Should I write, or should I not write?

Thinking of something... anything to write isn't as easy as it sounds. You have to think real hard on what you want to write.

But what would I want to write? I could write about Seaside Hill or the Click Clock Wood again, but writing about those two so many times can only get me so far.

Perhaps a nice, long look at the bright, clear blue sunny sky should lift up my spirits and get me in the mood to write. After all, walking tends to get the mind thinking about various things. Most of them being ideas that I don't come to actually putting into action. But then that raises the eternal question...

Do I attempt to go the extra mile and put my ideas into words, or do I forever let them eventually fade away into the very far banks of my memories...? What if I'm unable to have these ideas at the forefront of my mind when I type? What if I'm doomed to lose many good ideas when the time comes to actually write?

All things considered, I can't let it get to me. I have to stick with it and do my best to get what I want out of my mind onto my writings. I have to make a good effort to put in my all and express what things I can manage to think while entertaining myself and many others at the same time. Maybe something tasty to eat can help inspire an idea?

Like that delicious pair of ripe bananas? Or a couple of kettle cooked chips? Either way, I won't allow myself to be detered of writing what I want to write. However much tries to go against me, I'll do my best to properly expel my ideas so that I can express myself throughrouly through words.

Yes... words that are typed... but the question remains ever so noticably... what shall I type this time?