? Alarm clock again?" A short stocky old man stopped me as soon as I made it through the glass double doors.

"Yes Mister Reed, my alarm didn't go off again. So just give me my late slip and let me go to class."
the old bastard writes in his little notebook or whatever and hands me a pink slip. Rushing off to class, I'm stopped yet again. This time by someone I don't know at all. Never seen them a day in my life, and I know everyone. It's a girl, really short, shoulder length bushy black hair, and some really bright ass blue eyes.

"Uh could you show me where this room is?" she asks, her voice is a little rough, probably cigarettes or no sleep. Over all it's still really feminine.

"Uh yeah just uh follow me that's where I'm heading."

She gives a quick nod and follows me as I walk. We walk in silence for another minute or two till I can't stand it. "What's your name?"

"Sisile; Sisile Black at your services." She did a little bow. "And yours?"

"Sin, everyone just calls me Sin. My name's really hard to pronounce; so I just go by as Sin." Wow what a completely retarded thing to say. 'What the hell is wrong with you?' I ask myself. Damn this girl is weird…she even did a little bow after stating her name. This is the twenty first century no one does that anymore.

"Soo Sin, where'd you get that black eye from." She touches my face like she's done it a million times. I jump back from her touch raising a hand to my swollen eye. I think the twins did it, or was it when mom threw that pan at me the other day. The latter I suspect.

"Oh uh I ran into a door. Well was more like I tripped and hit my face against the door knob." I said this with a smile, a fake smile. I'm talking more than I usually do. What the hell is going on?

"Well it looks much like someone threw something at you and it destroyed half your face. You sure it was a door?" Sisile said. She knew I was lying. How? Is all I want to know at the moment.

"Nope just clumsy ol' me. I run into things quite a bit. Ya know?" I said. Continuing on down a hallway with a few straggling students. I look over at Sisile and couldn't help but notice she had a deep scar that ran from the bottom of her right ear lobe and down continuing on below her t-shirt. It didn't look like it was from a car crash, or some other accident. Frankly it looked like someone took a serrated blade to her and cut as deep as they could. Being curious I ask her about the scar. She tenses up for a second then turns and looks directly at me stopping in her tracks.

"I'd rather not tell you till I know you better. If that's okay?" She said. I nodded my head and let the subject drop.

"Alright." Continuing on; "So where'd you move from?"


"Where's that?" A questioning look came upon my features. I've never heard of a "Berkley" before. Well besides the college.

"West Virginia." Her answers have been short since I've asked her about the scar. Her voice is soft, the hint of roughness I noticed before is gone. Now she sounds like a child who'd done something bad.

"That's pretty cool. I've heard WV is pretty beautiful. Is that right?"

"It's only beautiful if you go to the mountains. The cities smell like shit, and the people living there are shit as well." Woah cuss words. Never thought this short adorable person could swear.

"Well was there anything you liked about there?"

"No." oh no a one word answer.

"Well alrighty, oh look here we are."

I open the classroom door and hand the teacher (Mr. Dick. Yes Mr. Dick that's his name.) he doesn't bat an eye as I set the paper on his desk and take my seat in the far corner of the room. He talks hurriedly to Sisile and directs her to the seat beside my own, and hands her the work we're doing in here today. He walks back up to the board and starts lecturing, this is my cue to go to sleep. Lying my head on the cold fake wooded desk; I couldn't help but notice Sisile plugging earphones in and concentrating on the work.

She must already know what to do, and doesn't need further explanation. She started chewing on her bottom lip and my eyes zeroed in on her lips. 'Fuck, she's cute as hell.' Wait, what? Cute? Where the hell did that come from?! I'm straight! I mean I have nothing against gay people considering my older brother is bisexual and my best friend is a lesbian so. Just shit, I like guys. Dicks ya know?

Whatever, I'm going to sleep.

The next time I wake up the bell is screaming it's mating call and telling us to get to our next class. Sisile is waiting for me by my desk. I could already tell she's gonna ask me to show her to her next class. I take her schedule out of her tiny hands and look it over. She's in my next three classes, but her fifth period seems to be different. Her fifth is all the way on the other side of the school, and mines no near hers. That's gonna be difficult.

Wait she has it with my friend Justin. I'll have him show her where it is.

"So we gonna go to class or we gonna stand here?" Ohh sarcasm. Asshat.

"Yeah come on your next three classes is the same as mine."

I take her hand and drag her to our next class. English. I hate this class with a passion. Not because I'm bad at English, but because the teacher is a dickweed. She's a bitch who's only here to bypass her time because her husband is a freaking lawyer.

"Miss. Lambert always a nice surprise to see you in my class." The smug bitch said as soon as I walked through the door.

