Arthur fainted after hearing that kind of news. He stayed like that until Hannah and Tim came over for dinner. They were having Chinese takeout for dinner, so she and Tim offered to bring it with them. Hannah rang the doorbell, but there was no answer.

"There is someone home, Tim. I see Arnold, but the TV is on," Hannah said, getting worried.

"Don't you have a separate key to the house?" Tim asked.

"Yes. I have it right here," she said, getting the key out.

She let themselves into the house.

"Hi, Hannah," Arnold said.

"Hi, Arnold. Where's Dad?" Hannah asked.

"Right there," he said, nodding to the floor where the couch was.

"What happened?" she asked, seeing where Arthur hit his head.

He hit his head on the TV set.

"Dad fainted because he found out something about you that you haven't told us about. He found out about it on TV," Arnold said.

"What was the news?" Hannah asked.

"You know. It was talking about you two being engaged or married," Arnold said.

"What! That's not true on either, Arnold. We're just boyfriend and girlfriend for now," Hannah told her brother.

"I'm not sure Dad believes it," Arnold said.

Hannah splashed water on Arthur to wake him up. It did. He saw Hannah and her boyfriend.

She made the introductions as they put Arthur back in his wheelchair.

"How did it go with the doctor today with Arnold, Dad?" Hannah asked.

"It went really well, Hannah. The doctor said he could start walking again in a couple of days or so. I don't want him driving again since that accident years ago."


Arnold was about to leave the house when the family heard the car from the driveway beep.

"I'm going to be gone for a while, Mom and Dad. Don't worry about me. I'll be home safely," Arnold told his parents.

"We hope you will be safe, Arnold. Just be careful. You know how driving is at night," Claudia told him.

Claudia was Arthur's wife. They had been happily married for almost twenty – eight years and had twins that are teenagers now. Hannah was home, but she wasn't with Claudia and Arthur when Arnold was going to a movie with his friends. Hannah was upstairs, but studying for a history test that was coming up the following week. Hannah and Arnold were good students, but Hannah received better grades than Arnold. Arthur was there with Claudia so he could say good – bye also.

"I agree with your mother, Arnold. If you're not home safely, your mother and I will call the police. Got it?"

"Yes, Dad. I understand. You know that hasn't happened to me."

"Again it could change, Arnold. Be sure to wear your seatbelt," Claudia told him.

"You know I always do," Arnold replied.

"It's the only way to keep you safe. If you don't, you could easily get injured," Arthur added.

"I already know all of this, Dad. You don't need to treat me like a kid when I'm actually a teenager."

Claudia gave her only son a kiss on the cheek. Arthur gave him a hug.

"I'll see you later. You'll know when I get home so you'll see I am safe."

"You better go now. Have a fun time at the movies," Arthur replied.

"I always do. I'll tell you if I like the movie or not."

Arthur and Claudia stayed in the living room until Arnold's friend drove away from the house. They watched as Arnold got into the backseat of the car as he buckled his seatbelt.

"At least he listened to us," Claudia said as the car was no longer in sight.

"I know. Let's see what happens when he gets home later," Arthur agreed.

After the movie ended an hour or so later, Arnold and his friends got into the vehicle his friend drove.

"That was a good movie, wasn't it?" Arnold asked.

"Yeah. At least our folks were here to see we went to see an R rated movie," his friend, Ted Williams replied.

Today Ted was the driver for his friends. He had light black hair with brown eyes. At least he was Arnold's age – sixteen. He recently received his driver's license, and he and his parents had an agreement that if anything goes wrong, the license will be taken away. Ted didn't want that. One thing Arnold and his friends weren't aware of was they would be involved into a car accident and there would be several injuries and deaths waiting.

Almost everyone buckled their seatbelts. As usual, Arnold preferred sitting in the backseat since it was safer.

"Arnold, are you sure you don't want to sit in the front with me?" Ted asked.

"I'm fine. I like sitting in the back," Arnold answered.

The car started when Arnold finished answering Ted's question. None of his friends were wearing seatbelts, so he was the only one that did. Ted was normally a fast driver, but they somehow got a surprise while on their way home but Ted didn't have enough change to call his parents if something went wrong, which was all spent on their movie.

"Would your parents kill you if they found out you went to see an R rated movie?" Ted asked Arnold.

"Of course. They will ground me for a while," Arnold answered.

"That's no fun. I get punished sometimes," Ted told him.

"I know you do. And you're starting to think about coming up with a gang or join one," Arnold said.

"Right. I haven't made up my mind yet. When I do, I'll let you know what my decision is."

"Okay. Even Mom and Dad will kill me if they found out I ever joined a gang. I don't think Mormons do that sort of thing," Arnold replied.

"I forgot you were religious."

Arnold and his other friends didn't say anything for a while. They let Ted concentrate on his driving. Arnold somehow wasn't ready to drive on his own, but was always happy to ride with Arthur and Claudia when they had something in mind. Ted decided Arnold would be the first to be dropped off at home since he was closest to town.

"We're on the way to your house, Arnold."

"Okay, Ted. I promised my parents I'd be safe when I get back home."

"They worry too much," Ted said.

"I know. I'm a teenager, not a child."

A few minutes later, neither Arnold and his friends were aware of another car behind them started an accident. Somehow Arnold thought somebody was following them, but never got a close look. Ted's car was full of dents. Arnold tried speaking.

"What's going on? I thought we ran into another car," Arnold said.

He received no answer from either of his friends. Ted was driving over the speed limit, but Arnold didn't hear any sirens coming. He thought he saw blood coming down from his friends. He didn't like that, but he also was injured, and yes he was seriously hurt and didn't know it until he woke up and found the ambulance and police at his side of the vehicle.

