I am not loved.

Not by these people.

Let me explain.

I had it easy.

Everybody loved me.

I was on top.

But it was boring.

It was a child's life.

So finally,

I moved on.

To a new world.

It feels good.

But I realized.

This new world,

This world of drama, of excitement,

Comes with a price.

I am not dramatic.

I am not exciting.

So I'm ignored.

I am back on the bottom.

It's a challenge.

I rarely feel welcomed.

But it's a challenge.

It's a climb.

I can't wait to be on the top again.

Climbing is making me tired.

But it's making me stronger.

I do want to be loved again.

But this new journey.

Has been a kind of excitement

That I've never felt before.