Every year, my best friend invites me to Mormon girls camp, despite the fact that I am nonreligious.

And every year, I feel uncomfortable, like an outsider. But I just cannot say no to her. I can't decide if they are excluding me when I go, or if it is the other way around. Maybe I haven't been as accepting as I could be. I am an atheist? I do not know. Maybe nondenominational is the word, actually. My mom says that I can join any religion I want as long as I have one. Maybe I will go join a Satin worshiping cult, just to spite her. Is being an atheist really that big of an issue to her? Why does she care? I simply do not want to be part of any organized religion.

I figured out what bugs me so much about churches.

I cannot stand being preached at. I love discussions, debates, questioning people and myself about ideals and ideas. But I hate being told what is right. I cannot stand the idea of someone claiming to have an always-right moral code. Because life thrives on exceptions. It is not right to judge anyone unless you know their entire back-story, which is pretty much impossible. So I refuse to declare people good or bad simply because of a few choices I've seen them make here or there.

No ones morals develop on their own. I think that our morals are just imprints on our parents. My own values reflect my parent's in a way. Of course, I've also gone and looked at other kinds too, but it is really difficult to understand other people sometimes. I guess I'm not as open-minded as I'd like to think. I need to think on this some more.