Singing fire, dancing in flames

Staying away from the darker things

And we know, we always knew

What went on wasn't stopping you

This love burned brighter than a bonfire

The same place I met you, the same place I left you

This love, it began when we first came in

Into the same world we lived in, wasn't the same when you left it

When we sang fire, dancing in flames

Stayed away, from the darkest things

And we knew then, when you were around

And you are gone, but it can't stop us now

This love can't be forgotten, no one can stop it

And I'll see you again; I will see you in the end

This love bound by blood, forever connected

Sisters and brothers, we will meet at the water

Singing fire, dancing in flames

Lay me down, with my family

We may be apart, but everyone must fall

Wait for me then, be my brother again

The box that holds me, will be empty

What lies afterwards is still unknown

But I know we will be as one, once more