"Bitch" I muttered as I walked pass her dragging Sisile behind me. Letting go of her hand, I plop down into my seat and proceed to do what I usually do in class; sleeping. Before I passed out again, I noticed Sisile putting her earphones in again and doing the exact same thing as in Mr. Dick's class. Bottom lip being pulled back by her teeth. It's not good to chew on your lip. That's exactly what I told her too. She just scoffs and goes back to work.

Instead of sleeping this class period, I stare at Sisile. She doesn't notice, or if she does; she doesn't acknowledge it.

Next class was the same way, and the one after that. Lunch came around and I pulled Sisile over to the table my friends and I claimed in freshmen year. My beautiful, wonderful, and weird as hell friends were throwing something across the table. But all movement stopped when I sat down and pulled Sisile down with me. Making her sit right beside me, and usually I wouldn't let anyone sit next to me. Why her then? 'I don't know.' I answer myself.

"Sin, ain't ya gonna introduce your new friend?" Abby asked. Abby Hasting the prettiest girl ever to live, with long golden blonde hair, bright green eyes that could kill you if you stared at them long enough, and her perfect hourglass figure. I envy her, but she's my best friend. Sitting beside her is her boyfriend, Michael Chambers. A tall, hopeful eyed, brown haired god. He is the perfect person, he helps in the animal shelters, and volunteers for just about anything. He's also the lacrosse captain, and the swim team co-captain.

"Uh yeah guys this is Sisile Black. She just moved here, and is from west Virginia." I say this as I eat the apple Justin gave me. Justin Hartig, my ever beloved best friend. He's awesome seriously. He'll drive to your house at three in the morning just so you can get some taco bell. That's how awesome he is. I love him in that non-intimate way. He's like my brother, in more ways than one. Speaking of brothers here comes Cas. His girlfriend walking beside him. Rebecca that's her name, she's pretty cool. A little on the whiny side but she makes my brother happy so I deal with it. She always gives me advice on clothing because she's like the clothing guru. Next year she's going to the art institute in Chicago to design clothing and such.

"Hey sis." Cas says as he sits down, pulling Rebecca into his lap.

"Hey bro." I hand Sisile some chips from my bag. She accepts them and munches happily on them. I don't notice I'm staring till Justin points it out.

"You're staring." He whispers into my ear. I jump about twenty feet in the air. Clutching my chest and panting a bit. Did not expect that. Holy shit!

"No I wasn't." I whisper back. He gives me a look that says you-totally-were. Ignoring the look I turn my attention back to Sisile.

"So how do you like it here so far?" Abby asks her.

"I like it so far. Pretty easy to get around and not so many assholes."

"That's good. At least you like it here."

"Yeah I mean you guys are pretty cool. Back at my old school I didn't have anyone to talk to, or really hang out with…" she trailed off. That's just sad. Not having anyone to talk to…I couldn't imagine not having someone to talk to.

"that's so saaaad. Why didn't you have anyone to talk to? Didn't you have friends?" Abby asked.

Sisile looks like she's going to run out of here in a minute. She has a blush that was the color of a red apple, and it was only getting deeper by the minute. She looked around for a moment then her eyes looked into mine. Her eyes, blue as the sky, or the ocean were so pretty, and so full of life. Except they had this glint that showed there was a story behind this girl, a story that was filled with angst.

"No I didn't have any friends, no one wanted to befriend someone whose father killed their mother."

She didn't look away from me, and I didn't either. My eyes softened. I couldn't believe it. I think I know how she got that scar now. Her father tried to kill her too. I grab her hand, and she interlaced our fingers. A jolt of electricity ran through my body. It felt so natural to just hold her hand, and it was like her hands were made for mine.

I-I think I'm developing a crush on her.

That moment my bestest friend in the whole wide world decided to show up. Sarah Love, my only lesbian friend. Blonde, and perky was the best way to describe her. Her blonde hair was long, longer than mine and mines about waist length. No hers goes past the waist and past her ass. Here soon though it'll all be cut off and donated to locks of love. She's been growing her hair for over five years now, and she said she's finally ready to get rid of it. Following behind Sarah is her girlfriend Angel Black.

Wait. Black? Are Sisile and Angel related?

I'll ask her later. Angel Black, now that's someone you don't want to fuck with. Short cropped black hair, fierce blue eyes that could shoot you in the chest with just a single glare, and a smirk that adjourned her face. She's beautiful in all aspects, but one thing always stands out. The way she holds herself. She'll stand as if someone is gonna attack her, and she has to be ready. It's happened quite a few times that someone's just came up to her and popped her over the head. She'll always retaliate though, and she'll win. Any fight she gets into I've never seen her lose, well maybe just once but he pulled a knife in a fist fight. She got cut up pretty bad from that one; we had to take her to a hospital.

Now see here Angel doesn't go out looking for fights, no they come to her and us. No one likes her. Well we like her; I don't consider her a friend. An acquaintance is what I'd really refer to her as.

