There in the great city of Moshiko was an old tower that reached high into the sky and past the clouds. It was an old stone creation that was covered in lunar flowers and vines that glimmered at night when the moon was full in the sky. By legend, there was said to be a single blue rose growing at the top of the tower. Though it had been hundreds of years since anyone conquered the great height, for there was an ancient spell cast upon the old fortification that stopped only but the purest of hearts. Though the land within hundreds of miles from it prospered, many of the hearts of the inhabitants were tainted and stained with pain and vanity.

Sitting neatly near her precious sapphire flower, Altruism bathed in the pure light of the full moon. Despite being high in the sky, the air around her was soft and warm, her wild black hair lightly swaying in the soft breath of night sky. The majestic silk blue kimono, the same shade as the beautiful petals of the rose, was wrapped about her thin and curvy form, cut short to expose her shapely pale legs and bare feet. Though she greatly loved the Blue Rose, she realized there was something missing. The spell she had cast so long ago must have been too strong for any mortal to pass. She had been waiting for so long to give her good company, a creature humble, and weak. A caretaker for her beloved rose when she was no longer able to stay in the mortal realm.

There was not a single God or Goddess who would have the patience and gentleness to take care of the magical flower. They cared not but for violence and power.

She sighed and ran her finger tips over the soft petals with care and began to spin a new web around the tower, humming with an eerie gentleness that was carried on the wind.

By the beauty of full moon

lets sing a new tune

let it bind by the highs yet never loose

that man, woman, child should see my face

let in the brave, the humble and by this grace

in and out, out and in, let this song weave anew

come to me spirit, show me your hue

With that the new spell wound around the tower in the form of long glowing blue vines, that pulsed and squirmed, crying out in their small but loud voices, singing in the night, vibrating, to lure in a humble soul. For days, the newly formed web called, long, loud and sweetly through the nights. A week passed and the vines became limp, as the ancient spell beneath it. Altruism had nearly given up that there was such a soul, but for a night when the moon was closest to the earth a single girl, appeared down below at the bottom of the tall tower. Altruism could see her spirit gleam like a lunar flower, and hum with a softness that brought a tear to her eyes.

The girl unawares as to where she was till she stood by the tall stone shook, looking up as if she could see Altruism from high in the sky. Why? Was her cry. Why am I here?

Altruism reached down and drew the child up to the top of her tower. There the human stood before the beauty of the goddess, and still greater yet the magical rose.

"You are the one, who will take care of this rose, when i spirit away. Your the one who has brought me happiness to see that pure hearts still exist."