Omnipresent, change grabs hold of the reins this time around.

I turn to a brand new page in the story of my life.

My heart is not your home anymore. Where on earth

is your home outside this cage? You discover your

self worth elsewhere, Rome. I want to feel something

for you, but the tears will not come. Some people would

say that I am not making a mistake in letting you go. Underattack,

these blue skies are as black as night. Where has the light in your

eyes gone to? Whatever happened to all of the passion and desire

that once consumed us? Set on fire, dying pipe dreams are put

on hold until hope breaks the mold. I kiss your ghost, I am learning

to miss you. Your afterglow, I consider your shadow to be beautifully

heartbreaking every hour. You are free enough to breathe and fly like a bird

into Jesus' arms. Godspeed and goodluck with everything, my friend.