"Hey there little cuz. I forgot that you were coming today." Angel says this as she sits against the wall behind us. Sisile gets up from her seat taking her with me. I guess she forgot our hands were together, or she didn't care and kept them together because she wanted to.

"Heya Angel. Yeah Shane didn't want me to come today but Kris said it'd be good for me to go." Sisile said.

She sits down next to Angel and pulls me down next to her. Our hands still joined together, and holding strong. It's like she's afraid of letting go.

"Haha Kris man I miss him ya know? Momma won't let me go see them anymore, not after that fight at new years."

"I remember that one! That was a funny fight too. Except for when my dad came into it." Her voice started to go softer as she spoke.

I rub my thumb soothingly across her palm. I don't know why. Okay? It just feels natural.

"Your dad was and still is an asshole, and that man deserves to be killed for what he did to you and aunt Elizabeth." Angels tone was deadly. She kept on though. "It had been going on for long enough and now it's finally over let's get off the subject."

"Okay. How's Aunt Tristen doing anyways?" Sisile asks.

"Oh mom she's doing fine. Momma won't let her out of sight or anything but she's doing just fine." Angel says as she grabs a book from her book bag. Looking up to stare at Sisile; that's when she noticed I was sitting next to her.

"What the hell are you doing over here Sin?" Hostile.

"Why the hell are you holding hands with Sisile!? Get the fuck away from her." Protective. Very, very protective.

I let go of Sisiles hand and stood up heading back to my seat; I was stopped by a hand grabbing my wrist.

"Angel it's alright. Sin ain't doing nothin' bad or anything. She's just holdin' my hand." Sisile said as she tugged on my wrist indicating for me to sit back down. I did as she asked and sat right back down beside her. She immediately intertwined our hands together again.

"Well alright. I'm just trying to watch out for you cuz; I just don't want the same shit to happen again." Angel said this with a frown on her lips.

"Angel leave your cousin and Sin alone. They are not doing anything wrong." Sarah said. She sat down in Angels lap and pecked her on the lips. School is the only place Angel and Sarah can really be together. Sarah's very Christian mother doesn't approve of their relationship, and tries desperately to break them up. Except Angel and Sarah are fucking soul mates. They just complete each other; Sarah the bubbly and energetic one, and Angel being the angry and calmer one.

"Did you eat?" Angel asked Sarah. Sarah nodded and snuggled closer to Angel. I couldn't help but smile some for them. They've been through a lot in the past year. They broke up once, and were separated for a while. Sarah's bitch of a mother took Sarah all the way to England for the summer just so the two don't see each other.

The shrill sound of the bell going off signals all of us to head to class.

"Hey Justin, would you mind showing Sisile to class? She's in the same one as yours." I ask as Justin's getting ready to head out. He turns back around and grins at me and says sure.

"Hey Sisile Justin here is going to show you to class alright? Cause' my class is on the other side of the school." She nods and squeezes my hand one more time and goes off after Justin.

The rest of the day goes by quickly and soon the last bell is ringing. I hurriedly run toward the front doors, but not before finding Sisile. She was heading toward a Chevy Impala, and in the front seat was Shane Black. Shane's Angels' adoptive brother. He was adopted after his father tried to kill him and his twin brothers. They were first off wards of the state, but soon enough Angels' mother adopted the three of them. Shane was sixteen at the time, and the twins were nine when it happened. The twins are in middle school and are soon going to be high school students next year. That is something I don't want to happen; the twins are crazy. Alex is very hyper active, but extremely shy when you first meet him. Axel is an introvert, a major introvert. All he does is read and draws. He'll talk to no one unless he has to, and won't even look at you while he's speaking. This is because he's too busy reading and is simply ignoring your existence. He doesn't care what you think of him, unlike his twin. Alex is simply adorable. He's shy and timid when meeting a stranger, but if he likes you he'll actually talk to you. He's very hyperactive when he isn't being all shy, and insecure. He has ADHD and severe anxiety; he takes Adderall for his ADHD and Prozac for his anxiety.

Fuck I went way off track.


She turns around and stares at me with her head titled some. The look of confusion as she stared at me. Running over to her; I forget what I was going to say. Fiddling around in my pockets I remembered what I was gonna do.

"Do you have a cellphone?" I ask.

"Uh yeah hold on." She rummages around in her jacket pockets. Pulling out a black iphone 4g; the case was of some angel with "I'm an angel of the lord" printed below him.

She motions for me to give her my phone and I do. She does some stuff then hands me my phone back. The cracked screen was still brightly lit.

"Thanks, I guess I'll see you later. Call me, or text me." And I left just like that. Phone in hand, and back pack swinging around as I went.

I looked down at the new contact in my phone.

Sisile Black :}

My heart skips a beat as I kept staring at the contact name.

Oh fuck. I fucking like her. I fucking like her a lot.