Arnold didn't hear them well enough to notice what was going on. As always, Arnold bought his ID card with him in case something like this happened and people needed to see that he was the same Arnold on his ID. Arnold was blacked out so he didn't become aware of people lifting him out of the backseat. Arnold wasn't sure about this, but he thought he heard a man with a mask on his face tell him not to tell anybody about this evening with the accident. If he did, he would die.

The next fifteen minutes or so, Arnold woke up and saw he was in the emergency room. He wasn't aware of being here. This scared him. He didn't know if Arthur and Claudia received a phone call or not, but he had to guess it did get through his folks. He also heard his parents' voices.

"Arnold, are you all right?" Claudia asked.

Arnold couldn't find any words to answer her.

"Mrs. Webber, he is seriously injured. He couldn't move or talk for a while," the doctor answered.

"NO! Let him out of here!" Claudia said.

"I'm afraid we'll have to keep him here for a while," the doctor said, "but we'll let you visit him."

Claudia and Arthur never liked that news, but they had to go along with what the doctor told them.

End Flashback

"Where is Uncle Henry?" Hannah asked as they started eating dinner.

"Henry had rehearsal for that action show, but he said he was sorry to miss you, Hannah, but that news I heard on TV they were talking about you?" Arthur asked.

"Where's Uncle Henry?" Hannah asked as they started eating dinner.

"Henry had rehearsal for that action show, but he said he was sorry to miss you, Hannah, but that news I heard on TV they were talking about you?" Arthur asked.

"It's false, Dad. We're not engaged or married. We're just boyfriend and girlfriend for now."

"Good. Glad to hear it."

Tim stayed for a few hours longer when dinner was over so he could get to know Arthur and Arnold better.

"What kind of work do you do, Tim?" Arthur asked.

"I am a bus driver, Mr. Webber," Tim said.

"I bet you make good money," Arthur said.

"The money isn't bad," Tim said.

"Hannah and Arnold are twins," Arthur said.

"Really? Hannah didn't tell me that," Tim said, looking at Hannah.

They kept talking the couple hours Tim was over at the house. Henry walked in when Tim was getting ready to leave.

"Uncle Henry, I want you to meet someone," Hannah said.

Tim already knew who Henry was because he had watched the action show on television.

"You're the Henry Webber I've watched on TV, right?" Tim asked.

"Yes. Acting is my business," Henry told him.

"He was one of the popular kids in high school," Arthur said.

"How did you get that kind of acting talent, Mr. Webber?" Tim asked Henry.

"I acted in the school plays at the high school we went to. That's how I got the talent," Henry said.

"Uncle Henry, this is my boyfriend, Tim Mason," Hannah said.

"It's nice to meet you, Mr. Mason," Henry said.

"You too, Mr. Webber," Tim said.

"You already knew who I am without her introducing me, so that's good enough for introductions."

Tim and Hannah said good - bye and he went to his car and drove away.

"How did it go tonight, Henry?" Arthur asked.

"Not so good. They didn't want me in that episode. They said my time is up in that show. I can't be in it anymore," Henry said, disappointed.

"That's too bad. At least you still have General Hospital," Arthur said.

"I know. I loved doing that action show. I want to do another show as well," Henry said.

"Can you sing like Dad does?" Arthur asked.

"That's a good idea, Dad! Maybe Uncle Henry can do a new career," Hannah said, liking the idea.

"Not country music, but you know I can sing in church."

The next day Henry and his boss at General Hospital were talking. The boss told him he was finished with the show, so he had to leave. Henry didn't mind because he had hated General Hospital. He said good - bye to the staff he worked with and left. He thought of all the time he would have off.

Henry decided to invite Arnold over for dinner one night and thought it was a good idea because Hannah was out in Boston. Arnold answered the phone when he heard Henry on the other end.

"Hi, Uncle Henry," he said.

"Arnold, what are your plans for tonight? Your father and I would like to have you over for dinner," Henry said.

"I don't have anything going on, but I guess I'd be happy to come. What time is it?" Arnold asked.

Henry told him six o'clock.

"Okay," Arnold said as they got off the phone.

Henry found Arthur upstairs in his bedroom with his TV set on.

"Arthur, I called Arnold. He is coming for dinner tonight at six," Henry said.

"Okay," he said and went back to listening to his TV program.

"What show is on?" Henry asked, getting interested.


Henry heard the Joker's voice laugh when he left his brother's bedroom. He remembered Arthur had the TV for the blind since they were in the sixth grade.

There was a commercial break and when the commercials were over, Arthur flipped the TV off, and headed for his typewriter and decided to do some reading for a while.

Arthur was reading a book he had just started and wanted to find out what was going on, so he decided to pick up where he left off. He stayed at the typewriter until it was time for dinner. Henry found Arthur at the typewriter, reading his book when he came back from the gym around 5:15 that afternoon.

"Hi, Arthur. How long have you been at the typewriter?" Henry asked.

"Since Batman was over."

"Oh. Almost two hours ago, huh? That's how long I was gone, right?" Henry asked.


"Should we start making dinner now? Arnold's coming," Henry said.

"Let me go to the bathroom first," Arthur said.

Henry wheeled Arthur to the bathroom. Henry closed the bathroom door behind them. They made it to the bathroom and Henry carried Arthur to the toilet. While waiting, he checked the messages on his cell phone. Henry came back into the bathroom when Arthur was finished and carried him into the wheelchair again and helped Arthur was his hands and then they headed for the kitchen to make supper for that night's meal.